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Total Protein Blend 1kg Choc $13.5, Impact Lean Whey Choc 5kg $66, L-Carnitine 500mg 90 Tab $3.8 + $9.95 Delivery @ MYPROTEIN


Some good deals @ Myprotein.

Note that promo codes never work on clearance items. FIONA seems to work but other codes dont.

Likely to be short dated but i consider these to be a good deal even for short dated/expired products. You can ask for a partial refund if its too close to expiry date.

I personally bought 10kg of Total Protein Blend for $135 which should last approx 8 to 10 months

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  • +1

    Any deals on WPI? How do ppl rate this brand over like AminoZ?

    • +4

      I usually look at price and % of protein.
      Anything will do post workout
      Ive never bought protein at full price, always short dated or recently expired but i store it in cool dry storage

    • +3

      MyProtein is undrinkable compared to AminoZ.

    • +7

      Customer service from Myprotein is horrific, I ended up waiting several weeks after making a purchase (with regular inquiries) only to find out that my order still hadn't even left the factory. Have seen this as a common theme with them, as well as often shipping short-dated products.

      Meanwhile AminoZ are the complete opposite end of the spectrum, unrivalled customer service, quality products, great flavours.

      • +1

        I agree, the peace of mind from Aminoz is worth it.

        • $27 more per kg for piece of mind .. or $270 per 10kg.

          …. yeh, nah. Ill take my chances with MP

          • +2

            @easternculture: Or use your brain and purchase when they have one of their regular deals on here..

      • My experience with MP customer service hasn't been too bad (nowhere near as good as AminoZ though). I bought a flavour (strawberry shortcake) and it was absolutely revolting. It took them a few days but they gave me a refund.

  • +8

    Never again

  • +1

    The stuff puts on the throne 😂

    • -1

      It's taken orally.

      • Only if you're not brave enough.

  • +4

    Don't forget to pair it wiry this deal..


  • Is the lack of BCAAs in the total blend an issue?

    • +3

      If you eat a balanced diet, its not an issue.

      Protein is just a supplement.

  • +3

    myprotein always has clearances of shortdated products, better to buy when you actually need rather than stock up

    • +4

      Discount codes never work on clearance section because they are already heavily discounted.

      Better stock up before they fix it

      • don't think it's something that they are fixing, 40-50% off in clearance just brings it to its normal price (since myprotein is one "sale" all year around)

        • +4

          Other codes are not working.
          Says discount not applicable to contents of cart.
          So clearly they forgot to disable clearance items for code FIONA.

        • +1

          As expected. Tried code FIONA on clearance items just now and got

          The discount code you entered is invalid or not applicable to the contents of your basket.

          • @easternculture: Fair enough. You were right. I already had the lean whey in my cart, so I could still order it since it was "out of stock". FIONA still worked but they reduced the discount to 30%. Hope they don't cancel.

            • @exit: I wouldnt have posted the deal if wasnt a glitch in the code haha

              • @easternculture: Yeah I remember myprotein used to have a page called "double discount" where it was the intention that you could apply codes on top of the already discounted price. Wonder where it went.

  • tempting cause it's cheap, but i still have bucket loads of protein powder from a previous deal. How long can this be used after its best before date?

    • +5

      Years and years if stored in a cool dry place

      • +3

        That's reassuring, cause I already have some that's past the date, and if I don't have like 2 per day, then the rest will go out too lol. I Ozbargained myself.

        • +4

          Any dry powdered products will last for years after the best before/expiry date. Keep them in a cool dry cupboard and your good.

          • @Reggyscum: Not flour, lol.

            • +2

              @nuttapillar: That's because flour is usually sold in that shitty paper "wrap". Paper is porous and bugs can eat through it too. If you kept the flour in an airtight plastic or glass container, it would also last for many years.

    • In my case, I have seen 5 to 8 months if already opened. After that it starts smelling bad. Nowadays I dont hoard protein anymore. I order as needed. I have wasted more protein trying to hoard and save.

      • Thats why you buy the 1kg bags and open as needed.

        I have casein from 5 years ago (another brand). Opened one a few days ago and its fine.

        I always keep it at the bottom of the cupboard where its dry and cool. I also have some cans of drink there (amazon soda water deal from weeks back) and are always nice cold when i drink them.

