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$2.25 Cash Back in Shping Rewards on Tim Tam Classic 200g (Currently $2.25 at Woolworths) @ Shping (Activation Required)


Every Wednesday, Shping Booster offers bring you discounts on grocery items.

Shping is a universal rewards program for grocery brands.
Brands bring you offers in a bid to get your attention and ultimately business.


Download the Shping app
Sign up and register
Activate the offer
Buy in store or online
Upload your receipt
Receive Shping Rewards
Cash out to your bank account immediately

There are loads of other opportunities to earn rewards in the Shping app.

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    Has Anyone used this - Any feed back ?

    • +2

      Withdrew the cashback from their last promo, took a while but got it in the end.

      • +3

        Ive cashed out over $100 so far

        • +1

          Damn, why didn’t you tell us lol

    • The user interface is easy to use, and the support team is quick to respond.
      You will just need to be comfortable with the basics of cryptocurrencies - you can connect this App to your external wallet Coinbase in order to trade for another currency, sell etc.

  • +1

    Wayne's World. Party Time! Excellent!

    • hahahah

  • Will eReceipts be accepted, e.g. the ones from the Woolworths rewards app?

    • +1

      Yes, eReceipts are accepted for Woolworths.

  • any limit for the rewards?

    • It is 1 per user for Tim Tams, but once you download the app you will see there are many other offers and ways to earn rewards!

      We also have limits in regards to monthly cashout allowances, with most users cashing out between $20-$50 per month and top tier level users cashing out over $100 a month.

  • +1

    What's the minimum cashout? I don't suppose you can just buy 1 TimTam and cashout, will need to keep shopping regularly to build up to what balance??

    • There is no minimum amount, you can cashout straight away.
      There is a banking fee of $1.50 per transaction to your Australian bank account, but this is waived for the first 25 days of signing up to the app.

      Alternatively, to avoid fees you can transfer your coins to Coinbase and trade them there.

      • +3

        1.5$ fee kills it Chief

        • Sorry Doc!

        • +1

          Yes that puts me off as well :(

          • +1

            @chrisie: There is no fee for first 25 days. Thousands of our members cash out via bank withdrawal, most choose to do it only once per month to offset the cost.

      • Cool, signing up now, sounds interesting. Even more interesting are the Shping Coins system what will drive its value up/down over time and how does more/new coins come into creation!

  • shping always couldn't recognize my multiple purchase. only can recognize single products per receipt, missing my points.

    • Sounds odd - DM your email address and we can investigate for you. Alternatively you can reach our customer service [email protected]

  • I will DM you as [email protected] won't reply to me, thank you.

  • How to activate?
    Its just showing coles in the booster tab
    No wools

    • That's strange, it should show the product names and activate button underneath. Can you take a screenshot and DM me?

  • Has anyone been able to figure out the point of basing this on a new cryptocurrency? I don't see how it improves anything at all for the end-user above the already existing apps in other countries that just award and pay out in cash.

    I don't know how these coins are issued (and only have a very limited understanding of the industry as a whole!), but I guess for Shping themselves it means they can just issue coins for nothing and get their commission from the brands in cash? Which seems like it would work in the short term, but if this takes off, why would the coins retain any value?

    • Have a read of the whitepaper linked by OP in the comments above.

      • It's 23 pages long… I did skim read it and saw absolutely nothing compelling whatsoever.

        To me, it looks just like every other cryptocurrency launch - something that has no inherent value that people are hoping people use "just because" to try and drive its artificial value higher.

        As I said, I'm not an expert though, so am definitely open to someone correcting my possible misconception.

        • Isn't that the same with all crypto?

          Except what I personally liked about Shping when I first saw this product on OzB today is they're effectively no cost for you to obtain (scan your receipts). At some point, your returns will stagnate unless you try for higher rankings/tiers but then you're kinda earning your money (by putting in the hours). I see it as leisure, do my day to day stuff, make easy money out of what I'd already be doing anyway.

          However, I'm not sure if I'd be cashing out instantly [$1.50 sad sad fees :-(] or go into trading mode post Day25.

