Bellroy Sling Navy $99 (Sold Out), Bellroy Sling Mini Navy $89 (RRP $139) + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


JB Hi-Fi is selling the Bellroy Sling in Navy colour for $99 and the Sling Mini also in Navy for $89. These two are cheaper than the current sale at Rushfaster.

Sling mini specifications

  • Capacity = 4L
  • Weight = 300g
  • Dimensions = 120 x 260 x 120 mm

Sling specifications

  • Capacity = 7L
  • Weight = 350g
  • Dimensions = 160 x 310 x 140 mm

I ordered for click and collect from the Chadstone store but received a call saying they do not have any stock but the shop assistant was kind enough to direct me to the next closest store with stock and updated my order to be collected at the other store.

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    • I guess sling sounds better than fanny pack

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        Who doesn't love a nice fanny pack?

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    TIL JB Hi-Fi sold Bellroy products

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    $89 for that bag, not a bargain…

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      A bargain is not your opinion.

      A bargain is "a thing bought or offered for sale much more cheaply than is usual or expected.".

      I wouldn't buy this either though.

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        The definition mentions being offered more cheaply than is usual or expected. If we expect the price to be about $30 and it's actually $89 then it's not a bargain. Irrespective of whether it's lower than the usual price.

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          Not if your expectations are ridiculous. The concept of an Ozbargain deal is simple enough, even if it won't suit a very large proportion of the audience. An individual not being able to rationalise the value/price of a product doesn't mean it isn't a deal.

          • @Igaf: I'm not making any statement on whether this particular deal is a bargain. I have no opinion on that. I'm just clarifying the definition of a bargain. Whether something is a bargain is subjective by definition. What's a bargain to one person may not be a bargain to someone else.

            • @Angelino: Thanks for clarifying Angelino. Buku can correct me if I'm wrong but I think it was obvious the comment was talking about a bargain (deal) in the context if this website.

              Doubt anyone would disagree with your comment in general. It may even be useful to the handful of people who presumably came down in the last shower and don't understand the concept. "99%" of deals aren't bargains to most of us for a variety of reasons yet it's (fortunately) uncommon for people to pollute deals with simplistic/ambiguous comments like the one he replied to.

    • I got a Crumpler backpack for about the same price. I don't consider this a bargain either.

  • Anyone else feel 10-11L is more an ideal sling size?

    • That depends on how much you want to carry

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    These are great for travelling. Can throw in it passport, charging cable, pens, gum, sanitizer

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      Don't forget the vape

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        Or the drugs.

        • Or the pit vipers

        • It's better to hide the drugs in a place that's harder to search

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            @spaceflight: You're right, there's another deal for undies just below actually.

    • Don’t forget to throw in your TOURIST forehead sticker

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    Got one, not sure I would buy again.

    Loose stitching everywhere, when I emailed Bellroy about it, they said it was normal and sent me a couple of zipper pulls to fix myself.

    • Thanks for the heads up. I normally like to check that sort of thing in person but no stores around to looks so thanks for letting me know.

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      I've got a lot of Bellroy products and I'm always impressed with how well made they are. Never had any issues.

    • Normal sling or sling mini?

      • Normal sling. Bought from DJs a few years back.

        DJs said they will call me back to discuss my options. Surprise surprise they haven't called me back.

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      We have the mini. It's a nice sling. Not sure how much we'd pay for it though. We got it at a clearance price.

    • Never had a problem with Bellroy products, I bought a lot. But I have to say the newer versions are better designed and they fixed some of the old design issue.

  • There's something I'm missing. It includes the electronics inside ?

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    You’d want to be on 500k p.a plus to buy stuff like this

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      Yeah for sure. Only people on half a million per year can afford 100 bucks.

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      You’d want to be on 500k p.a plus to buy stuff like this

      Why the poor man pays twice.

      I used to buy plenty of cheap shit, like $30 backpacks that would last a few months to a year. Decided to buy a $300 one when I got sick of it, five years later, still going strong and looks to last ages more.

      Wish I'd just spent the money upfront vs. wasting money and time cheaping out.

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        Welcome to boots theory

        The reason that the rich were so rich, Vimes reasoned, was because they managed to spend less money. Take boots, for example. … A man who could afford fifty dollars had a pair of boots that'd still be keeping his feet dry in ten years' time, while a poor man who could only afford cheap boots would have spent a hundred dollars on boots in the same time and would still have wet feet.[

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        Gents, it’s a sling bag/purse, not a f1 car

        • It's also just $99 for something that can last many years…

  • Used the 7L one on a recent trip. Good quality, light weight, nice zips.

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    Damn only navy? I mostly wear black (Melbourne). Navy clashes with black. Le sigh.

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    Having to sew on your own Adidas strips kills this deal.

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    I love Bellroy products, but this is definitely one where you’re better off buying the equivalent sling from Uniqlo or Typo for $20.

    • Any reason?

      • Price probably. They're "equivalent" in that they're shoulder/sling bags. If price is your main thing there are hundreds of cheap alternatives.

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    Bum bags are good for travelling. Especially at the airport where you need to pull your passports out several times (departing and arriving).

    These have RFID lining to protect your cards and passport. I got mine under $100. Plenty of compartments to keep your small belongings safe (inc various currencies).…

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    ATTENZIONE Pickpocket !
    ATTENZIONE Pickpocket !

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    This or the tomtoc ozbargain favourite (when it comes on sale next)?

  • 404 not found on the 7L sling

  • Pulled the trigger on the mini, cheers OP.

  • got one of these a few years ago. awesome purchase. can fit so much stuff in it. can fit my zojirushi flask, wallet, powerbank or tablet and Headphones without the flask in it easily. one of my favourite purchases. highly recommend. Had mine for 2-3 years. you probably wont need another cross body bag after this

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