LG 31.5" Ultra HD $349, Bauhn 70" TV 4K UHD $629, 40" TV FHD Android $269, Lenovo Tab M10 + 3rd Gen $199, DeLonghi $179 @ ALDI


Spotted these Black Wed deals on Best Aussie Markdown FB page, thanks to Bot.

LG 31.5" Ultra HD Monitor 32UR500-B$349.00

Bauhn 70" 4K UHD TV with WebOS$629.00

Bauhn 40" Full HD Android TV$269.00

Lenovo Tab M10 Plus 3rd Gen Bundle 10.61" (4GB / 64GB)$199.00

DeLonghi Dedica Espresso Coffee Machine$179.00 White.

Segway Ninebot Kickscooter D28U$399.00

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This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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  • +1

    Lenovo Tab M10 Plus 3rd Gen Bundle 10.61" (4GB / 64GB)… $222.00 $199

    It's this bot related to Dealbot?

    • It is dealbot's facebook group

  • +4

    Just wait till the tabs are 99 on clearance.

    • +13

      I see you’ve played Aldi Clarence Seek before.

  • I was going to buy the EXPRESSI Coffee Capsule Machine which is great for what it worths (I had one before and gave it to parents). Now I see this DeLonghi Dedica Espresso Coffee Machine for almost x2.5 the EXPRESSI price. Does anyone own one these? I'd appreciate some feedback!

    • +2

      I got one of these (I think, it looks that same and it was oh so long ago) from Amazon I think when they were going for about 100(?) years ago.
      Never had any complaints from people I make coffee for, its nice and compact and seems well made and robust.
      They arent as conveniant as pods but I prefer the flexability and quality of result most of the time.

      • +2

        Don't forget you can however actually use ESE pods

  • +7

    Just highlighting the tablet has a Mediatek CPU instead of the Snapdragon found in the better model and the Chinese Xiaoxin version.

    So be careful when reading reviews.

    The Xiaoxin also has a model with 6gb of ram.

    • xiaoxin pad pro comes in 8gb now

      • +1

        The non pro that this is the equivalent of comes in 4 and 6.

    • Thanks for pointing this out. I bought two of the Xiaoxin pad earlier this year from China, the snapdragon version with 6GB RAM. I was feeling remorseful when I saw these ones come up at $199 each. Then I saw your comment and remembered there are different versions.

  • +5

    This LG monitor sounds like legit deal, it seems to be the same monitor as the recent $369 Landmark computers deal but with a non vertically adjustable stand.


    The plus is Aldi’s return policies if you get bad pixels. How do you beat the 60day no questions asked free returns for a monitor?

    Talk me out of it for an Office, web, non pro YouTube video editing monitor

    • How about using the 40" Bauhn TV? Under $300 so you get to claim it all in a tax year vs depreciation.

      • +2

        FHD? Nah!

    • +1

      I've been using that exact same model since probably beginnings of covid, no issues so far for me. it's not curved but for that price, i cant complain

      • So you have the 32UR500-B?

        Is the brightness OK with cranking it right up?

        What about the colours and viewing angles?


    • +3

      Very tempted but I don't think my missus will be happy with another 32" monitor at home…

    • But Brightness (Typ.) [cd/m²] 250

  • +1

    Found specs of LG monitor here, it says this one comes with VA panel. Might still get this one!

    • It's still gonna be a good monitor for non-gaming and non-editing usages. Aka web browsing, office tasks and media. I'm so tempted if I didn't have my Ultragear already…

    • -1


      Yeah nah

  • Anyone’s experience on WebOS TV from Aldi? Are they actually from LG but with cheaper specs? Is it worth the price or better alternatives out there? Thanks in advance🙏

    • +2

      No. Nothing to do with LG besides running the same OS.

    • Happy with it - it doesn't support the app Binge though - not sure why?

  • M10 Plus 3rd Gen is better than the M10 3rd Gen they sold last time. I hope it gets reduced to $99 too.

    • Anything can happen (if they dont get sold for a long time)
      Last time they mostly sat around under bench so not a single customer saw them honestly. (but then again times change, so does their management and their ways of managing displays of specials in store)

  • +3

    I did want to share the

    Bauhn 40" Full HD Android TV… $269.00
    Lenovo Tab M10 Plus 3rd Gen Bundle 10.61" (4GB / 64GB)… $199.00
    Segway Ninebot Kickscooter D28U… $399.00

    deals, but couldn't do because of various reasons anyway glad someone saw these ones. Keep in mind if item is faulty it can returned easily within the warranty period also.

  • That scanpan knife set looks good though

  • +5

    Anyone have experience with the 70” TV? My last tv which I bought in 2010 has recently failed so im on the lookout. It doesn’t have to be any flashy super pixel transformer thing. Just wondering if it’s it worth it or coming up with another couple hundred and buying a brand name? Thanks in advance

    • Have been using it for a month now - no problems.
      Just 2 things - does not support Binge
      and the remote is mapped to Netflix and Prime - would have preferred Youtube instead of Prime

  • Will this tablet play HD netflix? I understand that the AliExpress versions do not

    • +1

      They do if you flash the Chinese rom and lock the boot loader.

      • Yeah i dont want to do that.

  • I got the m10+ 6gb/128 from Aliexpress for sub $200 - very good for around that money, even at 4gb.

    Has decent custom rom support too, Ive loaded it up with Evolution X(Android 13)

    • As I mentioned above, the ones on AliExpress have a better CPU and shouldn’t be used as indicator of these ones.

