Edifice EFR552D-1A Watch $72 (Sold out), ERA110D-1A Ana-Digi 10 Year Battery Watch $99 Delivered @ Edifice Australia


ERA110D-1A $99

The ones below are cheaper than last time but can't post because low quantities.

Edifice EFV-C100D-1A $69
EFV540D-1A $69
EFR552D-1A $72

Full sale sorted from lowest to highest: https://casioau.com/collections/edifice-watches-shop-now#/so…
Solar: https://casioau.com/collections/edifice-solar-powered#/sort:…
Bluetooth: https://casioau.com/collections/edifice-bluetooth#/sort:ss_p…

EDIT: check the dimensions before you buy because these watches are pretty big

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    This is the nicest

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      which one?

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        I was trying to type the reference but it's a bit of a mouthful.

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          Yes, I don't know the sex number. I also don't know what 420 means

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      Watch is nice too

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    These are all huge 48-52mm watches

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      I addressed this in the post

  • Some great looking watches here. Mostly those $79 ones. The first measurement of 48mm I think is the lug to lug, and diameter is 42mm.

    • Yes, the first measurement is l2l

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        Just clarifying for people like anopheles. Who might think they’re all dinner-plate size.

        • Flava flav intensifies.

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      do fakes come with 2 year warranty? https://casioau.com/pages/timepieces

    • You telling me that the official Australian Casio distributor is selling fake Casios? Interesting

  • Are these Japanese movement?

  • Can’t say about the legitimacy of the website but I have almost the exact Edifice from 10 years ago and its been my daily driver and has never skipped a beat. The small collection of nicer/luxury watches sit in my drawer. I don’t know why anyone would want to buy a fake, they’re cheap enough as it is.

  • Website doesn't seem to work?

    • you need to manually add the www. infront of the name in order to make it work

      google chrome has blocked their website due to unsecured connection, their website isn't up to scratch , meets the standard of google

      • I still can't get it to work. Can't look at it through Google either. Weird.

      • Thanks, it's working now! I think they fixed something up on the backend, all the links are good.

        • +1

          I concur. Mine is working now on previously borked systems. So something has changed now.

  • -5

    i got nothing against people selling fake watches

    just dont pretend to pass them off as real ones

    in shenzhen they tell you straight away it's a replica, they dont charge prices similar to real ones, it's like 10% of a real one

    then i'm ok

    • I just came back from shenzhen, I've see reps, some very good one. This website does not sell fakes

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        why is your website blocked by google then?

        • I'm using Chrome, and it's working fine

          • -2

            @rosebank: yeah i bet with all the security turned off hahaha

            • @noodlesun999: Your argument is essentially, "fake watches because website doesn't work on my browser" Go away

        • Why not just report it to the mods and they can look into it?

  • I've negged until someone can actually prove this is a legit website selling legit Casio watches.

      • I wouldn't go that far. My guess is that "someone" has been scammed by buying fake watches and doesn't want to face that possibility/themselves.

        Why would both Chrome and Edge block the website using default security settings?
        Why would an "official casio dealer" even allow this to happen to their website in the first place?

      • lol I wish

    • I've revoked my neg now. I don't know why it is being blocked on my wifi/home network. But if I use 4G it works on the same browser.
      I can now actually see the website and that of their parent company (which is also blocked here) and it looks legit.

      I do have questions:

      Why doesn't Casio.com list this company as their AU distributor, despite listing distributors for other countries?
      Why is it being blocked by my home network, and its not just mine its others here as well having the same issue?

      And finally, why are there no Titanium watches listed? - booo

    • @stumo why would people want to fake Casio????? They are cheap enough as a watch… So many other brands to fake and they want to fake Casio?????

  • Where is watchnerd?

  • +3

    @mods here is the contact info if you want to give them a call: https://www.shriro.com.au/contact but apparently the link won't work so you might have to use Netscape Navigator

    • Thanks, we have already resolved the reports and have no issues with the deal. Users are welcome to make up their own minds, we aren't vouching for any company, just can't find any evidence of any wrongdoing.

      Shriro Holdings (ASX: SHM)
      In H1 FY23, the Company’s revenue fell about 12% on H1 FY22 to $84.4 million


      We have already aliased the old domains that now redirect to casioau.com, so their old deals show up under the store block.

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        Thanks, can you get rid of the negs? and also the 2 making false claims?

