THE ICONIC: 30% off Full Priced Items with $150 Min Spend (Brand Exclusions apply) @ Origin Energy Rewards


Part of Origin Energy Rewards. Unique code for each person when you log in and go to the rewards tab. My Profile > Rewards and Offers. It seems like you can generate multiple functional codes even though T&Cs says one use only.…
Brings RM Williams Comfort Craftsman down from 649.00 to 454.30. Can combine with discounted gift cards to reduce price even more.

Origin Movers Rewards Offer – The Iconic

Offer benefits
30% off full priced items when you spend $150 or more.

Offer terms
Valid until 31/12/2023 at 11:59pm. Minimum spend $150. One use only. Apply unique code at checkout. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer, voucher code or sale items. Full priced items only. Prices are in AUD. Not applicable on THE ICONIC OUTLET & Pre-Loved Range.

Brand exclusions apply and are subject to change, these include items sent separately from a partner brand and Abrams, Aesop, Assouline, Baby Alive, Beats by Dr. Dre, Bianca Spender, Bras N Things, Clarins, Cloud Nine, Common Projects, Country Road, Decjuba Kids, Dylan Kain, Dyson, Frank Green, FitBit, Frank Green, Garmin, ghd, Giorgio Armani, Grown Alchemist, Hasbro, In Bed, Lancome, L’Occitane, Marvel, Mimco, Montblanc, NERF, New Balance Classics, Nudie Jeans, P.E Nation, Play-Doh, Politix, Polo Ralph Lauren, Poppy Lissiman, Random House, Samsung, Samsung Fit, Scoot & Ride, Status Anxiety, Thames & Hudson, The Ordinary, Trenery, Witchery, Yves Saint Laurent, Vintage by The Real Deal, Pre-loved by Azura Reborn and Ultra Violette.

Mod Update: Requesting a code? Please use the Classifieds Code Request Megathread

Remember: No Buying or Selling allowed.

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  • +1

    Does this exclude "partner brands" as well?

    Most of these sales exclude them but they don't always list it which is very annoying.

    • +1

      Doesn't work on partner brands/items sent directly from partner.

      • Any Iconic codes that work with partner brands/items? like the new customer coupon?

        • The 20% off birthday coupon does…

          • @Stefce: My recent 20% off birthday coupon did not work for partner brands (tried Country Road, Ralph Lauren, Witchery)

    • Thanks @michaeli and @Blazing147.
      For those looking to use multiple celebrations cards I converted mine one at a time using the link at the bottom of
      Would appear you might be able to merge the celebration carda into one iconic card via

      • Can someone please confirm that you're able to merge them @Blazing147?

        • I bought 4 $100 celebration gift cards at Coles. Redeemed all 4 at separately. Converted all 4 to $100 egifts for the iconic. Then at checkout pasted all 4 codes in which registered as $400 in store credit.

    • +1

      The real mvp!

  • Pity can't use this for NBs :(

  • Too bad can't be used on items sent by partner stores, would've been great to buy a watch 30% off

  • Does anyone know if it's possible to exchange the RM Williams shoes to a different size in RM store if you buy from iconic?

    • People in past threads have said that they have generally been able to. But your mileage may vary as there have also been some reports of stores saying no.

    • +3

      I tried this with shoes I bought from RM themselves online and they wouldn't do it. Lady was very rude, acted like exchanging shoes was some kind of criminal act and that I was trying to pull a fast one by buying a size too big the swapping it in store. I wanted to go down 1 size…..

      I think they'd laugh you out of a store if you tried this with a pair from the iconic. YMMV.

      • +2

        i had RMs from the iconic that i'd worn probably 10 times to work and they swapped them

    • My feedback in the Melbourne store was that you can only change it to half a size up or down.

    • +1

      Only half a size up or down, same style and colour. It also depends on your state and the staff you get. Some are on a power trip and refuse, some are fine with it. I've exchanged 2 this year in 2 different states.

      If you email them beforehand saying you bought from the iconic and want to exchange in store, they'll give you the same rules (half a size up or down, same style and colour). Just show them the email if they refuse.

      • This is good to know. I ended up getting a refund then ordering another pair from a later deal from RM online

    • easy to exchange with the iconic as well so long that you're happy to wait for the postage.

  • Requesting a code? Please use the Classifieds Code Request Megathread

  • +1

    Nothing is showing up in my Origin rewards page??

    • Same.

    • Are you on It's in the Origin Rewards, not the Spike Rewards.

      • Yeah still empty. All it says is:

        Your rewards are coming! We’re setting them up at the moment. Please check again in a few days

        • That is interesting. I've had that section for a new months but Origin's websites are notoriously awful from what I understand (and my own experience).

  • +1

    Annoying they dont have a list of all the brand partners. Ive added 4 different items and the code doesnt work for any of the items!

  • +3

    Code HSBCTI30 also gives you 30% off but minimum spend $200

    • Doesn't work for RM Williams Comfort Craftsman

    • Any exclusions?

      • RM Williams Comfort Craftsman by the sounds of it…

  • Do you have to be with Origin to access he code?

  • Thanks for the head up, I did not realise it at all!!!

    • Yeah, I didn't realise Origin rewards was even a thing ha.

  • um, dumb question, how to redeem the GC on the ICONIC? thanks

  • um, another dumb question. can i just create an account without using their services to get this deal?

  • Bought the RM Williams using the celebration gift cards. Thanks OP

  • +1

    Not many RM Williams sizes available. How long does the Iconic usually take to restock?

    • Keen to hear also.

    • Just buy closest to your size and do a mail in exchange with the iconic when they come in stock. I did this a few years ago when they had a big discount and was able to swap it out the following week.

  • Checking to see if this promotion is still active? I've been trying to get a code and I checked a couple of origin accounts from friends and family and no one seems to have this promotion on account.

    Could anyone confirm?

    • Don't have anything on my account. It says "Your rewards are coming! We’re setting them up at the moment. Please check again in a few days." which is the same for the past month…

  • Would be epic if can stack with this :

    • Any chance you can generate a code and share mate? Would reallly appreciate it!! Cheers

  • Signed up for origin. Just says rewards coming soon :(

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