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[Recertified] Seagate EXOS X18 14TB 3.5" HDD SATA Factory Recertified $249 Delivered + Surcharge @ Pongobyte Computers


Factory recertified drives are tested by the manufacturer at their factory using the same rigorous testing process as new drives.
These are returned to the manufacturer with a minor problem that is easy to rectify or no fault found; the manufacturer then runs the drive through the same test process which is used for new drives.

ST14000NM000J-FR - Seagate Exos X18 14TB SATA - Factory Recertified - $249

6 months seller warranty
1.5% surcharge for CC & PayPal payments
No surcharge for bank transfer

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  • +27

    6months?…. No thanks…

    • I thought in Australia that even refurbished items still have 12 month’s warranty or am I wrong?

      • +11

        The "6 months seller warranty" thing is irrelivant.
        ACL will take effect if you feel like it should be longer, and then the seller will have to discuss with the ombudsman why a Recertified device shouldn't get full warranty.

        If it was labeld as USED, then it's different, but factory recertified has a different level of expectation for the consumer.
        Been there done that; I've won several cases on warranty avoidance against companies.

        • How would you actually action this?

          • +4

            @snoopydoop: I'm quite near a major city, so the 3 times I've needed to do this, I've walked into the office of fair trading and asked whom I could talk to.
            Each time It's been someone from the office of the Fair Trading Ombudsman.
            They raise it with the company, and decide if they want it to go through QCAT or not.

            I believe you'd start here if you're not near an office you can visit.

        • Except acl cannot be enforced. Only way to do this is take them to court. So good luck.

  • +10

    If the manufacturer has performed these extended tests, why aren’t they offering a warranty?

    • +5

      No confidence 😀

    • +5

      they run the tests dosen't necessarily mean the drives pass the test

    • recertified drives do not get direct warranty from the manufacturer

      • +2

        Mate, if you cannot absorb PayPal seller fee, then I would bend you even before your competitors.
        If Surcharge, then 'Run Lola Run'

  • Pic shows 18TB 😀

    • +24

      4TB of bad sectors…

      The other 14TB should be OK.

      • Never knew that bad sectors can come in TB. Inflation affects everything these days!

    • rectified, thanks for pointing that out.

  • +8

    6 month warranty only, nah bro

  • +6


    They failed the first time around?

  • +1

    Stay away

  • -3

    LOL, I rather get the 12T for similar price, new.

  • +2

    Never buy recertified hard drive because these hard drive can be in very bad conditions and may broken anytime soon.

    • -3

      Everyone's experience with such drives is different, and can tell you these are not in a bad condition at all, quite the contrary. If they were to fail within 6 months, we would replace them as stated.

      • +6

        The data on the drives is often much more valuable than the drives themselves…

        • agree …. on the flip side, if a drive failed after say 3,4,5 years with no backup, it'd be rather difficult to cover that with most warranties. We're not saying that such drives are recommended in all scenarios, but there'd be enough cases where the value they offer becomes apparent.

      • -2

        unless u guys have the free data recovery option, otherwise its not worth the price and plus the recertified hard drive usually have much lower life than the normal hard drive, let alone the exo or HC hard drive

    • -2

      Same as new Seagates then….

      • -1

        think of it as a "new" drive that goes through the manufacturing testing twice…it's not a rule, but issues occur during the first few months of usage for most things, so having a drive like this tested twice can only reduce the chance of failure.

  • +1

    Their .com.au website is currently blocked by bitdefender for malicious code execution.

    • We are sorry about that, it is a known issue we've been dealing with for a while. We are not aware of any harmful content on our website, but as always, do your due diligence when dealing with such issues. You have the option to disregard the message from Bitdefender and continue.

  • I really need to get some more storage but will respectfully decline this offer.

    • Feel free to give it a try (1 unit) and return it in the same condition (less usage) if not fully satisfied, you might be surprised (in a good way) :)

  • Appreciate the offer, but 6 month's warranty is insufficient for any hard drive, let alone a refurbished enterprise-grade hard drive.

    • this is the warranty we get from the supplier that works with Seagate, would you consider an extra fee for extended warranty (say 12months) ? refurbished goods normally carry limited warranties given the very nature of their condition, but as always ACL guarantees can supersede that.

  • +5

    Every Seagate drive I've ever bought has failed catastrophically without warning. Every WD drive I've ever bought that failed, did so with months of warning through clicking, etc. allowing plenty of time to prepare for replacement.

    I no longer buy Seagate drives, and I sure as hell wouldn't buy a "recertified" Seagate drive, regardless of price.

    • I had a bunch of seagates all die at similar time, one right after another

  • +1

    Thanks bought couple, will go to my spare nas

    at the end of the day my life does not end with a drive.

    and even if i bought a new one brand spanking new one, it is only one

    there is no guarantee that it will not die anyway;
    warranty does not stop a drive losing data.

    • Thank you for your business

  • +1

    If you value your data, steer clear of Seagate “Recertified”; they can’t even back it with a 12 month warranty, that’s a red flag..

    • +1

      If you value your data, you should have backups

  • Ozbargain, double standards?
    I see 100+ upvotes on used Lenovo/Dell towers deals with 6 month warranties on the frontpage, but people downvote this, despite same warranty period??

