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Casio Edifice EFVC100D-1A $84, ERA110D Ana-Digi Stainless Steel 10yr Battery Watch $99 Delivered @ Edifice Australia


https://edificeaustralia.com.au/products/efvc100d-1a?variant… - $84 (this one keeps going OOS, then back in stock)
https://edificeaustralia.com.au/collections/eofy-sale-1/prod… - black dial $99
https://edificeaustralia.com.au/collections/eofy-sale-1/prod… - blue dial $99

All three of these are half price. I have the first one and paid about $120. I've worn it about 3 times which makes it in the top 50 of the watches I wear.
It's cheap, 10 years on a CR2025, ~52mm lug to lug, and it's ana-digi which makes it 2x cooler than an analog or digital watch, because it's ANA and DIGI.

Edifice EFV-C100D-1A Duo Chrono Series


10 year battery life
World time (30 cities)
Telememo 30
Memory capacity: up to 30 sets of data, with 8-character name and 16-digit telephone number
1/100-second stopwatch
Stainless Steel Band
Mineral Glass
100-meter water resistance
3 daily alarms
Approx. battery life: 10 years on CR2025
Case size: 51.6 x 46.6 x 14.2mm
Total weight: 161g

There's also this one: https://edificeaustralia.com.au/collections/eofy-sale-1/prod… which has BT and other functions no one cares about, but I already have this: https://tomsracing.com.au/products/toms-x-edifice-limited-ed… which is way cooler even though no digi, but it's got a real carbon fibre dial and and TOM's badge, which gives it at least an extra 50 bhp at the wheels.

FULL SALE: https://edificeaustralia.com.au/collections/eofy-sale-1

Game over folks, all 3 are OOS. Apparently adults with credit cards do buy these "goon" watches. Still plenty of other ones in the sale.

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  • +2

    Nice find, I reckon member @qwerty-4321 might be interested in one of these as he/she is looking for a watch when hiking.

    Just be aware the ERA110D models have non-standard lugs so you're stuck with the SS bracelet.

    • +1

      Yeah, that's why I chose the one I have, but the other 2 look better imo because more angular and 'flat'.

      • +1

        Ana-digi Nismo edition Edifice

        Go on you know you deserve it

        • Nah, my TOM'S one is nicer

    • +2

      Das SS Bracelet is gut.

    • +1

      My hiking watch is the Montblanc 1858 Geosphere.


      • Lol don't get it banged up.

        • With a mobile phone you can leave your watch at home and just call a friend to ask what time it is.

    • +2

      Excellent watch, I'll have a think about it. Thanks

  • -6

    Good for a young teens starter

    • +4

      Or people that are older as well.

        • +3

          What type of watch should an adult buy in your opinion?

          • -4

            @rosebank: Plenty of starter Seiko 5's or Citizen Eco-drives for adults to consider

            • +3

              @[Deactivated]: How is a comparable solar Edifice like this: https://edificeaustralia.com.au/collections/eofy-sale-1/prod… or this: https://edificeaustralia.com.au/collections/eofy-sale-1/prod… different to an Eco-Drive?

              Seiko 5s are autos. Different category.

                • +3

                  @[Deactivated]: What wine do you drink?

                  • -6

                    @rosebank: I drink bourbon. It was merely an analogy

                    • @[Deactivated]: Cool, I drink bourbon too. Can you recommend me a few?

                      • -5

                        @rosebank: Jack Daniels Gentleman Jack is a good springboard

                        • +5

                          @[Deactivated]: Lmao, that's the bourbon equivalent of goon. William Larue Weller is a nice wheater, and goes down well despite the high proof. I think that'd be a better springboard than JD.

                          • +2

                            @rosebank: This kinda explains the watch comments from the comatose one.

                            • @wetwork: I encourage you to buy this watch, it's great.

                          • -1

                            @rosebank: Well if you know anything about bourbon you would have said Jim Beam. You bourbon knowledge mirrors your watch preferences, lol

                      • -8

                        @rosebank: Your goon squad is keen to impress you with their negs. I'll avoid your posts in future

                        • +7

                          @[Deactivated]: Lol I upvoted your parent comment. And negged your "unemployed and broke" comment.

                          You're getting negged because your comments are garbage, no good quad required.

                        • @[Deactivated]: Yeah move along, every product isn't any everyone. Ignorant comment though. just because a watch is cheap doesn't mean it is for kids, you could say that about most G-Shocks. I don't have an edifice but like them in general given they are affordable, solar and are doing something different (the Oceanus are cool).

                • +2

                  @[Deactivated]: Where does the Seiko Coutura range fit in with this analogy?

        • +9

          I just buy what I like & don't care what others think. Do you like my Skmei 1134, I think it's cool.

        • +2

          probably because they want to know the time via a watch? A weird concept I know……

    • +1

      Teen must also have thick wrists

    • In my 20's I would have been all over this!

