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Summer Splash 2m x 2m Beach Canopy $79.96 Delivered @ Value Box Buys via MyDeal


I used a coolcabana on the weekend and was immediately sold on its benefits and ease of use.

like a vampire, I burn up in the sun - and usually use a beach umbrella - which is fine - albeit small.

anyway, searching the interweb I found this reasonable deal for a like product.

it was sweetened by the 20% off coupon and free shipping

getting ready for summer.

Summer Splash® Perfect to take with you to the beach, picnic or park, this multipurpose 4 person canopy will provide you shade and protection from the sun. It is adjustable in height, boasts internal storage pockets for your belongings and includes a handy carry bag. A fantastic, premium quality beach canopy to enjoy the outdoors in comfort and style.

Product Features:

Beach Canopy
Measurements: 2m x 2m x 1.5m
Colour: Blue and White Striped
Ideal For 4 People
Premium Quality Construction and Materials
Carry Bag Included
Sturdy Extension Pole (100cm - 145cm)
Internal Pockets For Storage Of Belongings
4 x Sand Pockets To Hold Structure In Place
Provides Protection and Shade From Sun
Take To Beachside, Outdoor Adventures, Picnics, Park

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  • -3

    These things are a blight on the beach landscape.

    What happened to a small umbrella.

    • -5

      If you don’t like it stay home then?

      • +1

        It's not just me

        • +3

          Lol the daily fail should never be quoted as a reference in any argument

          • @itshammer: Agreed, but when it's something that's not related to worldwide events that have a political bias to them it's totally fine.

    • I surf more days than not, and I can't remember ever seeing one of these at the beach, except perhaps on a public holiday. Shade is important for a day at the beach!

    • +2

      blew away in the wind

    • 💯

    • Skin cancer is also a blight

      • +1

        If your SPF50+ sunscreen doesn't cut it and a hat and a smaller umbrella/sun shade

        Maybe don't go to the beach

        • +3

          I actually wasn’t considering it before, but you’ve convinced me to buy one. Looking forward to using it as often as possible this sunmer :)

          • @Mahogany Granger: Maybe grab a few as they are fairly disposable. (see below comment).

            • +2

              @Drakesy: I’ll just give this one a go and if it doesn’t work then I’ll definately get a much bigger one. Appreciate your suggestion though.

  • +3

    I've seen so many of these crap out in the mildest of winds. Most use plastic corner/elbow joints that simply shatter under stress. For the price of this, I'd look at a knockoff Coleman 14 dome style canopy structure.

    • +2

      i think the real ones are very sturdy, we live close to the beach and when the winds pick up they don't budge, but i could also say this about a good brolly compaired to a kmart one…

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