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Cyclone Heavy Duty Bypass Pruner (Lifetime Warranty) $15 (Was $29.98) + Delivery ($0 C&C/in-Store/OnePass) @ Bunnings


Another awesome deal from Bunnings.


✓SK5 high carbon steel blades

✓Non-stick, easy to clean PTFE coated blades

✓Glass filled nylon handles for added strength

✓Finger/thumb blade slide lock

Lifetime Warranty

The Cyclone Heavy Duty Bypass Pruner is ideal for pruning live & green wood. Featuring soft grip over-mould handles which provides extra comfort & control when pruning.

Credit to Pricehipster

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  • +9

    The image from the Bunnings reviews doesn't look promising.

    All plastic handle snapped in half

    • anyways lifetime warranty?

      • lifetime doesn't mean as long as you live, it's the "typical lifetime / lifespan" of this type of device" …. some manufacturers are more specific and includes number of years …

        • +5

          Review said:

          "Handle snapped in half on the first use. Looking at the break one can see handle is all plastic. For a heavy duty one, I would expect metal inside."

        • Lifetime warranty usually means as long as the product is still sold, it is covered. It still does pay the read the fine print.

          I have had multiple old and well used Cyclone products replaced at Bunnings without issue.

      • When it breaks it's at the end of its life and therefore warranty…….

    • -2

      Reviews in general look good though 4.1 stars out of 30 reviews. And lifetime warranty that's handy. I don't own one. So I don't have a personal review on the item.

  • Couldn't beat the deal from Amazon JP


    • +2

      I have a pair of ARS and they are awesome value for money. Sharp and heavy duty.

      • I missed that bargain but got one while I was in Japan and ARS is amazing, wouldn't bother with those other brands, disappointing experiences.

      • I can vouch for ARS brand, I had a folding saw from them and it was great

    • +2

      Yes, you can. These Felco blow the Ars out of the water in every respect. Got both of the deals so I can compare. Felco are well worth the extra.

      With pruners I've learned my lesson: you get what you pay for. Well, good specials make them better value, but of all the 1/2 price pruners, the Felco win.

      • Yeah but the Felcos are nearly double the price. I have both and while I agree the Felcos are nicer, the ARS are still a high quality tool that is way better than these plastic things (if you can jag that price again)

  • What does lifetime warranty from Bunnings mean? Does that mean >6 years?

    • +9

      Life of your invoice

      • The scan version works, right?

      • +3

        Life of your thermal printed receipt that fades due to heat / sun

    • Yes. As long as they still sell the product and possibly if they still sell a similar one, then you are covered.

  • I have the "compact" version of these which has slightly shorter blades.

    Pretty good overall (and great for $15), and I cut plenty of stuff that is arguably too thick. The plastic handle on mine seems slightly different, without the rubber bit, so might be thicker and stronger.

    Though the slide tab for the blade lock has gotten progressively worse over many years, and recently stopped working at all. I was waiting for the blades to need sharpening before try and invoke the lifetime guarantee.

  • Good price for what they offer. Got the compact version as well and still works ok though is getting a bit rusty even after periodic oiling. Sharpness is moderate.

    Moved to ARS brand and will never look back.

  • How do these compare to Felcos? The felcos being so much more expensive. Are they worth the premium?

    • +1

      The Felco are almost indestructible, and easier to sharpen - they also have replacement blades that can be bought from Bunnings. Ergonomically these probably feel a little better in the hand when you’re trying to cut through something dense, and tough. These are less sturdy than the Felco.

    • +1

      They're rubbish compared to Felco's.
      Felco's will last longer then your lifetime if they're looked after properly and not abused, I've got a Felco 9 that's around 35 years old, I replaced the cutting blade on it a few years ago after all the years of wear and sharpening.

      • +1

        Thanks for the replies, @BertieBrown @caileach. Happy to make the BIFL choice

  • Good for chicken and spit roasts.

  • +1

    Keep the recieipt! Mine only lasted for a year until the handles snapped, but i couldn't find the receipt. I have desk job level grip strength - it was a material fault or poor design. I bought the fiskers ones with metal handles as a replacement to avoid making warranty replacement trips to Bunnings.

    • I always have a folder of photos with my receipts. That will make it easier.

    • It is a good habit to keep receipts, but Bunnings will replace the product without receipt in my experience.

  • +1

    Can confirm this is a good product given you take care and clean it, make sure to buy a bastard file to sharpen it once in a while

  • +1

    Looks like a frog walking on its hind legs

    • +1

      I like how you see things…are these made in France?

  • I haven't touch my 2 pruners for nearly 1 year since I bought a no-brand electric scissor. New tech is always great.

  • +1

    What the hell is all over your.. FEET?


    • +1

      This stupid ad gets played every 3 minutes on 7+
      WTH are Pruners? I've always known them as secateurs and assumed it was just the Americans making up their own version of English again.

      • Hahaha, I'm watching the Chase every day. My lord, I'm sick of the ad.. 🤣

        Also, I'm the exact opposite, I know them as pruners and dad knows them as secateurs. Are you like over 35? Probably different generation.. 😅

  • Can I use one of these to cut chicken bones? Or any recommendations for that? Sorry if I’m off topic a bit :)

    • +1

      I would just get a pair of normal kitchen scissors for chicken bones

      • Yeah, thanks. Looking for a poultry shear now.

  • +1

    Thought Gumby was for sale

  • I'm buying this and scanning my infant's trade account .. life hack

    • +1

      Your infant has an abn?

  • Would anyone know if the blades start to rust if this is covered by warranty?

  • Does this work in a typhoon as well?

    • +1

      Fine for light duty typhoon use, but you'll want the left handed pruners if cutting against the wind.

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