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Up to 140,000 Velocity Points + 6 Weeks Free for Joining and Maintaining Hospital and Extras Cover for 90 Days @ Medibank


Join and maintain an eligible Medibank hospital & extras cover and get up to 140,000 Velocity Points and 6 weeks free cover.

New Medibank members only. Terms and conditions apply. You must hold same eligible cover for 90 days to receive the bonus Points. Use promo code 'VELOCITY'.

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    Not sure if that's worth my 3 IDs that I had to replace and the unlimited amount of spam I get on my email and phone

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    140K pay if paying premium $150pw. So $1800 for the top points. Decent deal if the “6 weeks free” period is included in the 90 day period?

    • Can confirm I got the 6 weeks free and still got the points after 90 days but I did have to chase them to apply the discount as they charged me the full amount on my second month

    • from the previous deal, it looks like it's paid out after 90 days so you need to pay for 7 weeks.

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    So for anyone looking at signing up I got the points from this deal (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/778773) very promptly after 90 days .

    The one complaint I had was the comments relating to 20k points for signing up via direct debit were actually included in the original 'deal'.

    Not sure how this deal will translate but just something to be aware of

    • I signed up end of June but haven't got my points yet, first payment taken out like 3rd July so hopefully points not too far away.

      It does show that the Points are pending when you look in VFF online

    • Been over 90 days for me, late June sign up. Chat support just advised me to wait until end of October.

    • I got the extra 20k from direct debit. I did chat about it on the Medibank app and had proof, maybe the reason why they gave it to me (although I didn't have to chase for it)

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    By my rough calculations. Pay $150 each week for first 6 weeks, then get the second 6 weeks free. I think then another paid week $150 to make the 90 days. So approx $1200 for 140K points?

    • $150 are pre-rebate amount, should end up paying a lot less

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        But most people here are $250k p.a. so no rebate

        • haha very true

        • +1

          I'm one of the minority..

      • +3

        Does it state on the website that the weekly premium amounts are pre rebate? I was looking but couldn’t find if based on pre rebate or post rebate of $150pw to receive the maximum points.

        When I did the quote it showed the post rebate amount which was roughly 25% less.

  • +4

    Medibank can shove it.

  • So
    Can you take out the minimum for say 5 weeks then bump up to the top tier for the 6th week and cash in?

    • You must hold same eligible cover for 90 days

  • Just signed uo today for 6 weeks free and 50000 live better points. Can i swith to this?

    • they should have a cooling off period

      • Will check with them

  • Better to check with Medibank live chat if they are still offering an additional 20K points for setting up a direct debut like they did back in June.

    • Under T&Cs, you must setup DD - "Must join and start eligible Medibank hospital or hospital and extras cover between 12 September - 31 October 2023 to receive Velocity Points and 2&6 month waits waived on extras (if you join extras cover) and 6 weeks free. Must set up direct debit, quote promo code VELOCITY and enter the Velocity member number of the policy holder when joining….."

  • Looks to be a decent deal, thanks. Only goes as far as $138 ($104 after rebate and before loading) for singles. 120k isn’t bad with all that free massages and physio.

    • +1

      I believe the dollar figure is weekly? So $138/month is basically <$44/week so you're only getting 20K VFF.

      • $138/week. Golden tier whatever it is called. Incl child birth but 100% claimed hospital plus no gap payments.

  • are former AHM members considered new members at Medibank? since Medibank owns AHM.

    • Must be a new Medibank member who has not held Medibank or ahm hospital cover in the last 12 months and hold the same eligible cover for 90 consecutive days to be eligible for the Velocity Points.

  • -1

    do you have to get both medibank hospital and extra cover or just medibank hospital insurance is fine?

  • So if you sign up online it’s fortnightly, as opposed to call or go into a shop, then you can do weekly? Does anyone know which one is the least painful? I mean presumably they would still require the IDs so probably have to be in person? Or they’ll send you a link or give you an email address over the phone? Maybe you can change after the account has been set up?

    • lot of their retail locations are permanently closed as of late. At least in Vic.

