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[Uber One] 50% off Your Next UberX or Uber XL Trip (up to $20 off) @ Uber


Got this in the mail. 50% off next Uber trip (up to $20) for Uber X and XL only as an Uber One member. Redeem using code, promotion expires 14 days after being added to your account and may take 15 minutes to become redeemable as per T&Cs.

If you don’t have Uber One get the 6 month PayPal deal or use trial.

Note that there seems to be a rolling cap (maybe?) on redemptions. As some helpful users commented, the deal is now working again!

Referral Links

Drivers Only: random (83)

Referrer gets $300 once referee completes at least 40 deliveries.
Referees may be eligible for special offers based on the number of trips or deliveries they made after signing up through an invitation.

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  • +2

    Thanks redeemed okay on my end

  • +1

    Worked for me

    • +5

      Sorry for sharing, feel free not to use it mate.

        • -1

          I’m guessing you don’t buy any products linked to unfair work practices? So, no phones etc?

          • -3

            @Deals For Days: Yeah I exhaust myself going over every company with a fine tooth forensic comb so I know if anyone there ever did, said or thought anything I personally don't agree with.

            Uber are shit. Their business model equates to wage theft. But it's cool cos you can save a couple of bucks while making sure the driver is earning less than minimum wage.

            • @sickaunt: You could say the same about a whole host of everyday items though. I’m happy to get taxis but the app never finds rides for me and you generally get shitty service.

            • @sickaunt: are you a uber driver?

            • @sickaunt: hey if u wanna go on about this the greens' facebook page might be a great spot for u to hang out

              • @191919: Oh that's original. Did you generate that fine insult yourself or did you have to refer to the hivemind for approval?

  • thanks OP worked for me

  • +1

    Thanka worked for me I need to catch an uber tomorrow

  • Said promotion redemption limit exceded

  • redemption limit exceeded for me :(

  • App says this for me: Oops, this promotion could not be claimed

  • +1

    I get the following:

    Promotion redemption limit exceeded

  • +10

    Wow, didn't expect it to expire so quickly. Silly me hadn't even redeemed it for myself 😂

    • +1

      Dude! You wanna go neg your own deal now?

    • +1

      Me either! I was going to wait until I was going to use it because don't know if I'll be booking an uber in the next 14 days! Bummed you missed out though OP

      • Yep same as you, I was thinking about the 14 day expiry haha

        • Hahah win some and lose some! More gutted for you as you did the right thing by posting 😭

  • +2

    @Deals For Days @nicholasv
    OP thanks for posting. I just added to my account

    • +1

      Thanks for tagging! I just added too

      • +2

        I won't report this deal as working to give OP a chance to add 😀
        P.S. PM OP

        • +1

          You're a saint. I sent OP a PM too. They better not miss out again 😂

          • +4

            @nicholasv: Thank you both! I managed to redeem it this time 😀 will mark the deal

  • Just worked for me!

    • +2

      Well done. Your first comment 😃

  • +2

    got one in the mail too but can't redeem both. It's ausoneb5omru

    Sorry! You can't register two of the same promotion.

    • +1

      Nice. Worth checking to see if this works after you use the other

      Edit: can confirm doesn’t work even after using first one

  • +1

    I can't get either of them to work

    • Same 😞

  • +2

    Try ausonehvps6b

  • Both codes not working for me 😞

  • +1

    None of these codes working for me either

  • Dumb question but i cant find the field to enter promo code in Uber app?

    • +1

      'Add Promo Code' under Promotions in Wallet (under Account)

      • Thanks mate

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