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Vital Strength Sports Protein 1kg $20, 2kg $32, 3kg $48 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ Chemist Warehouse


Another protein deal for those who missed out on my recent MP deal.

Note that protein concentration is 64%.
Serving size 2 scoops 56g = 25.2g protein and 21.3g carbs.








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    FYI - According to the nutrition info this has 45% protein.

    • +5

      Utter junk then.

      • -2

        Add the bcaa etc

        25.2g protein + approx 5g BCAA

        I would use it for leg days due to carb and electrolyte content but i already have cheap cheap 20kg optimum nutrition weight gainer blend that i use

  • +1

    One of the worst tasting protein powder….

    • At a measly 47% protein content, it can barely call itself a protein powder..

  • +2

    I was tempted to grab a bucket just to give it a taste.

    Saw the label…

    It has quite a lot of sugar AND lactose. I havent come across a protein powder with that much lactose

  • +2

    Good quality protein should at least have 80 + of protein per 100g.

    This is at 45g. Hard pass even at that price.

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