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½ Price Tegel Take-out Crunchy Chicken Burgers 550g $6.50, Bulla Creamy Classic Tub 2L $5 @ Coles

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    Actually quite tasty burgers but oh so greasy. They come out of the airfryer dripping for some reason. Definitely worth it at that price point.

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      'extra crunchy' prob comes from extra fat in the breading to psuedo deep fry when baking or air frying

    • Do you air fry them on a rack or just in the basket?

    • wen i airfry it, it comes out hard/very crispy. what setting should this be cooked at, in Airfryer?

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        Pre-heat airfryer to 160 degrees for 3 mins.
        Pop in the chicken burgers and cook for 10 mins.
        Take out onto kitchen paper and gently squeeze out excess grease.
        Cool for 5 mins at room temperature before assembling sandwich.

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    Will definitely have to try them burgers

  • The Louisiana style burgers are better the grilled steak are processed chicken mince and formed into the patty unlike the Louisiana style burgers that are a chicken fillet

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      Dude, have you heard of punctuation? Reading this hurt my head.

    • There is no louisiana style

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      I swear I can’t understand what you are trying to say.

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      The Louisiana style burgers are better. The grilled steak are processed chicken mince, and formed into the patty - unlike the Louisiana style burgers that are a chicken fillet.

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    Didn't they have 600 grams burgers in Louisiana flavour? They were tasty.

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    Tried these, horrible compared to the original. Do yourself a favour just get the tenders or get the bags from Woolworths

    • I second this.
      This is not the same product as the Louisiana burgers.
      The later are made of proper chicken breast meat. These ones seemed to be made of processed pressed chicken meat similar to fish cake.
      Same stuff they sell you at the Woolies deli section: hard pass.
      Taste is okay, but I would rather pay extra for the Lousianas.

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    How many do you get? From memory its 4?

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      4 or 5

      • I got 6. They are quite small.

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    What are these like compared to the Tegel Take Outs Louisiana Style Burger 600g? It's been ages since woolworths have had those for half price.


    • Jeez can almost get a takeout burger for that price

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        You mean I can make 4 of these burgers for nearly the price of one takeout burger?

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          Haha I'm an idiot, didn't notice this was 4 servings

    • these look pretty ordinary compared to those ones…not sure what these ones are like, but the Louisiana style taste great.

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    They used to do a Thai flavour of these Takeout burgers back in NZ a few years ago and they were so bloody good.

  • Thanks for sharing the brochure! Will have to add these to my shopping list 🙂

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    These burgers are actually good, no preservatives listed. Has Bulla always been $10 full price? Seems a bit high.

  • Any reviews

    • Will share my thoughts around 2030 EDST

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      IMO if the Louisiana burgers rate 9, these are an 8.

      ++ seem less oily than the 6 packs of Louisianas I've cooked. Same air fryer and cook time (8min-flip-6min).
      + there were six in the pack I opened tonight.
      + coating is crispy while being quite thin.
      + proper breast meat, but on the thin side.

      — smaller than the Louisianas, in both diameter and thickness.

      The last point may limit your bun choice. Regular burger buns will eclipse the patty in every direction. A mid-size bun (or if regular sandwiches, ~650g loaf size) would be ideal.

      Overall an 8/10 from us and good value at this price.

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        I had them tonight.
        Good but small. I'd rather 4 large ones than 6 little ones.
        Air fried at 180 for 15-20 minutes.

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