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MTR Ready-to-Eat Channa Masala 300g $2 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


MTR Ready-To-Eat Channa Masala, 300g for $2 is a good deal.

Tastes pretty decent with rice, seems nutritious, easy to prepare.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • "Currently unavailable"…

    • -3

      You're in luck, it's back up.

      Oh nvm, there was only 200 left, so bought them all..

  • +1

    Think I just ordered the entire range of the ready to eat meals. None of which I've ever tried before lol.

    • the potatoe and methi leaves i find is best but it’s $3, sometimes have it with canned tuna or lamb fillets or some chicken and some yoghurt if i want a meal with an indian influence.

      i find these packets work great as a side dish to complement something else on the plate rather than a meal in itself.

      • -2

        Tuna & curry…shudder. Some of you take saving money to a whole different level…

        • canned tuna in oil is fairly bland on its own, and just adding to salad for lunch still makes it bland, the potatoe curry adds sone texture and flavour to make it a multi-dimensional meal, else it’s hummus and turkish bread and tuna. the curry also shows my work colleagues that i respect, and embrace their culture they are are sharing.

          • @garage sale:

            the curry also shows my work colleagues that i respect, and embrace their culture

            I really hope that is satire

          • @garage sale: This is about as much embrace of south asian culture as someone drinking Fosters

    • Same here ordered a bunch but only really liked this one. A little bland but nice.

      • pretty cheap for lunches, make some rice and you're done.
        Could prob dump a bit of hot sauce in or something (own spices).

  • How much preservatives does these have?

    • It only tastes of preservatives

    • +1

      check the ingredients and box - says none.

      Thanks Op, grabbed a few, cheap enough and nutritious.

      A little while ago Coco's had some similar for 89c, were great.

  • Indian food is not too hard to make, just needs some practice. Don't eat this crap, it's loaded with preservatives and tastes nothing like the freshly made Channa Masala.

    • +2

      Yeah for me, I go to my kitchen grab my favourite food preparation implement, my phone, dial up my local and boom Indian food 55 minutes later

      • +1

        but not for $2 per serve, probably not the first choice for an evening meal compared to local take away and food delivery, but for people on a budget or share house fits a purpose, or as a side dish to add some variety to another dish.

    • What kind of preservatives are there in this ? Just curious, cuz it says no preservatives.

      • +3

        It's just people saying that store food, by default, has "preservatives". Because, you know, nothing is as healthy as their homemade food. The same people may say microwave ovens are harmful.

  • Beware last time I had the potato and methi leaves I didn’t sleep for 4 days

    • Is this a slang for something?

      • yeah, the meth as in ice …

        • Now I see it.

          • @pizzaguy: Don't need any food on that stuff.

  • A can of baked bean 69cents

    • can of salt and bland sauce.
      Dont get me wrong, both are better than most foods.

      • if really on a budget mix the baked beans and curry , flavour and bulk, if worried about diluting the curry flavour get a hot version rather than mild.

        • and more rice

  • +1

    And here I have not been able to source MTR Dal Makhni 😢 😢 OOS for so so long. please kindly let others have their fare share too OZB members

    • some of the MRT range have a bigger following than others, only reason the potatoe and methi now is usually in stock is they don’t discount that one , and also not a supermarket line.

  • -1

    Saw a Woolwoths with these discounted today to $2.45 each type.

  • These are $2 at Coles btw.
    May pick up some more.

  • watch out for hidden or shown dairy in some of these. lactose intolerance.

    • +1

      Yeah I noticed some different varieties at Coles the other day. They said contains dairy, so not exactly hidden but the Channa Masala is actually plant based.

      PS. Grabbed a handful of them, $2 is pretty good for lunches and reasonably healthy.

  • yes. healthy indeed!

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