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Sign up with Code and Make 3 Eligible Card Purchases in 30 Days to Get $50 Bonus Deposit @ ubank App (New Customers Only)


Same as this deal but $10 more in bonus money.

Put some money into your account – you can transfer from any other Australian bank account. You’ll find your BSB and account number in our app.

Then go treat yourself by making 3 purchases using Apple Pay, Google PayTM, Samsung Pay, Fitbit Pay, Garmin Pay or your ubank Visa Debit card within 30 days of signing up.

That’s it! You’ll receive your $50 bonus in your Spend account within a couple of days.

Download the ubank App and make sure you enter the code BONUS50 on the “About you” screen during the sign-up process. When you join us, you’ll get two accounts: a Spend account (transaction account) and a Save account (savings account).

Easy to make 3 transactions. Just do 3x1c transactions at Woolies/Coles self checkout.

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Referral: random (1158)

Referrer and referee each receive $10 after referee makes 5 settled card purchases within 30 days.

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  • Will this stack with referral scheme?

    • No.

  • +1

    How do you make a 1c transaction at self checkout?

    • +7

      Select mixed payment. Card. Then type $.01.

      I do it every month with Virgin Money. :)

    • Afterpay is better option if you use one. You can do custom payments starting from 1c

  • +2

    Can also purchase 3*$1 Amazon Gift Cards

  • Any monthly fees ?

  • +1

    Be careful with UBank.

    It prevented my self-transfer to another bank and, upon contacting them, I encountered rudeness.

    • +1

      Yeah, these guys take personal banking to the next level. Sometimes they get a little too personal, but I like it

  • +4

    My account got locked for fraud protection when I tried to make a $2k transfer to one of my own bank accounts which I had previously transferred to. Had to wait until business hours to call customer service. Selected the option to be called back when it was my turn. The robot had advised an estimated wait 15 minutes; no call after an hour so I called and waited 30min on hold. Eventually got the account unlocked (took 4 hours for the fraud team to process it).

    Hopefully any new ubank customers don't have to deal with this!

    • +1
      • Had a similar experience when leaving ubank. Was approved on the spot over a quick call.

    • What do you expect from a company whose motto is "That's how you money". UBank has really cornered the low IQ illiterate demographic. I cannot even access internet banking through a web browser on my PC; I have to 'be cool' and use a cell phone application.

  • +3

    UBank used to be good before the merge with 86400, with attractive savings rate and the overnight autosweep feature was pretty cool to maximise your interest earnings. Then things started going downhill (very quickly) when they were merging, they removed all the nice features and not just me but many other customers were locked out of their accounts and you had to reset all the BPAY and Direct Debit arrangements during the merge. Took me a few phone calls, each at least an hour or two long, and about a month to finally get access back to my account to then move all my money out. Never again with Ubank.

    • that's what their name is.. U-stupid-bank…

  • I didn't see the option to add coupon code with sign up process
    Though there is option for referral code

    • Once you’ve downloaded our app, make sure you enter the code BONUS50 on the “About you” screen during the sign-up process.

    • I added it to the referral and it said it applied

  • +1

    Customers who were previously a ubank customer and closed their accounts within the past 12 months are not eligible for this offer.

  • -1

    Do I have to pay any tax on the $50?

  • +2

    Didn't work for me at the referral code prompt, so I assumed there was going to be another screen named "About you" where I could input it. Ended up creating my account without the code. :/ Hopefully they can rectify it.

    • Same happened to me.
      Sent them an email, hopefully it comes good.

    • Same here

  • Says code expired

  • Says code expired ???

  • Code expired. Obviously end date didn’t include today

  • $30/$30 is better deal. All other deals were taking from the referrer and make it less.

    • Couldn’t verify ID last night and expired now, is that 30+30 deal still available?

  • I made three revolut transactions via Google Pay this morning, still no reward money. How long does it take?

    • within a few days

  • Got my bonus today, took 3 days since making the 3 transactions.

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