        • How much longer after expiry totally depends on the brand, packaging, ingredients used etc. But there is definite degradation in protein matrix. There might be 18 grams of usable protein instead of 25 grams in a post expired protein depending on how long its been after expiry. An year ago, I got protein from AminoZ that smelt like stale sunflower oil, becuase they use sunflower lecithin and stored the protein in a hot warehouse. But I definitely would like to stay away from something thats almost close to 8 months post best before date. Health care is more expensive in Aus than protein powder. Not worth the risk IMO. YMMV.

  • +2

    Woah that super cheap especially when we go through protein heaps. But it's not Hasta certified so no go 😩

    • +3

      Wouldn’t really expect it to be HASTA certified as it’s a UK company (HASTA is Aus). MPs third party testing is done by labdoor from memory and tbh as the largest nutrition brand in UK/Europe I wouldn’t be worried about the presence of banned substances. You should be far more worried about the terrible customer service in Aus.

      • +3

        For drug tested athletes it's just not worth taking the risk on non bulk tested and certified products. Thousands of hours of training and years of your life can be flushed down the toilet with an unintentional positive test. Even as an OzBargain member it's just not worth the bargain price. 😂

  • Anyone able to comment on the experiential differences between L-car and L-tartrate?

  • +4

    Nice find and share OP

  • Where does it say protein is produced? Australia, nz, usa or Europe?

  • +4

    Thanks OP also bought 10kg, actually insane value since I usually buy WPI and cheapest is $30-35/kg, although this has slightly less protein %
    Funny how 'Impact Lean Whey' is 10% carbs and only 65% protein…..

    • +1

      You must workout.

  • 5kg choc:

    "Sorry, unfortunately this product is currently out of stock. Add it to your wishlist to receive a back in stock email notification."

    • +3


      Total Protein Blend 1kg is better value as its 80% protein compared to Impact Lean Whey which is only 63% protein

  • +1

    This will be my first purchase from MyProtein. Hopefully I can get through this monstrous amount of protein powder before it goes off.

    • +1

      if they don't cancel….. Last time I got a good deal of a discounted item and another 30% on top, they just didnt post the item and when I spoke to CS, they said item out of stock. But I could go online and buy more as it was still in stock. So it was them not wanting to deal with their error in pricing.

  • +2

    Thanks OP.

  • +2

    Thanks OP.
    Great deal works out to be like $0.0161/g of protein in this age of high inflation protein.

  • +2

    Just made a huge order of protein and apparel for the fam. I was just telling a mate today that I'll probably never buy protein again at the current prices. The code worked on everything! Puffer jackets, tights, hats, underwear! I like to think I just saved hundreds of $$$ 😂

  • +1

    Just got 5kg off smooth chocolate in, between this and AminoZ I've got 10kg of protein to rush through

  • +4

    Pretty much all out of stock now. Nice find, though!

    • +1

      Weird, they had over 4000 x 1kg total protein ( that i was able to add to cart).

      MP must have changed stock numbers.

  • Order cancelled! Ordered 5kg

  • +1

    I would doublecheck what you’ve actually been charged for these orders. Was coming up at the discounted price for me, but the actual amount they were going to charge was significantly higher.

    • I got an email charging me the "normal price" however i was charged he discounted rate.

  • OOS

  • Has anyone got an email confirmation that it has been shipped?

    • Nothing yet.

  • Order dispatched

    • +1

      same here

  • I ordered the Total Protein Blend 1kg Choc for $13.5 + clothes but only the clothes were delivered.

    After checking my online account noticed MP cancelled and refunded me for the protein.

  • Ordered 3kg and received it today already pretty fast and expiry of November 2024 !

    • Nice, thats encouraging. If i knew that would have got more. Oh well.

  • +1

    Got mine today.
    11 months expiry on 1kg protein
    18 months expirt on carnitine tablets

    Regret not buying more

  • +1

    Ordered 20kg.

    10x 1 kg, expires 2/2024.
    10x 1 kg, expires 11/2024.

    Tastes fine, no stomach issues, mixing isn't the best but at $13.50 per k/g I literally have 0 complaints. I'll get through it all no problem.

    For reference, the 3kg of WPI I bought for ~$34 per kg expires 5/2024 from another seller.

    Best protein deal I have ever seen, cheers.

  • +2

    Farck, only just got cancellation email. Horrible horrible CS

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