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Acer Nitro 5 Laptop: Windows 11 Home, AMD Ryzen 5-6600H, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD, 144Hz, Nvidia RTX 3050 $1099 Delivered @ Acer

  • Windows 11 Home
  • AMD Ryzen™ 5 6600H Processor
  • 15.6" FHD IPS 144Hz slim bezel LCD
  • NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 with 4GB
  • 16GB RAM, 512GB PCIe NVMe SSD
  • Intel® Wireless Wi-Fi 6 AX200
  • DTS® X:Ultra Audio
  • 2.2Kg, Upto 10 Hours Battery Life
  • USB 3.2, Type-C, HDMI, RJ-45
  • 1 Year Mail in Warranty
This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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Acer Australia


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  • The Nitro 5 on special really are the most value for $ in laptops.

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    $1097 at Officeworks.

    I would not recommend a RTX3050 at this price. A 6GB RTX4050 is pretty common in this price bracket.

    • Got a link to one?

    • Officeworks only offers next business day click and collect (selling on commission for Acer?). this deal delivers directly. check your local Officeworks for availability

      • If you really want it get it from Acer. But I strongly do no recommend it.

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    I feel the 10300H with a 3060 was the best value nitro 5 at the time (if i remember correctly it was 900-950)

    This just seems like an everyday nitro 5 price, if it had a 3060 or a 4050 maybe it would be a bargin

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    I’d actually go with this https://www.jw.com.au/product/manufacturer-refurbished-acer-…

    Now it is refurbished but you still get the warranty through Acer but you also get an RTX3060 with the much needed additional 2gb VRAM over this one and an i7 processor and 1440p screen

    Edit: it’s the same price as well

    • But how's Acer refurb's quality? As good as Dell's outlet ones?

    • I actually bought a dell latitude laptop refurbished based on advised by someone on ozb. it came with a 3 yr warranty. I hardly used it. This 3rd year I found the original problem of not recognising HDD persisted as I ignored it. I got warranty service. may times. while they could not fix the problem. they told me to reinstall windows even with the 3 year on site basic warranty! I had to persuade them that it was what I thought came with the warranty. They replaced the motherboard and ssd. still the problem persisted. Had to reinstall windows. Got MSoft involved. They too asked me to download an ISO. I had to persuade them that I am not IT skilled. They did it twice with mistakes! A 3rd MSoft tech told me their error and did it correctly.
      that is dell.

  • +3

    That's what I paid for a nitro 16 with a 4050 about 2 months ago which I haven't opened yet.

    • yes that ozbargain post is out of stock, maybe should wait for black friday or boxing day discount.

      the deal above was also in the same post for $897 only but that was 25/08/2023, post end of financial year stock clearance

  • I’m trying to find a good value laptop with 1x 16gb DDR5 and a spare slot.

    Anyone know if this is single or 2x 8gb?

    Been searching no joy

    • +6

      Don't make this your criteria for a good value laptop.

      Find a good laptop with dual slots and swap both out.

      • already have a extra 16gb sodimm 4800 sitting around.

        • Lol fair.

        • +1

          Still don't make this your criteria for a good laptop - that stick is only worth $66, just offload it on eBay 🤷🏼‍♂️
          Choosing a laptop around that item is madness 😁

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    I got the old deal from a couple years ago with the RTX 3060. Would highly recommend upgrading the panel with N156KME-GNA (around $115 shipped of AliExpress). Took less than 15 min to do, and upgrades you from a 1080p 144Hz 250 nits 45% NTSC panel to 1440p 165Hz 300 nits 100% DCI-P3 panel.

    • Hi mate, you've any specific guide you recommend to follow to replace the screen? I'm keen to replace my Acer Nitro screen too.

      • +2

        I just watched this video. Relatively straightforward. Most time consuming part was getting the new panel out of its packaging (lots of bubble wrap and cling wrap). Main trick to know from the video is the black adhesive tabs - try to keep them intact, as they are totally reusable.

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    pretty bad specs for price that’s last gen

    would get this:

    -current gen ryzen 7 8 corez
    -Rtx 4060
    -dell boomer juice

    or camp for a sale even

    • +3

      also about 50% more expensive though

      • there is a current gen 6 core version too, dell is so boomer only give you 8gb ram tho

  • The previous Officeworks deal with the Phoenix based (Zen 4) Nitro+Nvidia 4050 for $1097 was a better deal.


    This should be below $1000 to make it a deal with a 3050.

  • You should easily be able to get the 3060 version for that price, and honestly you'd kinda think the 4060 model would be coming

    • that was around 1.2 I think you missed it

      might have been a 4050 tho, not that there is much diff

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