      • That makes sense because everything is moving online since Covid. Maybe I could pay 14 weeks instead as some kind of gratitude towards new glasses and a better spine :)

  • Can someone verify my maths please

    With this deal if I can get family cover approx $154 a week. Need to pay for cover for 6 weeks + 6 weeks free

    154 x 6 weeks = $924 + 6 weeks free

    currently paying $56 a week

    56 x 12 weeks = $672

    Total 12 week cost $252

    So in theory I’m only paying an additional $252 for 140,000 velocity points? Seems pretty good

    • Yes, and you’ll also likely get top tier benefits plus any rebate you’re entitled to, making the deal even better

    • It’s 7 weeks plus 6 for free to cover 90 days.

      • Correction so it’s about $350 additional based on 13 weeks cost.
        Thank you!

  • Is there any similar health insurance offers currently with qantas points rather than velocity?

    • Qantas health insurance

  • I just signed up as a single. Maximum is 120,000 points here with Ultra Gold. If you are taking advantage of ‘no wait’ periods on dental or otherwise, it’s well worth it. 6 weeks free kicks in after 7 weeks.

  • If you want to know how the 6 free weeks work, this below from my chat with Medibank.

    The dollar amount of the 6 weeks free comes off your payments -
    14/9 - $516.52
    14/10 - $194.08
    14/11 - $118.79
    And then back to normal payments after this.

    • Was this on max tier?

      • I’m single, so I maxed out at 120,000 points.

  • Am I correct in my understanding that if they waive the 2&6 month waiting periods on extras that I can start claiming on those areas from day 1? I haven’t had health insurance for years so wasn’t sure if changed and can’t tell based on the site if there it’s just those things with a 12 month onward waiting period that I am not eligible to claim on or others

  • 6 weeks ago I moved from Medibank to bupa and now I have received the medibank 12 offer … basically it will be 6 weeks free after 6 weeks cover and $500 gift card

  • Thanks OP, called to avail this offer and the consultant was saying the points are based on base weekly premium rather than weekly premium charged. e.g. I can get 140k points by paying $122 per week because in system it shows as $152 before any rebates. I have asked her to confirm and put it in email. Will update, so might not have to pay more. Cheers.

    • Hi, any updates? Thanks.

      • She did put in email but let’s see. I have now paid for 6 weeks and then after next 6 weeks will know. I am paying $122 per week so will see if I get 140k or 90k points. Fingers crossed.

  • Hi can anyone confirm how the 6 weeks free works? Is is only after being in the plan for 42 days, or is it after 4 months? I was just on a call and they told me 4 months and direct debit for 42 days.

    • It works per whatever it says in the relevant terms and conditions.

      My experience with Medibank customer service is that they are not very knowledgeable. When you are armed with the facts, they will sometimes lie just to get you off the phone.

      Best to deal with them via email, so you have a record.

      • Might try that. I ended up finding the terms during the call but didn't want to present them first because I wanted them to tell me based on knowing the entire TnC.

        • They once told me that a particular promotion did not exist, until I sent them a PDF print of the terms.

          Don't be afraid to lodge a complaint with the PHIO. Saves you the trouble of dealing with the liars.

    • My experience was that I paid for my current month pro rata and a full month after (that took me to a total of over 6 weeks paid). I was therefore somewhat surprised when I got charged a full month's premium the following month.

      Went on the chat and they confirmed that I had qualified for the 6 weeks free, but because they had already taken the second payment, they ended up adding it on as credit to the end of my 'second' month.

      Either way, I wouldn't assume you'll get the 6 weeks free automatically, so best keep an eye out on any direct debits.

  • bloody ahm ruining things for us

  • yeah, I was on chat just now. They confirmed I meet all requirements. 6 weeks free was applied to my account from last week July to 1st week in Sept. They said my vel points should be credited by Oct end.

    • Make sure that the points are credited consistent with the terms applicable to the promotion.

      The terms specify by when the points should be credited.

      • Just checked my Velocity points have been credited. Time to move out to a cheaper option that works.

        • what cheap option did you find? I am looking to switch as well

  • which insurance package have you guys taken to avail 140k points for family?

  • Just wondering if anyone tried speaking to live chat regarding additional 20k bonus velocity points if setting up direct debit? Previous deal in July had this but unsure if anyone had any luck this time round.

  • I just tried to join but the code doesn't work….. However I just chatted to them and they said I won't qualify anyway as my cover needs to start from end of November. I will wait next month and fingers crossed something else as good will pop up. Do they come about often?

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