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Dell Essential Briefcase 15 $8.90, Sleeve 13/15 $8.90, Backpack 15 $15.50, Dell S2721QS $321.90, AW510H Headset $63.79 @ Dell


Dell have just dropped the price on some of its backpacks. $1 taken off listed price in cart.

Also, the S2721QS is the cheapest since July 2022 (it's dated, I know). Apply promo code AUAFFILIATES5% to get price in title for the monitor and headset.

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    Great backpack for the price:

    Bought during last sale

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      Does it have a strap at the back for luggage handles? My very old essential 15 does but it is starting to break at the seam lol

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      I bought the backpack during the last sale.

      Tried it, then tossed it into the local charity donation bin.

      Decent materials for the price, terrible design with the zip being behind the shoulder straps.

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        100%. The worst design!

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        I sold it for $8 on marketplace, and the buyer paid $10 postage on top of that 😂

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    Dell Gaming Backpack 17 is also on sale for $39.60

    Have been using mine for more than a year and still going strong. The reflective RGB is not noticeable at all

      • Would it be good as a gym bag?

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          I have it, and yeah, it would be fine. Has lots of little storage compartments in it but still room for bigger items.

          Def's best as an office backpack though

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            @diggityfish: Cheers. Was looking for something that can double as a gym/work bag. Just to carry things like a water bottle, towel and lunch.

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              @SuperGreen: Yeah it will do that no worries. I often wear mine on the bike to get groceries and it works a treat.

          • @diggityfish: How big is the space for bigger items? The photos make the internal compartments look narrow.

            Looking for something that can store some wider items such as chunky water bottles, lunch containers, maybe a small portable speaker like the Flare 2.

            • @Magicmagic: It's not terrible, I fit a 10pk of cans in with some other groceries.

      • Is the built in laptop sleeve suspended off the ground?

        Some packs have this design, but many don't.

        Asking as I'm wondering if this would make a decent bag for a schoolkid- they tend not to take the most care when putting a bag down on the ground.

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          There's a built in rain cover for the bag stored in the bottom of the bag, which provides some good cushioning for laptops.

          • @geotech: Thanks for that.

            Other than the rain cover, does the laptop sleeve go all the way down to the ground?

            It usually seems to be the corners of a laptop that get damaged. I'm very careful with mine, I doubt my kid will be.

            • +1

              @rumblytangara: I'm not too sure you'll be happy with the cushioning but they sell this backpack at JB Hifi (check your nearby stores for stock).

              So maybe it would be better if you can check an actual bag, then just get them to pricematch Dell 😊

              • @geotech: Just putting this here for future searches:

                I checked this out in JB-Hifi. This pack won't work as a high school backpack. Internal space is too cramped, and yes, the laptop cushioning is not good enough. The sleeve is raised off the ground a bit, but not firmly enough, and depends on the raincover as padding bunches in the centre which doesn't give any corner protection.

                Materials is definitely chosen for a budget price point. It's okay at the sale price, but I wouldn't say it's a ripping deal.

                Should straps seemed to be okay designed, but I didn't load it up to test once I'd concluded it would not make a good school bag.

    • I've used this one for a year or two previously - was very happy with it as an office bag.

    • +3

      Also $39.60 on Amazon 😏
      [Dell 17 Inch Gaming Laptop Bag GM1720PM - Black with Rainbow Reflective Front Panel


      Was nearly going to pull the pin on the Alienware Utility


    • I got one.. I don't use it often but its of a good quality and so many storage pockets, sometimes it takes me a while to find where I put it :)

  • Wait for 4K go under 300….

    • +10

      Username checks out 😉

    • +1

      15" bags have been out for years, should be a 16" bag for the same price. No deal ;)

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    Bought the dell backpack 15 a couple of sales ago, total trash!

    Ripped on the inside fabric within about 5 months of light use. Not a little rip, about 6 inches long.

    By contrast, my HP case was used for about a year and a half, also lightly, but no problems.

    I'm going to have to go back to the older HP laptop bag…

    • +1

      Thanks for this. Ironically using a HP bag at the moment and was going to upgrade to this.

