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[Switch] Super Mario Bros. Wonder $54 with New Account Signup Coupon - Delivered or C&C @ Target


Target have updated their $10 off $50 spend new user coupon to remove the interactive gaming condition. This means that all gaming items are now included and makes this new game a great price :)

Steps to get the $10 Coupon:

  1. On the Target website, press the little person on the top right and press "Join Target Today"
  2. Fill out with your details (can just use fake details and a throwaway email address).
  3. Tick "Yes, opt me in to receive marketing from Target, including exclusive promotions and offers."
  4. Go to your email and the coupon should be sent in approximately 10 minutes from signing up.
  5. Add the item to cart, enter your details and delivery selection and apply the coupon on the final "Payment" page where it says "Promo Code | Collect flybuys".

Other Games which are $54 After the Coupon:

Super Mario Odyssey
Super Mario Bros U Deluxe
Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury
Super Mario Party
Animal Crossing: New Horizons
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Enjoy :)

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  • +7

    Amazing game! Nice find OP.

  • Bought it. Thanks a heap :)

  • -2

    My paypal says i only paid $44

    • +4

      My papal is showing $54.. but i haven't placed the order yet :) I dont even have a Nintedo Switch.. why am i buying this? I'm eligible for free delivery.. I should go to bed. My brain is potato.

    • +5

      You probably had funds in your PayPal account already

      • -1

        no, i don't think so, I've made multiple purchases yesterday through paypal, if something was automatic it would've used on the previous transactions.

        and going back about 2 weeks worth of transactions i don't see any returns or refunds

      • +1


        if there was extra credit in the account would it show on that list??

  • Literally just did the same at jb today. But above comment reckons $44… hmmm

  • Thx OP picked one up for sons bday coming up :)

  • Buy it now and start enjoying it right away

    • Yep my motto:
      But it now, enjoy it straight away
      Buy it later, the less you would pay

  • +6

    Thanks OP, just picked one up :)

    Note that the code generated with the throwaway email/account will work on your existing Target account if you have one!

  • Buy now and worry later haha

  • +5

    Mine says “ Your basket doesn't meet the conditions for the promo code. We recommend checking the conditions and trying again”

    • same here, tried on two brand new account with the fake email.

    • Do you need to order through the throwaway account?

      • I did it as guest and logged in

      • +1

        I didnt need too. but i didnt place order.. coupon worked and price was 54

        • It's not working for me, either as a guest or logged into my normal account.

          • @AustriaBargain: I went in just then and the code worked. Must be a glitch last night in their system. I used a target gift card too

            • +1

              @corgicorgi: Yeah it worked for me too. Maybe the late night Target worker fell asleep on the button that makes the code not work.

    • I had the same problem and I'm in QLD. I waited until it passed 12:00 AM and tried again then it worked for me now, possibly the promo code was generated in a different time zone and it's only valid on or after that date.

  • -4

    Well..i think i just saved myself $54 :) no way i'm paying $64.. i only really wanted it for $44

    • +7

      Never really seen a popular Nintendo first party go below $49… For instance I bought botw many years ago on Amazon prime day for $49 and hardly ever saw it hit that mark again…. Same can be said for most or the other first party Nintendo games.

    • The game must have cost like 3 million to make. Nintendo could be charging like 1-1.5 million a copy if they wanted. $54 is basically daylight robbery for a 2.5D game. You're snatching food straight out of Shiguru Miyamoto Jr.'s mouth at this price.

      • +4

        I'm happy to pay about $60 for Nintendo when they could easily charge more if they wanted to. You will probably find them secondhand on the marketplace for cheaper, but I bet they will still be selling for $50 - $60 for the next year.

        Solid and polished games, no bugs, no game-breaking bugs on day 1, no f$^*ing micro-transactions, and heck, you may get a patch in the next 6 months that fixes some slight issue or bug that you didn't even know about. Oh, and you can sell it later for the price you bought it.

