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[VIC] Sealed Ice Cups 3 for $2.50 (Usually $2.50 Each) @ Savemore, Sandown Park



Just open a cup and add your favourite drink to the ice

Great for hot days, nursing home, events, or even events on hot days at the nursing home.

774 Princes Hwy, Sandown Park, VIC, Australia, Victoria

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  • +56

    You're going to need that ice, because you're about to get roasted.

    • +8

      HA, Made my week

      Can't even neg cause I can't find a cheaper deal….

  • +2

    Don't forget the bigger deal, a case of 24 for only $20

    • +2

      I didn't post that because that makes the cups 83 cents each.

      • +3

        You had better lose 4 more men on the next expedition then.

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      Username and emoji check out lol

  • +2

    username does not check out

  • +1

    Just need some cocktail ingredients nearby….

    • +5

      I already have the Thai Honey. All I need is some cheap wine and a bottle of sprite. Romantic weekend sorted.

  • +6

    Haha straight from /r/australia I see

  • +4

    Ice-ee what you did here OP

  • +1

    How many cubes per cup?

    • +1

      The pictures show smaller ice cubes in one cup than the other. It would be handy if they added nutrition / size info.

  • -4

    errr make your own ice for free - no deal!

    • +10

      Impossible. The human body cannot produce ice.

      • +6

        Not yet, but remember, they said we'd never go to the moon.

        • +1

          Where would the body eject the ice from if humans evolved to ice making species

        • -2

          We haven't been to the moon!! Seriously! I'm a MASSIVE sci-fi geek and space freak and as much as i'd like to think that, we haven't!
          Over 50years ago, given technology back then was nowhere near advanced enough to pull it off. Not much training, weak technology, actually landing on the first attempt, taking off again and coming back to Earth….. Impossible!
          We haven't been back since and with all the telescopes on Earth, capable of seeing trillions of miles into space, NONE can locate the flag on the moon.
          It was all a propaganda stunt race due to Russia sending sputnik launching. USA #1 A-OK

  • +5

    5kg bag of ice for $5-6, 50 cups for $4.

  • -6

    Maccas do free cups of water with ice if you ask nicely, this isn't no deal

    • +9

      Double negative, deal confirmed!!

  • Great idea.

  • +6

    Can't see why this is a deal.

    • -2

      Have you been to specsavers lately

  • +1

    This is a very Victorian product…

    • +2

      is it though? maybe sydney people wouldnt put up with this nonsense?

      in that reddit thread apparently there's two customers:

      1. korean taiwanese who hit it with powered bubble tea packs and milk?

      2. tradies who hit it with room temp bundy and coke premix cans who REALLY NEED THAT HIT RITE NAO!!!

      that's it?

  • +5

    I fail to see how there is even a market for this

    • +1

      u see it in asian countries like korean. u usually get this, a drink in a packet and mix. sometimes booze too

      usually get it at 7/11 like shops. check facebook and instagram, lots of videos of it

    • It’s huge in Japan, mainly convenience stores have them next to the beverages, either to make an iced coffee of some sort or to just put whatever drink you bought in, usually a mixer and a shot of some sort.

      You can get them in 7/11s here to make iced coffees as well from memory.

      Australia is on a different trajectory on how we treat plastics though so I doubt this will ever take off.

  • +3


  • +3

    Can someone grab a few and ship to me? I'm in NSW.

  • +1

    You gotta start selling this for more than $2.50 a cup, we lost 3 more men on this trip!

    • +2

      If you can think of a better way to get ice I'd like to hear it

  • But why waste that amount of plastic 🤷🏻‍♂️

    • I guess that's why the cups ended up at Savemore - just weren't a success at retail.

  • -1

    This is a troll post from Reddit…

  • What the flip

    • +1

      Found one of many who didn't get it

  • +1

    I'm an Eskimo do they send ship to Alaska?

  • +1

    Ah I see, it's so you can fill up nice cold drinks easily to feed to burning koalas.

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