Selected Premium Ice Creams Reduced to Clear, in-Store Only @ Coles


Check your local coles as all these premium icecream brands have been deleted off the shelf to make way for new lines coming in, different stores will reduce them for 50c or $1-3, Brands include selected Magnum, Ben and Jerries, gellatisimo, Pana, Halo and much more.

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    BBQ Nuggets + Curried Sausages

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      Best ice creams out!

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      Get them whilst you still can

  • There were a heap of 99c tickets at Coles North Perth on Wednesday, but they had already been cleared out. Only the $3 Netflix frozen food was left.

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    jeezus christ that B&J caramel brownie is hopefully just in the wrong spot 🤞

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    BBQ Chicken Nugget Ice Cream! I would love some of those!

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    I think I have seen this on Markdown Addicts Australia. The photo looks exactly the same.

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      For all the neggers. Here is proof

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        Damn, you made me join another FB group that I didnt have time for :(

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    Thank God, finally. Stacking them in the freezers was a froggin' nightmare

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      thank you for your service 🫡

  • I wish there was a coles near by :(

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    Nothing on clearance at Rouse Hill NSW if anyone is planning to look there.

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    Really? The needed to make mash potatoes with a Netflix series slapped on it?

    • There’s a heap of Netflix related junk food at coles. Ice cream, mashed potato bites, chicken nuggets, chicken wing pieces, pizzas, burgers, and probably other stuff too.

  • Any coles in Vic that's discounted?
    Don't want to go on a calling frenzy to just find a store.

    • I think this has been going on for a few weeks. Each Coles I have been to have the tickets, but no stock. Different weeks, different stores from what I have seen. You have to get in quick I think.

      To answer your question, yes it is in Vic, but you have to be in the right place at the right time.

    • I went to the Point Cook store … there wasn't anything that the OP listed … but I walked away with some Connoisseur Bars for 1/2 price @ $4.75 … if that helps.

      • 3030 reprazent!

  • Grabbed one of the Stranger Things pizzas for $5 the other day and they were actually really good (Hawaiian and Pepperoni).

    • I found the pepperoni to be pretty awful.
      I'll stick to McCain's Supreme, the king of frozen pizza.

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        At that price, you might as well pay an extra dollar or two and get a fresh takeaway pizza from Dominos.

        • I only buy them at half price, so like $4-5 for a pizza twice the size of a dominos one :)

  • Went to check out coles in the city, all they had are the usual 30% off items. :|

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    Love Coles New World

    • Now there's a name I've not heard in a long time. A long time.

    • New World is in NewZealand who also does flybuys

      • Coles used to be called Coles New World in Australia.

        I've also had fun discovering Woolworth stores (yes Woolworth without an s) in Germany that have the Woolworths logo from when I was a kid. They are also more like cheap department stores like how Woolworths used to be.

  • The Stranger Things hot wings were freakin amazing! I'd stock up if my local had them, but they don't. I did get the BBQ Nugs and Mashies for my son though who loves them. Never tried the pizza or burgers.

  • Grabbed a couple of the $5 Netflix Scoops ice cream tubs in western Sydney, cheers!

  • Thanks! Popped into two coles this week, first had $3 tubs (didnt get many), next one had $1 tubs, glad I saved my freezer space. Plenty left. This is cheaper than running the aldi icecream machine atm, and nice to try some new things.

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