This was posted 10 months 10 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Nong Shim Kimchi Ramen Soup 5-Pack $5 @ Coles


One of the best Ramen for value out there I dare say! Stock up time!

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    For those who reported it as dupe, it’s not the same product as the deal that was posted

    • Same line diff flavor or totally different?

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        Doesn't take much to look at the product to see that they look completely different. Even the name is different. Those reporting it as dupe could do with a bulk billed eye test at Specsavers.

        Nongshim Ramyun Noodle Soup 5 Pack | 600g

        Nongshim Kimchi Ramyun Noodle Soup 5 Pack | 600g

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          Not sure name checks out? Name is different by one word.

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            @DocC: Yeah………… it's a different product. One has kimchi and the other does not. Let's say there was a deal on full cream milk and lite milk. Would that be a dupe because they both contain the word "milk"? No, they're different products.

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    Sure, not technically a dupe. But OP could have just added that as a comment to the previous thread. It helps to keep the ozbargain platform tidy imo

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      I did that as well, but this deserves its own post 🤭

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    Not here to hate, ozb gives so much on so many levels, love the collective work! I’m with my people :-)!

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    I prefer the Kimchi Shin. Tastes better than original Shin

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    They had the black variety on sale last week for 1.80 per pack. Once you go black you'll never go back.

    • Almost double pfft.
      Never go back to black lol.

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      Do you mean black men?

  • Totally different products. In terms of rating this is my order.

    Black > OG > Kimchi

    I find Kimchi version to be like a milder OG and a slightly more soury tangy taste. Prefer the kick of the OG Shin Ramen.

    • All junk food so just comes down to cost and taste.
      I'm trying not to buy the crap (not trying that hard though, it's pretty addictive).

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        You can make instant ramen into a nutritious meal. Add protein and veg. You got a quick and easy balanced feed. Probably put less soup base to reduce salt intake. I normally add fresh prawns, clams and fish to my Shin OG. The seafood flavour and soup base goes well together.

        • Yeah I add veg, mushrooms shallots broccoli or zucchini etc. Can easily make own healthier broth anyway like miso based.

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