    OP, I would be keen to know what % of returns you get from these drives within 6 months of shipping them out?

    btw, I don't see anything wrong with this deal. If you run a RAID system, you can quickly pull it out and replace on the fly.
    These drives would be a good fit for such situations, not for people using as their primary storage. End of the day, these types of deal have a purpose for their market.

    woah just looked around, brand new Seagate EXOS X18 14TB cost $670-$769.
    I'm assuming since these are ENTERPRISE drives, the specs probably demand them to be perfect so any minor imperfections/bad sectors are rejected.

    So OP selling them for $249, which is nearly 2x off RRP.

    • +1

      This is HDD, the most easily broken part in the PC, even brand new one you still need a backup plan. Second hand PC most have SSD, much more reliable than HDD and data will be intact even all parts gone except SSD.

      And you said RAID? do you know RAID prefer all identical drive? And used drive mostly has different performance character, use 5 all "different" HDD in a RAID 5 system? are you kidding me?

      • +2

        No you're kidding yourself, most people who have a lot of spinners would run something like unraid which can have a mix of drives because they just want to store movies or crap. Which is like raid but the data doesn't stripe across disks, because most people aren't running performance databases at home.

      • Depending on the controller, most RAIDs work with different drives, although it is good practice to use the same model and capacity. You should not have an issue if you buy these as they are the same model.
        With storage, backups are essential and always recommended.

      • identical drives is an old wives tale

        It is always best practice to at minimum use different batches from a manufacturer

        All manufacturing is based on identical batches and identical means a mistake is always identical.
        for storage raid you never want two identical batch items as if one has the fault the next most probably does too,
        seagate wants to sell seagate so they will say you must use seagate together
        The only recommended requirement is the drives are best equally compatible in capability.

        so same cache, spindle speed and platters etc. because if one is slower than the other you will experience performance drag and waits.

        Most controllers don't even need identical size disks as storage will be limited to the smallest and slowest disk.
        and allow to replace small disks with bigger faster ones, one-by-one

    • +1

      Had a couple DOA from a few hundred drives, no returns so far from units in operation. Thank you.

  • @pongobyte Where is your business located and do you allow pick up?

    • We don't have a physical store and cannot offer a pick up service. All orders are sent free of charge using express post.

  • Its like buying tyres that have been used on track days then putting them on your family car……sorry man…… no deal

  • if this was the usa then, cheaper/TB and 2 yr warranty on recert hdds

    • Well known, quality vendor, their drives are still covered by seller warranty. We might consider an extended warranty depending on sales volume, at the moment we have to rely on our supplier warranty which is 6 months.
      If you convert to aud, add shipping and local support we're fairly close; our market is so small compared to the us.

  • There is a certain risk in this, but it does not rule out that some are old inventory or just large orders that have been cancelled. For example, the data center canceled an order of 14tb and replaced it with 18tb. The factory can only re-test and put it on the shelf. I bought one 8TB "factory test" hard drive a few years ago, the power-on time after testing is 0 (but as far as I know it can be changed) and it has been in service to this day.

    But I don’t dare to touch any factory SSDs like U2 port version. I once tried to recover data from SSD, but it failed in the end. There is still hope for HDD.

  • Shame no special on the 18TB drives

  • @Pongobyte Any ETA on those 18TB drives? I am really desperate for storage but I need the higher capacities.

    • +1

      Will likely place another order next week, it'll be another couple of weeks after to get them in stock. Feel free to reach out directly and can update you with timelines. Thank you.

  • +1

    Not storing 14tb of data on a drive with 6month warranty..

  • Is this a reliable drive ?

    • These are enterprise drives designed for reliability and performance, although they are recertified.
      Our experience has been positive so far, but like any other piece of technology this can vary and due diligence is always advised.

  • Bought one to replace my old 4TB HDD also from Seagate for its capacity.
    Hopefully this can last till at least as long as it.

    • Thank you for your business !

  • Obviously they don't stand by their product and their recertification, I would stay away.

    I would also argue that brand new HDDs should have at least 5 year warranty, and if it failed within 5 years they should help transplant the disk or recover into new HDD.

    • +1

      What warranty would be making this product more "reliable", 1 year, 2 years?

      Have to remember these are highly discounted prices relative to new and does not make economical sense for manufacturers to back these up with warranties that would damage their sales for new drives.

      Supplier info we have indicates low RMA rates for factory recertified drives (estimates of around 2%) and based on own experience so far this may hold true.
      Of course, real world experience varies, but most businesses base decisions on averages.

      As it has been discussed here and other forums, storage requires backup especially when it comes to important data. Warranty is not the one answer to an inherent problem for these devices (ie loss of data due to failures).

  • Thanks to the OzBargain community for your support, we'll be back in touch once new stock arrives.

    • Do you expect to get any more stock of these drives?

      • We currently have stock of the X20 18TB SATA version.
        Expect to restock on 14TB versions in early Nov.

  • How were these drives tested? is there anything i'm missing? i've tried them in a dell t5810 in ata, ahci and raid mode - i've also tried them in a usb caddy…

    Is this due to the 3.3v issue i've read about with some of the newer drives?

    I've purchased 2 and both aren't showing up in the bios at all

    • Sorry to hear about your issues, rather unlikely to have two doa at the same time, but happy to work with you to find a solution.
      Please raise a support ticket and we'll be in touch with next steps https://pongobyte.com.au/technical-support/

      • Just wanted to add here that they have been very helpful via support and are shipping me a return box, antistatic bags and return label, will test drives further and have agreed to replace/refund dependent on findings…

        Just incase anyone was wondering, really happy with the service so far :)

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