        Or go pre-order the next Battlefield for $120…

        • +1

          I'm waiting for Nike to buy EA so I can play Battlefield on my shoe.

  • +1

    Mario Kart for $54 to use on my $329 Switch. Thx, ordered.

  • Still haven't got the coupon code yet, I've signed up before midnight.

    • Nvm, used another email and it came instantly

  • +1

    Thanks OP, Green/Pink joy-cons for $89 through this deal too: https://www.target.com.au/p/nintendo-switch-2-pack-joy-con-c…

  • +4

    I guess it’s my turn to be that guy who goes, “Damn! I just bought it a couple of days ago!”

    • +1

      Same here. I thought pricematching and using the 5% off coupon at JB would be enough.

      • +1

        That’s exactly what I did. Let’s spew together!

    • The next bargain you get from OZB will make up for this :)

  • Pretty low stock (none near me) for some games which is a shame

    • Don't you get free delivery or u are out of free delivery zone?

  • Thanks OP got it

  • Thanks @doweyy. Worth adding Mario Kart 8 Deluxe to that list (currently 64, down to 54 with $10 coupon)!

    • Added, thanks :)

  • Ordered last night, just got an email that said my order was cancelled. No explanation other than 'call us' for more info.

    • +1

      I got an email saying it's ready to pick up. Was going to do free delivery, but decided I want to play it sooner rather than later. I'll give it to a kid family member for xmas so I've got like six weeks to finish it.

      • +1

        Oh cr4p, i went for free delivery, should have done pick up….

  • Huh, I got through the checkout, paid with Paypal, but now it says my order has been rejected and refunded :(

  • Signed up last night and I’m still waiting for the $10 discount code. Anyone actually received one?

    • signed up this morning got the code

    • +1

      Did you opt in to marketing emails?

  • +1

    how's the rejection rate. what's the update

  • My order at 11:40PM was cancelled, welp hopefully Black Friday has something good on this game

    • No stock or what? Why would they cancel your order

      • -1

        Dunno, appears they cancelled the delivery orders but C&C is fine. They didn't give any reason in the email.

  • +1

    Signed up and placed an order at 11:30am this morning, picked up at shop at 2pm, easy transaction thanks ops.

    Reason they cancel people order could be no stock for postage option (?).

    • Mine was cancelled but I had selected click and collect 🤔 Plenty of stock in my local store apparently too. Who knows.

      • Ordered mine before 8am. Still not cancelled

        • Similar. Ordered mine at 1pm 7/11 for delivery, got a confirmation email at 6pm (I assume this means it won't be cancelled).

  • My order was just shipped btw guys got an email just then saying tracking is available

    • Me too. Confirmed shipped

  • thanks OP. ordered and received the email for my items is ready to pickup. paid $54 and will have some fun on weekend.

  • Shipped on my end from Victoria. Not sure why some would be cancelled - Out of Stock in the Area/State?

  • signed up with 2 emails and still haven't received the discount :(

    • Are you ticking the box to subscribe to promotional material ?

      • yeah, tried with the temp one and it worked. out of stock most places now though :( only available for c&c

  • is super mario party any good?

    • It's alright but it doesn't have much replayability imo. Only 4 boards, far too easy to earn stars, everyone earns coins in minigames, etc.
      Just lacks the insane randomness of having the game flipped on its head, which I feel was fixed in Mario Party Superstars.

  • Still hasn't shipped… anyone else waiting as well ?

    • +1

      For me I ordered on the 7th, shipped on the 9th, delivered today (10th)

  • -2

    Submitted 3 times using the email+xyz trick. Worked all three times (delivered) and they seem to have now accidentally shipped a game a second time. Bit of a mess in their systems

    • A wild Broden has appeared…

      • Except they're all still in stock…

  • What an acid trip Wonder turned out to be 😜

  • +1

    This still works, just purchased for click and collect, thanks OP.

  • +1

    Was the price originally $64?
    Then -10 = $54?

    Because right now, all I'm seeing is it being $69

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