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55% off The POC Octal Road Cycling Helmet for $99.99 & Free Delivery @ BikesOnline


Heres a Black Friday deal for you! $115 off the brand new POC Octal Road Helmet!

I just bought one for myself too.

No more FOMO with the BikesOnline Black Friday price guarantee.
If the price on anything bought between 16 Oct and 3 Dec drops, we'll refund you the difference in store credit.
Enjoy the best prices on bikes, parts, and accessories from now until 3 Dec 2023.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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  • +5

    Got anything with MIPS?

  • +2

    Is it ok if white ppl buy this too or only POCs?

    • +2

      Sure. Was a piece of cake answering that.

    • Piece Of Cra-nium

    • +1

      Does POC need an "s"?

  • Any ETA on the POC Otocon Race MIPS - Full Face Helmet Black in Mediums please?

    • Unfortunately I'm not sure when/if those are coming in, but there are plenty of other full-face helmets in stock.

  • +2

    I tried a poc helmet years ago (pre-covid) - and it seemed designed to fit better for certain head shapes.

    • +1

      Agreed. Standard POC doesn't fit round heads. Look elsewhere for wide/asian fit.

    • Agree, I have one I bought online but doesn't fit me well and makes me look like a mushroom

  • I've always wanted to buy a black/white helmet but they rarely go on special! Got one finally :) thanks! :)

  • Damn no L. great deal though!

  • I should have bought it while at work. Now large is OOS :(

    • Don't worry, more stock will arrive very soon at this price.

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