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Fox 38 Factory 170mm 29er Mountain Bike Suspension Fork $999 Delivered (RRP $2049) @ Jonny Sprockets




Spring: Updated Float EVOL air spring.
Dampers: GRIP2 with VVC, external HSC / LSC and HSR / LSR. Rebound at base.
Lowers: 15mm x 110mm QR
Offset: 44mm
Wheel size: 29"
Travel: 170mm

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Jonny Sprockets
Jonny Sprockets

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  • +3

    That is a bargain!

  • +1

    I have these - great forks and this is a fantastic price. I bought a set at about $1600 after reading this; https://theloamwolf.com/2020/07/28/fox-38-fork-review/

  • +1

    Fox36 160 mm for the same price. Super cheap!

  • +1

    Thanks for sharing OP, its a banger of a deal 👌

    FYI, your search function doesn't allow any kind of filtering. Would highly suggest you guys add this feature.

    • +2

      On mobile? Thanks, have added

      • Correct it was in mobile.

        Just having the feature would be a great customer experience.

        For example..


        Just above the search results you can see two options. Sort by, and filter. These are the features im referring to.

        Specifically the "sort by" option.

        I just went on your site again and i can see there is now a filter option. This was not there when i posted my original comment.

        • Thanks for the help, yep we added the filter now :)

  • -4

    Wow that's more expensive than my mtb itself.

    I bet this would easily handle a 5kw front hub motor

  • +1

    wheres the rest of the bike :)

  • Great deal, great shop. These boys know bikes.

    • Thanks legend!

  • It might void my warranty…but I'm still gonna send it

    • 🤙

  • Hi, do you have any factory 38e?

    • Also interested in 38e

    • I've personally had no issues running these on E-bikes (a heckler and an e160). Plenty of compression support and torsional stiffness. I dare say there would only be a benefit if you were a larger rider, going big.

  • +1

    Anything for a 27.5 inch bike?

  • Lmao if only I could use this on my Giant Trance X
    Any shocks on sale?

    • why can't you. It's overkill but you could also change the airshaft to a smaller size for less than $100

      • the 36 is on special too. be great on the X

        • +1

          Didn't realise the 36 was on sale too, I'll check it out thanks.

      • Does it go to 150mm though?

        The X is like 135mm rear so I figured much more than the 150mm stock setup on the front would be a pretty whack setup.

        • I actually have one set up with a 140mm fork. Bought it from chain reaction when they had a sale!! Planned to change it out as is pretty easy.

          However I think you are thinking of the rear shock on the X. The fork is generally 150 but can easily bet increased to 160 if you like a ride a more rowdy type terrain

  • I keep trying to find a catch. How come so cheap?

    • +1

      This was even cheaper at $922 from another store in Queensland. No catch, just moving old stock.

      • What store?

    • +1

      Looks like it doesn't come with the whole bike, just the fork.

      • +1

        Fox 38 Factory 170mm 29er Mountain Bike Suspension Fork

        Just a fork, but a very good fork

        • Have you tried eating with it?

          Going back to my nonnas huge wooden mountable fork to finish my salad.


    • +1

      No catch, just purchased all the remaining stock.

  • Thanks just bought but i don't own a bike…..

    Can i use it for anything else?

  • How long is the steerer tube on this fork? Cheers

    • Fork is new in box, so fully factory length. Can confirm what that is tomorrow, but long enough for any bike.

      • Thanks I need around 220 -230mm

        • 240mm

  • wow, crazy price for a highly desirable fork! I'm ZEB all the way for the out of box great playful feel but for would jump at this if I needed a new front end!

    sweet deal!

    EDIT - they also have the Norco ebikes on sale too, these are killer bikes. I have the VLT A2 which is a total super enduro beast which is an incredible deal for $5K!

    • Fox factory had 50% off for wholesaler/bike shops. Lots of good deals around

  • @jonb price is showing as $1299? I’m keen on a set!

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