Officially Licenced Pikachu Boxer Shorts $5 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store/ OnePass/ $65 Order) @ Kmart


Store your poke-balls in the officially licensed Pikachu boxer shorts $5 (free delivery with OnePass) down from $16.


Product Details
Material: Polyester
Satin, rigid fabric


Elastic waistband
Functional fly with button closure

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  • +19

    Masculinity + 10 to attribute

    • Material: Polyester Satin, rigid fabric

      Oh my….

  • +25

    You can also store your light sabers in the Star Wars ones for $5.…

    • underrated comment

  • Star Wars boxers are also $5

  • +13

    Store your poke-balls in the officially licensed Pikachu boxer shorts

    No Dragonball boxer shorts?

  • Do I have to license to wear them on stream?

  • +2

    My buddy only likes cotton

    • So do my pokeballs

  • +16

    Material: Polyester

    Oof. I don't think they would be good for my Pokeballs

    • +5


      • No baby town.

        • it's downvoted but it's a legitimate answer.

        • No-baby No-baby No-baby ROLL

  • +10

    Instant upvote for the description

    • +3

      They're hardly tight fitting.

      • It doesn’t matter since moisture is not wicked and temperature stays higher. Static build up js a negative.
        Also, polyester is plastic, which leaches into water and in the environment every time it is washed.
        Polyester clothes have no upside.

        • +4

          it seems down voters have low sperm counts

    • jeez

    • The world is overpopulated though…

    • +4

      Sperm count is plummeting as is. Polyester doesn’t regulate the temperature the same and is actively harmful.

      Cheaper than getting a vasectomy. In which case, bargain!

      • +2

        If I’ve already had the snip, can I buy & wear these then?

    • I'm not going to say scientifically this is correct. But I will only wear cotton boxers and at 33yo have 7 children + recently learnt another is on the way 😅

      • 7!

        How rich are you!?

        (And it is scientifically proven :)

        • Ever heard of welfare

        • +2

          Hahaha I wish, I think I'm classed as middle income (130k before tax). We make it work by making use of weekly specials, buying in bulk and my wife home schools the kids which saves a fortune on diesel.
          Why home school? Getting everyone awake, clean, fed, dressed, etc. In a short time is near impossible and despite our best efforts, getting there a few minutes late was often inevitable (that gets classed as a half day absent!!).

          Home schooling at their pace using a method that they like is far better than what it was at mainstream school (plus no having to explain why they got to school late)

      • +1

        All of whom look suspiciously like the milkman. :)

  • +1

    In the words of Kramer, “the boys need a home”.

  • +1

    "Functional fly with button closure"

    I have heard stories where button closure fly is a hindrance as in terms of dribble, but I would definitely say it brings greater definition to your assets while eliminating the risk of unexpected slip outs, and is more breathable seeing as the structure allows heat to easily escape :) :)

    • Explains the D in SteveD.

      • Yups if you don't shake it properly there is definitely chance of it, I want to eliminate the “Guess” work “If It Is or If It Is Not” @Deviner

    • +4

      You confused the report button with the neg. Plus it's not out of stock… XL is in-stock and plenty of stores have stock too.

  • Thanks op, should I wear these for the first date? 😅

    • +5

      Yes and the second date if she doesn't see it on the first.

    • +4

      Nothing else will turn your Magikarp into a Gyarados like Pokemon Boxers

  • Ordered 2 thanks

  • -3

    Need Gigantamax Pikachu to house my meat and 2 veg.

  • Do these static shock the wearer more than the plain ones?

  • Peek-a-boo-Man

  • Peaka! Peaka!

  • Thanks OP got 3.

  • starwars and pikachu sold out

  • can this be used as swimming short?

  • +5

    Any Digglet boxers? Asking for a friend.

  • any trunks, or boxer briefs?

  • Not a fan of polyester boxers, they really don't feel nice on a hot summer night.

  • Wearing licensed boxers (Batman, Superman, Sports teams etc boxers) is a phase I grew out of many years ago. Mostly because your K-Marts/Big W's/Best & Less stores didn't stock a huge range. I mostly rock Tony Abbott budgie smugglers instead these days :P

    I still haven't grown out of wearing sport team gear while out and about, and I may never do so!

  • Need to put my Pickle Rick somewhere

  • i would like to pikachu naked

  • Polyester makes my balls more itchy 😫

  • Polyester = sweaty

  • Thinking to get one, but my pokeballs told me they don't wanna be caught them all….

  • Received mine today. The quality is good.

  • anymore from kmart? kind of bad ordering one boxer only with free shipping

    • Search for clearance heaps for stuff. Also, their cleaning and storage times are cheap and quite good quality.

      • Ah no more available online…

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