Bonus 60GB (for Unlimited Plans), Free National Talk & Txt (for PAYG Plan) till 31 Dec 2023 @ amaysim (Existing Customers)


Amaysim has provided details of compensation for the Optus Network Outage:

Unlimited Plan Customers:
You will receive 60GB of extra data to use until 31 December 2023. This is a one time offer which is not eligible for data banking. It will be automatically applied on or before 24 November 2023 and customers will be notified by email and/or SMS when the offer has been applied.

As You Go Customers:
You will receive free standard national talk & text to use until 31 December 2023. This means all standard calls and texts you make within Australia will be completely free of charge until 11:59pm AEDT on 31 December 2023. This will be automatically applied on or before 24 November 2023 and you will be notified by email and/or SMS when the offer has been applied.

Referral Links

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$10 credit to both the referrer and referee, after the referee begins using either Unlimited or As-You-Go plans. Referee needs to provide referrer their email address.

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  • +36

    So their reseller is doing better damage control than the actual infrastructure provider.

    Great work Optus, hope someone spreads Lego pieces across your entire Senior management offices you absolute Muppets.

    • +2

      How?…Optus is offering 200gb vs 60gb here

      • +7

        Prepaid Amaysim PAYG - free calls and texts for the rest of the year (saves people using credit and topping up)
        Prepaid Optus PAYG - free data on weekends (which will just congest the network).

        PAYG is most popular amongst elderly, so giving them free unlimited calls and texts until Dec 31 makes much more sense than data they don't use.

    • +7

      I wouldn’t waste good LEGO bricks on them, thumb tacks are cheaper and more appropriate.

    • absolute Muppets

      That is guaranteed

    • +4

      Gladys is a part of Floptus senior management isn't she? Anything the Liberals touch turns to shit so not a surprise.

      • Gladys should be replaced by Dan.

    • And the funny bit is, Optus actually owns Amaysim..

  • i really needed that data, but i am out of country for that time period.

    • -4

      It’s roaming data so you’re good

  • +3

    Wonder how many people will use the extra data for a month?

    • In my case, it’s just helpful to delay recharging for another month. My 12 month plans only last around 10 months, so I find this useful.

  • +1

    Amaysim belongs to optus. You can submit a claim up to $1500 due to stress etc

    Ill be doing that

    • +1

      Any more details on the claim process?

      • No link. Send a formal letter and wait for response. If you are not satisfied, file a claim with TIO and attach the response.

    • +1

      Link to form?

    • +2

      We need to start a class action against Optus for making us missing so many potential deals haha

      • There were many opportunities for you to jump ship with the Boost cashback from Cashrewards.

    • I made a more reasonable claim for $150, used ChatGPT to write it and emailed to;

      [email protected]

  • +7

    I wanted 50% off next recharge

    • +3

      Otherwise they get $0 from a lot of people I suspect

  • +2

    Where is the catch connect gang

    • think optus already forgot about us

    • +1

      Just got email from them, free 50G.

      Hoping for more but guess can’t complain. although it was weird the outage happened like one day after I switched to catch annual plan from boost monthly plan. I thought it my new sim issue lol

      • im on a 90 day plan, with 32 days remaining. I really hope they take a few days to do their thing so I can get 25gb for now and 25gb for my next 90 days.

  • No neg yet?!

    • There we go.

  • +2

    what's the point to give me something I dont need.

    • +7

      it doesn't cost them anything but gives the impression that amaysim cares about their customers. Just marketing.

  • +6

    For one month only. Seriously?

  • When do I get it? I have Amaysim 365 Prepaid — have seen anything provided yet?

    • My email says:

      To show our gratitude for your patience, we'll be giving you 60GB bonus data to use until 31 December 2023, on us.

      There's nothing you need to do. This one-time bonus will be applied to your current plan on or before 24 November 2023 and we’ll let you know when it’s active so you can > enjoy a whole lotta mobile.

    • Extra data. I have received the email.

  • +3

    One month expiration is an absolute joke hahaha.

    • +7

      I’m using it all out of spite, switching off home wifi until it’s gone haha

  • +1

    these funny (profanity)

  • My plan ends in less than a week, how does this help me?

    I called them asking a discount on renewal and refused saying we gave it to you last year.

