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Weber Baby Q Q1000 LPG Black BBQ $216 Delivered @ Appliances Online


This is replaced by newer model
I think this is lowest price ever for q1000.
Next day delivery is $40 for me but if you are ok with standard delivery it is free.

Q2000 Natural Gas - $264

You can get $20 off for first purchase too.

Mod Note: Price in title reflects at checkout.

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    • -1

      No full hot plate

      • 😲

        • +3

          Been running the new baby Q for the past 4 weeks. Just did 2 weeks camping at lakes entrance. Phenomenal!!! Breakfast was so easy! Bacon, eggs, sausages, toasted brioche buns and enough for 6 people. Phenomenal bbq!
          Fit 16 standard sausages on the full hot plate and 5 large to massive onions.

          Even did amazing black onyx porterhouse steaks at 500g each. Absolutely amazing you'd pay $120 at a pub for one of those steaks!

          Even managed to get a 2.8kg lamb leg under the hood of the premium baby q!

          The full hot plate is $149 alone!

          • +19

            @neofelis: Cool story.

            Wait till you hear what i cooked on my Q3100

            • +2

              @easternculture: Whatever the story is.. imagine how much better it would be on the q3200+ as you can low and slow now!

              Game changer!

              I'm actually thinking of getting the 2800N+ for home use with the premium stand

            • @easternculture:

              Wait till you hear what i cooked on my Q3100


          • @neofelis: been using it for 7 years now. tell me about it ;)

            • @dBagDealer: 3200N+ has the new low and slow burner for brisket, ribs etc. Larger cooking surface and full hot plate.

              New range is 1200N+, 2800N Plus, 3200N Plus.

              • @neofelis: great, thanks for sharing that. wife is already sold on getting a bigger model. I've deliberately have her try food prepared on other grills while away on vacation.

          • @neofelis: How long with the lid on for the 500g porterhouse?

            • +1

              @esq: Sear all sides for 4 mins then chuck on a roasting trivet for 6-10 mins depending on how you like your steak.

            • +1

              @esq: note that the cooking time varies with ambient temperature and ofcourse if its windy.

          • @neofelis: How much for a full hotplate?

            • @Regie69: Lots of after market half plates for around $50 or do what I did slice up an old barbie hotplate with an angle grinder to fit. Only took about 10 minutes donated from old bbq which was being trashed or keep a look out for kerbside ones if not in a hurry.

          • +2

            @neofelis: According to the weber site the hotplate is an additional add on. Doesn't come with the premium baby q. It's an extra $149

            • +1

              @ninnypoop: $149, $159 and $169 I believe based on size of Weber q plus. Must have accessory! I think some accessories are hard to find ATM for 2800 and 3200nplus.

              Many accessories aren't out yet. Soft launch was August and a slow rollout in October. No rotisserie kits yet etc.

              Some awesome deals going on old Weber Q and accessories whilst they clear it all out.

              • +1

                @neofelis: You don’t need a full hot plate. Just get a bbq sheet

                • @choofa: Got some from ALDI last week , yet to test

                  • @Regie69: They work great. Just don’t wash them in detergent. Just hot water and a quick scrub

                    • @choofa: Wash and scrub liner with hot water?

                      • @esq: I just scrape off the gunk into the bin then in the laundry tub I run hot water and use a stainless steel scourer to scrub them clean. Leaves a bit of oil in the sheets which you will heat up and burn most off next time you use it anyway

    • Wish q1200 gets closer to this price. Maybe in a few years.

    • +2

      I have the same for the medium size.. Q2000. Taller lid and electric starter is nothing of use for my needs.Temp gauge? If that matters get a real temp gauge for meet or thermometer to test meat directly.

  • +4

    I've combined this with this table ($119).

    Fits perfectly!

    • Practical and would give me a bench. What's the material like? It mentions alloy steel. Any idea if it's aluminium or steel frame?

  • +1

    Bought it when it was $250 at TGG and they sent me a Q2000 instead

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Bought one. Managed to get it for $196 as i was given $20 voucher for first time order with appliance online.

  • +1

    Q2000 for $305 also for those interested.

    • +1

      Thanks for pointing it out. Just checked Beige is selling for $264 (Natural Gas Model).

  • Is anyone else getting $256 at the checkout?

    • +1

      That is due to $40 next day delivery. Select the dates with "Free" delivery.

      • Ta

  • +2

    Woohoo. $196 delivered for a new member. Great deal for a banger of a bbq- thanks OP!

  • -2

    Good but takes too long if you trying to feed more than 5

    • +6

      Did it ever occur to you that it is by design and not an issue or defect of the product 🤔

      • Bbq for few

    • But so quick for under 5.

  • -1

    this or the coleman fyrecadet at anacoda for 199? all use gas?

    • consider ziggy, zieglar and brown (single burner) too if you’re in the market

  • +1

    lol at the 'add basic BBQ installation for $180' option

  • Damn just missed out due to procrastinating… unable to deliver for me now

  • got the q2000. couldnt figure out the new account $20 thing but good price

  • Can we cook with lid up on these?

    • +1

      Not recommended by weber

      • +5

        What does @jv recommend

        • +1

          ngl I reckon old mate would grill a mean steak with his weber.

  • Ziggy Elite Triple Vs Weber Q3200N+. Can't decide between these 2……¿???

    • +1

      Both good products. Comes down to personal preference.

  • +1

    Our of stock for melb?

    • yes

  • +1

    Fantastic price but I think lowest ever was $189

    • +1

      Considering inflation this is cheaper :)

  • +1

    Damn, I snoozed and I loozed

  • Very good price

  • +1

    Thanks OP…Got the Q2000 for $224. Had a $40 voucher from months ago.

    • i think thats the natural gas version, just check that is ok for you (i had to cancel my order)

      • +2

        This is exactly what I needed. I got a natural gas point in our alfresco that hasn't been used in 5+ years and I can't bother with gas bottles.

        • +2

          awesome! i used to live in an apartment years ago with one but couldnt find a decent priced BBQ to go with it, now im stuck on bottles and accidently bought a NG BBQ lol. they were quick to refund at least

          • +1

            @perfectlydark: That's good, but I think you could have easily sold it for 300+ on FB marketplace though. Had a look at the prices for this model and most stores are selling it above $450.

        • +1

          Might be worth getting that point serviced if you haven't used it in that long. Heard some horror stories

  • Anyone know the hose length for the natural gas model?

    • Very keen. But OOS

      • seems back now, and at $648

    • beige


  • For the natural gas q2000 would i need to buy a connector to hook it up to gas connection? Can anyone recommend one?

    • yes but only the outdoor one. You shouldn't be using it indoors

  • Sorry for the noob question, would the natural gas version connect to this valve?

  • How to gey

  • How to get first purchase discount?

  • -2

    Not sure if they’re even worth $200.

  • Ordered yesterday, delivered an hour ago. Pretty happy. Good portable option and in black, like my Family Q.

  • Ordered 25 Oct. Advised delay in getting stock. ETA mid-November. Is anyone else on the same boat?

    • +1

      I ordered the Q 2000 natural gas and received a phone call saying to expect it mid November.

      • Have just received another call saying to expect it in Dec. They are unsure if there is any stock left.

      • ETA pushed out to Feb 2024

      • Had another call this afternoon to say delivery is now expected mid December.

  • I just asked for the refund. They have no idea on the ETA and said it could be weeks or it could be months. It's all bullshit to be honest.

    • Is there even stock left in Australia?

      • No idea…they just called and said revised ETA means they have no idea when the stock will be available.


    In stock again…

    $264 with $20 welcome code

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