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50% off Select Business/Skyboss Tickets to Ho Chi Minh City @ VietJet Air


No idea what their Business Class is like in reality, but thought I would share. Taken from Facebook.

From Perth/Adelaide/Sydney/Melbourne/Brisbane - Ho Chi Minh City

Enter code: INT50

Now until 25 Oct 2023

Business Class Inclusions:
• 18kg carry-on baggage
• 40kg of checked baggage and 01 (one) golf club set (if any)
• Access to luxury lounge (not applicable on domestic flights in Thailand, and at airports where there is no standard lounge service)
• Priority at check-in
• Baggage handling service privileges
• Priority at security checkpoints (depending on airport conditions and facilities)
• Private shuttle bus (applicable for boarding on ground; except those airports that do not provide shuttle bus service)

The promotional tickets are limited and random on the flights. If your chosen flight does not have promotional tickets, they must have been booked by other passengers. Please try another flight. — Vietjet Rep on Facebook

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  • +3

    Flight dates only until Dec 2023.

  • Says Adelaide, can't find a direct flight. Still looking at options.

    Looking at GF - seems VA > MEL then transfer to VietJet then out.

    • Fly to Adelaide from 21st Nov, seems like via Perth.

  • +8

    I would pay extra not to fly with this lottery airline.
    Good luck getting customer service if you have an issue with your flights or details.

  • +3

    If you ever flew AirAsia's business class pre Covid, these are the same seat, given they are ex-AA planes lol.

    They are the best budget airline business class seat outside of AA's new Business Class seats and I flew on them many times over the years to KL and London. They don't lie completely flat though, but still a very comfortable seat.

    • +2

      They don't lie completely flat though

      I think I know what you're trying to say.

      They ARE "fully flat" but they are not 180 degrees (i.e. they're not parallel to the ground). It's known as "angled flat bed"

      • +3

        Yep that's what I mean, cheers for clarifying.

        I found that when flat, I would slide down a bit, but I don't like lying flat anyway because of reflux issues so it really isn't an issue for me. They are a comfy product irrespective of that.

  • +1

    just flew with them. hcm is a good gateway to indochina. note that you'll need a visa ($80) to enter viet nam

    • +1

      Just did HCM. Visa was less than $50au.

      • ah maybe multiple entry is $80

        • Nope, mine says good for single/multiple entries and was $40…you probably went through the wrong website (or paid for 2 people)?

    • -2

      Can just get on arrival

      • +3

        Just hope you run into the airport staff that demand 4 figures. Happened recently.

        • don't run into*

      • Yes if U pay $350 USD for express, highly recommend U get before U get there otherwise U risk deportation and flight cancellations

      • Visa on arrival is tough. Had a friend flew with Singapore airlines but got refused due to incorrect dates on visa. They're strict with visa.

      • I don't think they let you board without one and they haven't done VOA in years. You also need a sponsor letter?

      • No you can't.

      • Incorrect, was spose to go to vietnam about a month ago, they refused entry onto the plane at the airport. Ended up costing me 2.5k in other costs cause i didn't end up going.

  • -4

    Should i be expecting bikini models parading down the aisle for my viewing pleasure?

  • Seem like have to travel before December 2023?

  • Terrible airline. Bought a flight to fly domestically in VN which then got cancelled and rebooked on another flight on another day and time. Turns out they sold it anticipating they would fly it, checked flight radar etc and they never flew it before.

  • +2

    Just flew internationally with vietjet last week to HCM. Pretty sure it is the old airasia planes. Very tight seats but with extra leg room it isn't too bad. For the cost to fly overseas, it's a bargain! I definitely got my moneys worth from getting cheap hair washes, massages, cheap food and hair treatments over there! I had no delays either surprisingly.

    • I see what you did there ;)

    • -1

      Found the banh mi very underwhelming. Mid Range restaurants were fairly good. What food did you like there?

      • The overall food quality is definitely better in Australia. But I liked noodle soups with flavour such as bun rieu, bun bo hue, banh canh cua.
        The special banh mi from huynh hoa in ho chi minh was actually really good. It was huge too

        • Ah the big banh mi. I thought it was pretty average as it was just stuffed with luncheon. Much prefer the recipe used by Vietnamese in Australia. Pho was hit or miss. Ca phe Trung was my favourite food

    • Where did you enter your passport details? I can't find it anywhere after booking!

      • I don't think I entered it anywhere… Just showed them my itinerary when I got to the airport

  • Flown with them half a dozen times, never had an issue.

  • I can't figure out where this code is supposed to be typed in

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