    • +1

      Do you have auto recharge enabled? I had it disabled and they sent me couple of deals to just enable it.

      • Mine is disabled but no discounts offered yet. Expires on 15th Nov

        • Same, from the deal last year, I have 3 SIMs expiring in 2 weeks' time. I am hoping this bonus data will keep them going for a bit longer. At least till Black Friday deals on Nov 24. Or do they deactivate at expiry time?

          • +1

            @sheikyerbouti: I am also not sure. Will ask them how long do I have to continue so I can say wait for a week to have some deals or do they need to be renewed on the expiry day only. Don't want to forfeit banked data.

            • @BinnyC: They replied back to my email that service will be active 455 days from the renewal of plan but will not be able to avail the services until you renew the plan.

    • I got both e-mails. Free talk and text till 31/12 and 60GB data till 31/12. I bought a sim on sale to test for a month and it expires 26/11 so I get an extra month and 60GB for a sim I don't use.

      • This will be applied on 24th Nov but my plan ends on 15th. So don't know if I will get to use it after expiry…

        • it's hardly going to apply to an expired account as it's "expired". Perhaps if renewed then yes?

          • @Borg: I have 6 expired sims and received an email for each one for unlimited phone and sms.

            • @peterlong1952: maybe that's why I got both offers. I have an active unlimited service and an expired as you go one.

        • Says on or before, you could get lucky.

  • +5

    Great! I'll add it to the 2.8TB I have banked. What a win!

    • “This is a one time offer which is not eligible for data banking.”

      • -1

        Even better!

  • anyone heard from Coles mobile (who also uses Optus)?

    • +2

      Yes half an hour ago got this SMS; Hi there, we understand how important it is for all our customers to be connected and we’re deeply sorry for the inconvenience caused by the recent network outage. We’re currently working on something for you to show our gratitude for your patience. You’ll receive an email soon with more details.

  • -4

    They really should compensate every user for lost businesses etc . Could be up for many millions

    • +6

      If you run a business and Internet is critical then surely one should have a backup in place. All Telcos will go offline on the occasion.

      My internet and mobile went down but I just switched to a Boost SIM and ran internal Office PCs off it via a 4g modem. In turn VoIP Phones, Internet etc all worked well.

      • Tell that to all the hospitals and nursing homes…

        • +2

          It is a failure of their management for not having a backup plan.

        • +4

          I'm pretty sure public hospitals and government institutions are required to be multi vendor for all services for just this reason. Anyone in the health industry that isn't needs to fire their IT management, it's inexcusable in this day and age.

      • +1

        We were mostly fine but all our EFTPOS runs of 4g Optus.

        No sales anywhere for essentially 1 entire day.

        • Then you should have tethered the eftpost to a mobile that does have signal. Problem solved in no time.
          If you Eftpost doesn’t allow this then get rid of it and replace with one that does or supports two sims.

          • @Borg: Can you get an EFTPOS that uses wifi? I’ve only ever come across ones with their own sims.

  • Free 60GB data for 1 month only!

  • +3

    Yay, 60GB to use in 6 weeks … I used 30GB in the last 11.5 months :)

  • +1

    Vaya giving 60gb for the remainder of the billing month too

    On top of my usual 6gb, which I hardly use. Yay I guess?

    • +1

      Oh I didn't see this. Not that you can log into the app to check your usage or online. If it wasn't $9.90 a month I'd probably leave. I'm an old Jeenee customer. I just wish they would move it over to Amayasim already

      Updatw- I checked the Vaya website and I could login. Looks like the site is fixed. There is no bonus data on either of my two mobile numbers

      • Fellow Jeenee enjoyer! Yeah that grandfathered price is just too damn good to switch away

  • +2

    I have about 500gb of amaysim data banked. This doesn't help me at all. I WOULD like to be compensated for all the BS I had to go through earlier this week though

  • +10

    60GB for one month only is a smack in the face. It should be for the remainder of the plan.

    Even what Optus is offering is a smack in the face.

    Free data is not compensation. It should be monetary like reduced bill.

  • Literally got the SMS about 60gb data while reading this post

  • +1

    I am on 1 year prepaid plan. No data bonus, Only given free standard national talk & text which is already included in my prepaid. So no difference. Here is the email from Amaysim.