  • +3

    +1 for the price. Probably it won't look nice on me 52mm lug to lug.

    • 7"+ only I reckon

      • +3

        That's what she said?

  • +1

    Hot damn, So many to choose from ahhhhhhhhhhh

    • +1

      Choose wisely. It may alter the course of your future, forever.

  • +4

    Ahhhh my watch addiction is kicking in

    • +1

      you're one of us now o.O

  • I have small wrists… what's a nice 40-45mm watch?

    • Not an Edifice, smallest lug to lug is 48.5mm

    • +2
      • Thanks. I should have specified…. Legit renown brands, not 'homage' ones from China.

    • +3

      For a small wrist, I'd typically think 40mm max. A few suggestions -

      • 37mm Bulova hack
      • New Seiko "SKX"
      • 36mm CW Sealander
      • 39mm Seiko Speedtimer
      • Seiko 5 SNK809, SNXS77, SNKL23
  • +1

    Nice I got the ECB900MDC-1A

    • Great choice

  • Does the watch have additional links included if you have a big wrist?

    • How big is your wrist homie? These will probably fit 9-10" with all links

  • I think about 24cm from memory.

    The Fossil watch if bought had no extra links and it took ages to get them it stock so gave it away. My Fitbit large band which fits 22cm wrist and was too small, so I had to get extender.

    Thanks for post link, may get one.

  • +2

    I like edifice and Casio. Apparently so does Jeff Bezos.

    • +1

      Bill Gates wears a Casio Duro.

      • +1

        Bill and Jeff must be very close then?
        Not that there's anything wrong with that.

      • +4

        Sure gates has a lot of controversial opinions but you can’t fault his Choice in time pieces

    • +2

      I like Latina milfs. Apparently so does Jeff Bezos.

    • Ryan Reynolds wears an Edifice.

  • +1

    Luckily the TOM's Limited edition EQB-1100TMS-1A is no longer available. I made a promise to myself to buy that watch if I ever saw it below $500.
    Looks like some other great deals there though!

    EDIT: Just noticed OP mentioned in the post he's got this exact TOMs watch 😲
    OP, How is it? Will you consider selling for $499?

    • +2

      I got the last one at Watch Direct for $540. I'm keeping it to wear when I go to the track with my Ariel Atom

  • Does Casio make watches with DD/MM? I hate how it's month then date, and can't be changed AFAIK

  • https://edificeaustralia.com.au/collections/eofy-sale-1/prod… $299

    Solar, sapphire and cool colours. Slightly smaller at 50mm L2L. Must……… resist…….

  • Code EOFYS10 is meant to be working on these items, but despite EDM from Casio/G-Shock/Edifice, the code isn’t working (additional 10% off sale items)

    I’ve Shriro to fix it, no joy yet.

  • +1

    Always spewing I never got the special edition - Red Bull Racing Edifice! 😭 Had such nice detail.

    • Which one? There are quite a few because they used to sponsor the F1 A team, now only the B team

      • +1

        Not 100% but I'm pretty sure - it was this one. The deal was many years ago and the watch was around $100~ ish. I think I saw the deal here on OzB!

      • +1

        Or it could have been this deal - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/171474. I think it was actually this one, I remember it had nice blue details, and I don't usually like round watches.

        • +1

          Geez 2014… I think that was when Vettel moved to Ferrari for his career to die. Like Alonso. And prob Leclerc

  • +2

    Looks like a nice watch.

    • +6

      Not according to Mr CalmerComa back there, it's the 'goon' of the watch world!?! 🤔😂

  • +1

    Much cooler than an iWatch

  • +1

    Enter wrist size (cm) if you wish for links to be removed before shipment. Special delivery instruction? Please also add below. (Max : 55 Characters)

    Can someone explain this part please? It's my first time buying a watch

    • I think this is to resize the bracelet for your wrist size. If you're a first timer, you might want to take advantage of that because you'll also have to buy tools and learn how to add/remove links.

      I didn't even know they offered this. That's nice of them.

      • i wonder if they include the removed links or just keep it…

        • lol i'm pretty sure they'll include them

  • +3

    just want to say that casio 10 year batt do last 10 year plus ..amazing really

    • +2

      Yeah I'm buying less and less autos these days, and more Seiko/G-shock solar quartz, mecha-quartz etc.
      Nice to have a good selection of 'grab and gos', and most keep better time anyway.

      • +2

        Yeah I've got a Casio solar G-Shock Bluetooth as a daily wear, syncs to a phone and keeps perfect time, never goes flat… amazing.
        People write off quartz but Grand Seiko make some amazing ones. Accurate to less than 10 seconds a year. Try that with a mechanical watch…

        • Agree, and the more you get into watches the more Quartz you would like in your collection 😁.
          A GS would be nice one day. Not exactly cheap or good value but very nice.

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