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4x Mens Cotton Polo Shirts - $3.95 Delivered (99c Each) + Free Watch


I'm thinking they've priced the shipping wrong on this deal (they're free + $3.95 delivery)

Just ordered some for work anyway, went through fine.

Looks like some random orders also get a free RDM Breo Watch on completing the order.

Couple of other noteworthy deals ie:

4x Men’s Quality 100% Cotton Polo Shirts

Great 7-ounce, heavyweight fabric with 100% cotton pique
Available in three colours: White, Sand & Navy, from sizes S to XXXL. Make your selection at checkout


Every man needs a quality cotton polo top, today you get 4 for just $10! Whether it’s for work’s “casual Fridays”, a Sunday family gathering or a trip down to the local shopping centre, you can’t go wrong with a quality polo shirt or five to compliment your fashion sense and style.

These shirts have an elegant, yet simple design with a pin-stripe feature at the collar and sleeves. With a contoured welt collar, banded sleeves and three wood tone buttons at the neck line, they won’t let you down wherever you’re going, or whoever you’re meeting! Made from 100% cotton, thick in texture and weighing a premium 7-ounce, each polo is preshrunk to fit after washing and comes in three unique and tasteful colour options.


  • 4x Men’s polo shirts
  • Available in sizes S to XXXL (see size chart below for measurements)
  • Three colour options; White, Sand and Navy
  • Made from 7-ounce, heavyweight fabric
  • 100% cotton pique
  • Elegant contrasting pin-stripe trim on collar and sleeves
  • Contoured welt collar and banded sleeve cuffs
  • Long, clean neckline stitching with reinforced bottom box
  • Double hem at bottom of shirt
  • Three wood tone buttons at neckline
  • Preshrunk to fit well
  • Great everyday shirt with simple design

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  • +1

    I managed to get 12 for $11.85, 4 white,4 sand, 4 navy

    • +1

      not sure if im doing it all wrong, but how do you put it into the cart as separate items to nominate different colours?

      • +2

        Add them into your cart separately (i.e. add one, choose your colour and size, then continue shopping)
        This way it's all under 1 order and you can choose different colours.

        Note: This deal requires you to purchase 3 (free) products + shipping on each

  • I'm pretty sure the error is the price itself, the listing says 'get 4 for just $10!'. Missing a 1 I'm guessing..

    • Nope, it is a "Everything free, just pay shipping" day.

      Not bad, 20 for $20, Kmart sell a similar product for $4-$5 each.

      • Haha yea I just saw that going to the front page :P My bad!

        • :P I saw it after I ordered too, no big deal though lol.

  • +3

    print a polo horse on it and u've got yourself a ralph lauren polo shirt lol :p

    • +1

      Same sweatshop.. lol

  • +1

    Also I think we get a random gift - looks like i got a RDM BREO watch

    Your Catch Price
    3 x 4x Men’s Quality Ultra Cotton Polo Shirts 4x Navy XL $0.00
    1 x RDM Breo Watch $0.00

    Total (inc GST) $11.85

    • +2

      Yeah i noticed that too. Free shirts, reasonable shipping, free gift…. this is not the COTD i know.

    • Where did you see the free gift? I can't see anything in my order..

    • a free gift valued at $25

      looks like i got a RDM BREO watch

      my a**. worth <$1

  • 1 x 4x Men’s Quality Ultra Cotton Polo Shirts
    - Size: 4x Navy XL $0.00
    1 x 4x Men’s Quality Ultra Cotton Polo Shirts
    - Size: 4x Sand XL $0.00
    1 x 4x Men’s Quality Ultra Cotton Polo Shirts
    - Size: 4x White XL $0.00

    Shipping: $11.95

    Thank you kindly sir. Good bargain.

  • Got 3 x 4 shirts for $11.85 + $0.01 Paypal charge (I think, paid $11.86 through paypal)

  • is this good for using as a rag?

    • Can buy cheaper rags than this… But probably not, wouldn't be too absorbent.

      • +4

        But not cheaper curtains - XXXL

  • +1

    What if it don't fit?

    • +2

      sell them on ebay for a profit.

    • you are assuming cotd are competent enough to send you the right colour and/or size?

    • +1

      They truly don't fit. I ordered a Large.. Checked it against the sizing chart and its a whopping 10 cm bigger!!!!

      WTF COTD!

  • Is this good quality, just bought 5 x 4 shirts for $19.75, $1 each is too good to pass by.

  • Damn, no more Large Navy. Sucks being average sometimes.

    • I have no idea what you mean…..

      • He means that the middle sizes are more than likely suited to smaller people, I assume.

        • +1

          I was commenting more on being average.

        • -1

          Yea I didn't understand that either, the xxx navy are/were still available. I assumed he was referring to midddle sizes being small, but that's not right.