      • +1

        Go the dell 17. It's excellent quality

        • Got one. Hopefully it travels well on our trip.

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      Yep, my inside fabric ripped too.

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      Mine too! I think it started to rip less than a year in. Still usable and I bought it back in 2020.

      EDIT: I have the DELL PRO BACKPACK 15 (PO1520P) from wireless1_eshop ebay, paid $45.88 for it :(

    • +1

      Confirming, same type of rip around 1 year in for me.

  • +8

    The Essential Briefcase 15 is garbage.

    The material feels like a thick shopping bag, there's zero padding whatsoever and only two compartments, one of which is a tiny zipped front pocket and there isn't even a divider in the main laptop pocket. I wouldn't trust this bag to protect a laptop from a 20cm drop onto a pillow let alone a more real-world accident.

    It looks a lot better in the stock photos on Dell's website but in-person it's as cheap and nasty as the $8.90 price suggests.

    • Shit already bought:(

    • thanks for the feedback , was just about to pay for it, will purchase the 17" backpack instead.

    • When compared to the Ecoloop pro, it really is inferior quality but has a lower price point. If you have $10 you can buy this.

  • been keeping my eyes peeled for some deals on laptop sleeves, anyone have one of these dell ones?

  • Thanks OP, bought the 15" backpack :-)

    Hopefully the material doesn't rip like what's been reported here!

    • +1

      Good luck

    • Yeah good luck, you will need it. I hope it is ok for you though.

      Above I said a 6 inch rip approx for me but I had another look, more like 8 or 9 inches…. And I don't use it much at all….

      Maybe you can still cancel…

  • Waiting for the Alienware discount

    • +1

      You are probably right, but my trust in their backpacks is gone personally. Someone mentioned above that they got a more expensive Dell backpack and it also ripped…

  • Picked up a laptop sleeve, thank you!

  • Any thoughts on the Alienware 610W gaming mice for $49.50?
    Also available on amazon for the same price with free shipping.

    • -1

      Stay away from Alienware, I don't like them, it feel cheap.

  • Everyone seems quite unhappy with the backpack, what about the sleeves? Are they any good?

  • +3

    Personally no issues with my 15' backpack, had mine for a year (bought on the sep 22' deal for 13.99$). No rips yet.

    Use it probably 2-3 a week, don't bike with it, walking is as far as I go with this, carrying about 3-3.5kg of weight - 16' laptop weighing 2.7kg, an 100w pd charger, mouse, some papers and a few pens with me.

    Maybe I just got lucky or maybe this is a lighter usage than most folks?

    Of course, its build quality is far from great, but that is kinda expected for this price.

  • +1

    Does anyone know what happened to Dell's eBay store?
    Seems they have stopped selling for some time now.

  • Don't waste money on this, they don't last long. Either the zip breaks or side rip off. Get a Thure which slightly more expensive, but will last for years.

  • +2

    I bought the briefcase and the backpack during the last deal, months ago. No issues whatsoever. Sure, the briefcase is thin but I use it to commute on the train with my work laptop. If accidentally dropping it wouldn't protect the laptop and I wouldn't give AF. however, I wouldn't be using it to travel with an expensive personal gaming lappy. As long as you're not expecting something built like a tank (and you shouldn't at this price), you'll be fine!

  • Thanks OP , grabbed a AW610M mouse in white (5% coupon code works too, seems a very low price), would have grabbed the AW510H headset too but only available in black.

    I got a briefcase(15) last time and works fine ( very thin but reasonable for the price), getting another 15" backpack today for my shoulder

  • Thanks OP, I have been looking for a discounted headset for my son, this one will do.

  • Have the contrast ratio on S2721QS changed? It used to be advertised as 1300:1 but currently 1000:1 on website. Spec has been revised since Nov 2022?

  • S2721QS ordered on Nov 5 but keeps getting delayed every week. Newest delivery date Dec 8th =(

  • Is this deal still alive? It's showing $358 for the monitor after applying coupon

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