        • Users are free to vote as they wish. It's up to the community to decide. Moderators only revoke negative votes where no reason is given or for something that should be reported. We don't decide what is right or wrong, true or false.

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            Moderators only revoke negative votes where no reason is given or for something that should be reported.

            The noodleguy said this site is fake, I provided proof, then his argument amounted to "fake watches because website don't work.

            Also this:

            this is my theory, rosebank is being paid by the fake casio website to promote, rosebank is probably on a premium or part of ozbargain team, ozbargain and rosebank is both profiting from promoting this website, just a guess

            I never complain about negs but this is bs.

            • -3

              @rosebank: You appear to be taking all this very personally and defending this deal like your life depends on it, which I recommend you shouldn't for various reasons.

              This is just how voting in the public works. Plenty of other good deals get unfairly negged and never make it to the front page.

              The self-proclaimed rep has come in to comment anyway

              • +2

                @Blitzfx: lol I get negged all the time and idc. But this guy is all over this post spouting bs. I'm not "defending this deal like my life depends on it", just providing proof. I'm not just gonna sit back and take it. If the mods decided that this site is fake and removed it, cool, that's on me.

              • -3

                @Blitzfx: Maybe OP lacks of getting attention lately….

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                life depended on it

                I would totally react the same if I posted a deal and some numpty came along making unjustified claims and spouting bs

                imagine giving a F and tying to contribute to the site with a constant stream of interactions and deal postings then getting hit with BS behaviour/unjustified claims like above.

                still yet to see the accuser taking it all back after mods also confirmed legit site.

                • +3

                  @Jimothy Wongingtons: They thought it was a good deal and shared it with ozbargain, and I think that's where their obligation should end. Maybe share a personal experience but that's about it.

                  I wouldn't spend any effort in defending Casio or their distributor for their insufficient level of transparency that didn't meet everyone's expectation.

                  You won't be in a good place if you worried about every single comment that came from left field.

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    Shiiiiiiiter alert 🚨

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    This is legit site, go to the link, click on their Instagram, check if their Instagram is legit, the bio on Instagram will show Edificeaustralia.com.au, click on the link and it redirects you to casioau.com.

    Now that's how you do a Gen Z backcheck.

    • The problem several of us are still having is that the links (both this link and the parent company links) are all being blocked by our home network or ISP.

      So on that limited info it looked dodgey as hell.

      Using the same device on a 4G connection has allowed me to see the sites and I now agree its legit.

      • +2

        Understandable, I had no issues opening it up with Brave, so I didn't see any of that.

        • It also now works on Chrome now that I've connected to my workplace VPN, from my same home network and same device and browser session that was previously blocking it. Not sure what is going on.

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    The Date feature will need constant adjustment

    The day indicator setting uses a 31-day month. Make adjustments for months of shorter lengths.

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    I need a decent price wristwatch and saw this post and had no problem acccessing the link prior reading all the posts… (Opened using both Chrome and Microsoft Edge, using my office computer (managed by the IT Team so I don't have any chance to change the firewall / anti virus setting) and it works in both browser).

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    Employee @ Shriro Pty Ltd here (distributor of CASIO within ANZ).

    Can confirm this is the official CASIO Australia site. If you've shopped with us for a while you'd be familiar with our previous URLs (gshock.com.au, edificeaustralia.com.au etc) which are now redirected here. The new, consolidated site launched Jul '23.

    • +1

      You may want to look into why your websites are being blocked for some of us.

      Also maybe get casio.com to list you as their AU distributor, because currently they don't have anyone down for AU.

    • +1
      1. Thank you for chiming in to confirm

      2. any word if A1000MG-9VT will be going on sale too :( ?

      • +3

        No worries! Totally appreciate that it's a new site which could raise suspicions. Glad for the feedback on some of your experiences

        Keep you eyes peeled on the 13th for CASIO sale ;)

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    fake casio, becareful

    • +5

      Time to give up dude. The show is over.

      • +2

        Maybe you should recommend he buys a genuine Skmei like your recent purchase.

    • +1

      @lee-smyth I hope you guys have a good lawyers on retainer. I don't want to go to jail :(

    • Scroll up ever so slightly.

  • So many nice watches at cheap prices.

    Must hold myself back because i hardly wear any of my watches now that i have a samsung watch.

  • +1

    watch drama!!!

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      Watch posts seem to attract it.

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