    We understand how important it is for all our customers to be connected and we are deeply sorry for the inconvenience caused by the recent outage.

    To show our gratitude for your patience, we'll be giving you free standard national talk & text to use until 31 December 2023.

    There's nothing you need to do. This one-time bonus will be applied to your current plan on or before 24 November 2023 and we’ll let you know when it’s active so you can enjoy a whole lotta mobile.

    • Yeah I got the same. Think I will put in a TIO form. This company is really taking the piss.

    • Also on a 1 year prepaid but I got the data as well. Is it maybe dependant on which prepaid you are on?

      • Just a thought but being on an annual prepaid and getting 60gb data will be pointless unless they let you use the 60gb first. They don't do this with data banking though, you use the data banking after your normal data.

        • +1

          The special 60GB is first i.e. any data used between 24th Nov and 31st Dec is deducted from it and not your prepaid annual data.

          • @Borg: Correct. I'd expect it to be this way. In the past, Amaysim has provided bonus data (Eg During Easter 2020, they gave 100 GB valid for just 4 days to persuade people to stay at home), they also used to give some 25 GB bonus data on the birthday month but it was valid only for 2 weeks or so (last 2 weeks of your birthday month).

            The Sad part though was, they didnt have a clear different bucket "Bonus Data" displayed on the App for us to understand how much was still left. It was a manual calculation.

            This time around with their updates to their App, I am expecting a third bucket "Bonus Data" along with the existing two "Plan Data" and "Data Bank", so that we clearly know how much is left of the Bonus Data, to be used by 31 Dec 2023. I hope it happens this way.

  • +6

    Allow me to play devils advocate here, this is (one of) the first MVNO that has stepped forward with an "apology" for something that was entirely not their fault. They did not need to provide anything as technically Amaysim didn't do anything wrong. Will be interesting to see how the other MVNOs react or if they even acknowledge the situation.

    • -1

      Paid to provide a service and failed. Breach of contract just for starters.
      Not their fault? Sounds like the guardian online…nothing is ever someone’s fault it’s always someone else to blame lol

      • +1

        Do they guarantee 100% uptime?

    • +4

      Optus owns Amaysim…

      • +1

        Optus acquired Amaysim but has largely kept business operations and everything separate. Something like (the soon defunct) Gomo was entirely designed by Optus for Optus and is getting culled by Optus.. and is weirdly porting people off to Catch Connect.

        Amaysim acquired Vaya, so technically you could say Optus owns Vaya too, but the three brands operate independently of each other.

  • Anything about Vaya customers yet?

  • No good to me giving me 60gb then taking it back in 6 weeks I back my data for when I need it in the year I only top up 6gb a month I let it go to my data bank.

  • Amaysim sometimes have good recharge deals like $3 a month or something. So this is disappointing rather those than this 50g data.

  • Just got this SMS:

    amaysim: To show our gratitude for your patience during the recent outage, in the next two weeks we'll be giving you 60GB bonus data to use until 31/12/23. There's nothing you need to do other than stay on your current plan.

  • While this is nice information to have - everyone who is entitled to it would have received this information directly, and it does no good to anyone who was not already with Amaysim.
    Therefore I ask, how is this a deal???

  • -1

    might as well give 600gb for 1 month, sounds better

  • someone send their referral link please

  • I'm not one to even neg a SUBS deal, but at least with SUBS it's something I can pay for and then get. No one is seeing this "deal" and able to go out and get amaysim with a 60GB bonus. Existing customers get it automatically, so it's not even like a targeted deal. Literally just a PSA.

  • This isn't a deal, it's just a mediocre response to the network outage, no new customers can even take up this 'deal'

  • Does anybody know if you move to this plan from another - does it carry the data over and extend the expiry date of calls + existing data?

  • Got my Free 60GB Bonus Data credited around midnight 18-Nov-2023, so about a week earlier than the due date promised by amaysim.
    Valid for next 44 days (up to 31-Dec-2023), so I think it's pretty good.

  • 60gb only while optus giving away 200gb !!

    • +1

      How much did your Amaysim cost you vs. Optus. Perhaps move to Optus for better compensation next time…….joking!

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