      Also, heads up, flashing custom roms is resulting in bricks lately. Check out 4pda forums (using google translator).

      • oh true, yeah maybe - what CPU do these come with? Mediatek? Amazon shows their 4gb model as Qualcomm

        and yes custom roms are a tricky road. Lenovo also region lock their roms which is another hurdle to get around

        • +2

          Yeah Aldi lists this as Mediatek. Here in Australia they sell both Mediatek and Snapdragon under the same model name (stupidly confusing). In China it’s just Snapdragon.

          • @PainToad: If it's just you, go for it. If it's for the family, just buy an entry level iPad and be done with it for 5-7 years.

  • -4

    Stay away from bauhn its rubbish

    • Well 60 days return is pretty good if one turned out to have panel issues. Otherwise they are as good as cheap TV comes to be honest. Got a secondhand BAUHN 55" before and it ran a good 4 years before giving up with intermittent screen tearing so I'd say pretty decent longevity.

    • My 106cm from 2010 for $749 is still working…

  • +2

    Does this particular LG monitor actually have a VESA mount midden under that backplate? Or is the included stand the only option?

    • Keen to know as well

    • Wall Mountable [mm] 100 x 100 mm

      from the LG website

  • +2

    Bauhn 70" TV 4K UHD $629, is Bauhn a decent brand?

    • +1

      Missus had work colleagues that swore against any bauhn products, terrible finish and overall quality according to them. Proceed at your own risk though YMMV

    • +1

      Not gonna blow you away but if you want big TV and cheap price they are pretty ok. Remembered reading somewhere that they actually got LG panel which is pretty good so if you're lucky it might last a long time. Had one preowned before for 4 years before it gave out.

    • My 106cm from 2010 for $749 is still working…
      Its a German brand.. I think. But, Made in china, i assume.

  • How do you say "Bauhn" as in "Bond, James Bond"?

    • +2


      Bauhn, Aldi Bauhn!

      • +3

        I always thought it was pronounced like the American JB instead. As in Jason Bourne.
        Do I have the wrong Bauhn Identity?

        • +1

          For the price, it's the best in the market. Bauhn Supremacy

    • +1

      Since it's a German brand my guess is something like Bah-oohn.

      • It's more like Bew-ewun. Source: I'm Chinese German

  • keen on the Lenovo Tab … but not sure if it will be worth it for my purpose … purely for entertainment … light gaming, streaming and manga … anyone used it before?

    • Should be okay. I put modified apk for Spotify into it. Gorgeous free entertainment

  • Can we use Google TV 4K on the LG monitor as a 4K TV?

    • +1

      Yeap, but mindful that peak brightness is only 250 nits.
      Personally I cant use the ones below 300 nits.

    • it is a VA panel though, you can get used TV with IPS for less

      • +2

        VA panel is way better for image quality in tvs. Who would want super wide viewing angles with reduced overall image quality. Yes off angle for VA has bad contrast but at least straight on is enjoyable.

  • Is this LG monitor better than Dell 27 4K UHD Monitor - S2721QS

    • Yes, the Dell is 27” and the LG is 32” Many people say 4K sucks on a 27.

      The Dell 32 is well over $100 more but has much better stand. Video quality probably would not be massively different, both VA.

      • The Dell 32 is curved isn't it?
        I don't know why but a curved monitor just doesn't look right

    • +1

      They are very different:

      My understanding of the difference is:

      Dell S2721QS (White)
      - 27"
      - IPS Panel for greater colours and viewing angles
      - Height adjustable stand
      - 3W speakers

      LG 32UR550-B (Black)
      - 31.5"
      - VA panel
      - Greater contrasts for deeper blacks
      - 5W speakers
      - External power supply

      Depends on what is important to you:
      - Is it screen size?
      - Is it height adjustable stand?
      - Is it colour or contrast?
      - Do you want less cables so you future proof yourself with USC-C with power delivery? (in which case neither of these, I got the 32" LGUP550 for ~$100 more or you can go S2722QC for ~$40 more when on special)

      • In order of preference …
        1) 27 inch is sufficient but 32inch is also ok
        2) bank for buck
        3) Speakers is a must
        4) usb c would be a bonus
        The S2722QC is only $359.52 at the moment, is that pretty good????

  • I wonder if the gaming chair is any good… Can't see the brand though

    • +1

      No, if it’s just the recoloured version of the black and white one they sold for ~$150 2/3yrs ago. I would steer clear. You’d be more comfortable sitting on a milk crate. If you want to know what riding a bike without the seat is like, this is it.

  • +1

    That 70" is a BLOOMING good deal 🤣

  • I got the M10 (non plus) tablet last deal. Intrrnet streaming is fine but for some reason its absolute garbage with home media servers like Plex and jellyfin. Is this likely the memory or a configuration issue?

    • +1

      Sounds like transcoding is happening and your server is struggling.

  • Black Friday is just over a week kids! You can do it!

    • What’s it?

  • Do Officework/JB price match with Aldi?? looking for M10 + tab.

    • +1

      Probably not as it's a bundle with case and pen. I was lucky to get the last one this morning! not much stock left

      • yep, also managed to get 2 yesterday morning. went @ 8.45. already seen 5/6 sold.

  • Does this tablet (Lenovo Tab M10 Plus 3rd Gen Bundle 10.61" (4GB / 64GB)) have feature which auto wake up when you walk up to it?

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