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Hugo Boss Boxer Short Was $59.95. Now $9.95 David Jones (Chadstone, Vic)


Hi all , i just bought some Hugo Boss boxer shorts from David Jones for only 9.95$

It was sale from 59.95 to 29.37 and now is just for 9.95$

I think its a real bargain . Available size S , L and XL so hurry grab urself a bargain :D

Enjoy guys !

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David Jones
David Jones

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  • Going there now. What were stock levels when you left?

    • It was at Lower Ground ( Menswear ). It was sitting on the " mess up " table/rack

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    What's the expiry date?

    • sorry im not sure but im pretty sure there are a lot of clothes including Nudie Jeans , Diesel, G-star on 30-50% off sale ! ( selected item )

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      24 hours before you should rotate, or reverse.

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    Could you buy a few and sell it to us in other states pls ? lolz

    • haha good idea ;)

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    $60 for a pair of Boxer shorts??? Just shows how much David Jones rip people off, $10 is more like it Hugo boss or not. I never shop a DJ personally because I know how much of a rip off they are.

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      don't blame DJ/Myers for this one.. it's hugo boss being a bitch. If you look at many of the US underwear sites, they aren't even allowed to sell to australians direct.

      The archaic middleman distribution channel needs to go.

      • As far as I know, DJ/Myer sell at a loss because the cost of keeping them at the warehouse and preventing them from stocking new stock would outweigh the loss from selling below cost.

    • yea i know , but 10$ for hugo boss . why not ;)

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    Will these boxers make me larger compared to wearing the $10 Rio 6-pack briefs from Target/BigW? ;)

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      for sure, gets the party started in your pants :p

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      it'll make you feel like a boss.

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        Downside: It may make hugo to the loo a lot more often…

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      It'll make you a Boss.

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        A Huge-O Boss.

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      I am the model in the picture. You should have seen the "before" picture!

      • I can't see…a thing….

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      they will make your smallo look like a hugo

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      WOAH…. really? Are they covered in diamonds or gold or something?

      I buy those 3-pack ones from K-Mart for $15… the ones with monkeys on them. Bitches love monkeys! :D

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      Please hand your account name in:p

      • Absolute Gold!

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      hang on - you gotta be busted - noone buys $360 worth of undies with an ozbargain name tightwad - seriously?


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          And people actually negged me for my original comment LOL!

        • Sarcasm and internetz.

          Rarely ends well…

        • I'm not going to cry if some stranger makes a rude remark.

          It's when things get to controlled or cliquey when things get dull.

          [and if some people thought that someone with a uesr name tightwad would spend $360 on a few undies, well……..]

        • Well put, sir!

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    Probably one of those that wears their pants below their underwear so the ladies can see he is a man of class.

  • I would like to clear something up. Hugo Boss was $14 US in clearance stores for the basic type. There was $18 to $24 as well. Many other stores were selling them for far higher prices.

    The cartons all seemed a bit damaged at those US stores. I managed to get some $11 each ones that came in four packs. They were pretty good, however the 2xist ones were far better and I will be getting those exclusively from now on.

    • CK 3-packs US $19.95 or $12 at the discount places

      Cant find them online….

      • CK 3 packs in Australia $90. Disgraceful.

  • Just Chaddy or other Myers?

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    If Hugo's the boss, then I resign.

  • Went there today, there are none for $10 left… some for $20 though…

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