          • @nsingh21: Yes, but this isn't a Crypto trading app - it's a shopping cashback app!

            If you want to get involved in Crypto speculation it makes sense (especially now when they're awarding free coins for no apparent benefit, which surely can't last), but as an actual shopping app, where's the benefit?

            • @callum9999: The app has a bunch of features to improve the shopping experience.
              Price scanner - scan the barcode of any product in the supermarket and find it's current price everywhere it's sold
              Loyalty card holder - store your flybuys, everyday rewards etc. all in one place
              Receipt management - keep all your receipts in one place.

              The rewards are a value exchange.
              We work with brands to advertise on the platform, they reward you for your loyalty and attention.
              The data you share from scanning your receipt isn't sold, but used to optimize the advertising.
              This creates a sustainable system where we can continue delivering rewards!

              • @TeamShping: You're missing the entire point of the question. What is the purpose of a Crypto reward instead of cash?

                • +2

                  @callum9999: Our decision to utilise cryptocurrency as the token of rewards in the Shping platform instead of traditional cash was a strategic choice that aligns with the core principles and architecture of Shping as a global project.

                  Global Scalability: Shping is designed to be a global platform, and its architecture has been meticulously crafted to facilitate scalability across different jurisdictions. By employing cryptocurrency as a universal reward token, we eliminate the complexities associated with multiple currency conversions. This, in turn, enables seamless peer-to-peer cross-border transactions i.e empowering brand from regional Victoria, Australia, to instantly reward consumer in Italy or Africa without the hindrance of transactional costs and conversions.

                  Zero Transaction Fees: Our unique on-chain and off-chain setup enables us to achieve zero transaction fees for transfers from any point in the world to a shopper's ERC20 wallet, regardless of geographic location, and allows for microtransactions.

                  Financial Inclusion: Cash transactions typically require a traditional bank account, posing a significant barrier to entry for the 1.7 billion adults worldwide who are unbanked. By opting for cryptocurrency rewards, Shping ensures inclusivity, enabling individuals of lower socioeconomic status who could benefit the most from a universal rewards app to participate in the ecosystem without the need for a bank account.

                  Hedging Against Inflation: In many countries, traditional cash rewards are susceptible to the erosive effects of inflation. By keeping rewards in cryptocurrency, particularly in stablecoins like USDT or USDC, we help users hedge against the depreciation of their rewards over time. This approach safeguards the real value of rewards and enhances their utility in the long term.

                  In summary, our decision to use cryptocurrency as the token of rewards aligns with our vision of creating a borderless, efficient, and inclusive rewards ecosystem. It streamlines cross-border transactions, eliminates unnecessary fees vital for microtransactions, promotes financial inclusion, and provides a hedge against inflation—all of which contribute to a more accessible and equitable rewards experience for our global user base.

                  • @TeamShping: Thanks for the comprehensive reply!

                    I can see how that would benefit an unbanked customer in Uganda, but as an Australian with a bank account it doesn't seem to offer me any benefit at all? In fact it makes it harder to use because my money is stored as a token that I have to pay to access and fluctuates in value far more than the AUD does.

                    Good luck with it (and despite my criticism - I will use it, why turn down free money of any form!).

  • I would be cautious using this app since being jibbed of booster rewards.

    The problem stems from the app not recognising certain items on receipts, for example I purchased a strawberry flavored snack which got recognised as blueberry instead hence did not award the advertised booster coins as the booster is specific to a certain flavour. I shrugged it off the first time but this has now happened on multiple occasions with items from both major supermarkets.

    So far I have taken a conservative approach and only purchased lower value items.
    The danger is being enticed to buying larger ticket items that you may not usually purchase, only to find the booster offer failing to pay out.

    I wonder if any other users have experienced the same issue.
    I have kept all original receipts and made screenshots so if the team can assist that would restore my confidence in this program.

    • Hey - so sorry to hear about your experience.
      DM me the email linked to your account or email us at [email protected] and we will definitely make sure it is resolved and you receive your rewards.
      We are working on a fix for this issue and again, apologies.

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