        • -1

          No, Shaw. Death being average.

        • I have no idea what YOU mean

        • "Sucks being average sometimes" I don't know what being average is like. not so funny now I had to explain it….

  • Really irritating to not know individual shipping prices :\

    • +1

      If you're looking at the whole list of products in this sale, just click on the item then just below the price you'll see a 'click here' option for shipping. A pop-up window appears with the shipping rates.

  • Is the free gift suppose to show on the invoice or do they give it to you when its delivered.

    • +3

      it shows up in the emailed invoice that you get

  • +2

    Ordered 8 in two individual orders, got two free watches :-)

  • +2

    Just for your info I recommend using the size chart and checking other shirts you have I have previously bought these shirts and had to change them for the next size down to what I usually as they are about one size bigger then normal but check the measurements on the chart and measure a shirt you already have. Other that that they are a heavy duty shirt of good quality

  • great. bought the polos, Havaianas, crap backpack and also got the watch. sweet. cheers OP.

  • ?? i cant checkout?

    EDIT: everyone beware

    Min. of 3 different items required per order - fill up those carts!

    • +3

      Just buy via Ipad apps , not required min 3 different items/ order . Just 4-shirts for $3.95 and head to paypal check out ;)

  • Apparently it costs more to deliver 1x Ecko T-shirt than it does for 4x Polo shirts.

    • Yes! This crapped me off too!

  • -1

    Is the random Ecko t-shirt going to be one of the two displayed or are there other designs?

  • Just got 8 x polo shirts for the husband and a pair of so called Havaianas. Thanks OP!

  • +4

    Don't you just hate it when all you want is the shirts, then you keep piling stuff on…"oh i might need this in the future"

    $53 later…

  • Just ordered 3 for $11.85, white large. Hopefully they turn out to be good quality!

    • +2

      Keep hoping….. That anything COTD sell's is 'Good quality'. :)

    • It will probably at least be the same quality as cheapo ones from Kmart/Target, and as such would fade fairly quickly and have poorer cuts.

  • Is this good? http://www.catchoftheday.com.au/smallfish_info.php?products_…
    Stainless Steel Press Rotating Whisk
    No Batteries Required!

    • Don't know but I bought one since it was less than 4 bucks.

    • It will be a nightmare. You press it down to get all the (potential?) energy, put it in and whisk away. Then you will realise shit, it has run out of energy and stopped whisking yet my eggs are not done. You will then take it out, press it down on a bench or something, creating a huge mess and sticking it back into the eggs and repeating and repeating.

      Just buy a whisk and save yourself the pain.

      • Damn, I guess I'll just have to use it like a normal whisk…(if that is possible)

    • +1

      Bought one previously, was not very good :/
      To rotate it you have to press down on a surface and it sort of bores into the surface when you do it… may end up with bits of bowl in your mixture :P

      • Thanks

  • +2

    5 x Max Factor Lip Gloss - In the Spotlight $0.00

    Sub-Total: $0.00
    Victoria Shipping: $24.75
    Total (inc GST): $24.75

  • seems like it's sold out

  • If this deal doesn't hit 100+…

  • all deals of 2+ Tshirts gone?

  • Deal gone?

  • All gone?? cant see them anywhere

  • +1

    LOL i got these last time and they are MEGA $*^T. do not buy.

    • Any different to the cheapo kmart shirts? They are megashit too, but for the price they do the job.

  • +6

    WOAH…. Arrived this morning!!! ITS F***IN HUGE!!

    Its not the right size. Its horrible.

    • What ya gona do?

      • +3

        I don't think I can do much. Contacting them is going to be a waste of time. Dealing with a bunch of monkeys.

        Going to drop it off at salvos. $12…. not going to stress too much about it.

    • When did you order yours? I'm still waiting for mine.
      Mine's still 'processing' on the COTD site.

  • +1

    Dont think i'll ever post a COTD deal again….

    absolute garbage - clive palmer would look slim in these polo's!

    also bought an ecko t shirt and that was about 6 x's too big.

    ah well, they'll make half decent shade sails.

    • Lol, with COTD, if you have no expectations to begin with…you won't be disappointed :P

      On a serious note though, I only bought the polos for sleeping in, so should be alright.

  • +1

    I ordered a medium and they were okay.

    I also ordered a 'mystery box' and received a set of car window shades with fairy designs. Win!

    • +2

      I can guarantee ur mates wont be calling you 'dawg' no more if you put them on show buddy!

  • I don't think they are too bad for $12, sizes are fine for what I ordered, and good to wear around the house and down the street! geez people can complain!

  • just got my free watch, apparently it's not working.
    since it's free……. there is no warranty or anyway i can get it replaced……..

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