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Dyson Airwrap Complete Long $599 Delivered @ David Jones


Price down from $949 to $599. One of the cheapest prices in a long time. Been waiting for a deal to get the wife one for Christmas.

2% cash back at cash rewards.

Colours available:
Blue Blush

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David Jones
David Jones

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    Still too expensive

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    Price match with official dyson website and you can get complimentary gift valued at $99

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      How to do that ?

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        Phone in or messenger chat. They guarantee best price. Currently also have complementary gift valued at $99.

        • What is the gift?

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            @unity1: A meal, a succulent Chinese meal?

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              @Attlas: I see that you know your Judo well

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      Nice. What’s the gift? I price matched JB Hi-Fi live chat personally and used 10% discount gift cards. So I’m happy with $540.

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        Storage bag, personalised with initials. And complimentary wrapping - good for christmas gift

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          Fair enough. Personally happier with the $60 extra off I got. Wouldn’t want to personalise it anyway so that it can be sold in the future. But I’m sure that would be appealing to some.

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            @dwhes: A very balanced viewpoint. Personally for my other half I can see them totally chuffed with the personalisation and I'm pretty sure she'd want to run the device into the ground.

        • I can't see the storage bag as an option, only the initials personalisation and gift wrapping :(

        • Dyson chat only offered the price match + gift. Said can't do customisation or gift wrapping via chat

        • Only offers the storage bag, no to the complimentary wrapping and personalisation unforatunely

      • Is it possible to buy 10% jb Hi-Fi gift cards right now or was it previous deal?

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          Go on the classified section here and create a post saying you want to buy $600 worth of JB cards at 10% off. I’ve always been able to find someone that had cards they wanted to sell. Had 2 people message me within minutes of posting today.

          • @dwhes: Oh I’m unable to because I’ve had my account for less than a year - thanks anyway!

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          Price match with the Good guys today and they give you 3 days to pay, cards go on sale tomorrow.

    • Can you still pay with Afterpay and get cashback?

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      I got this from chat: Please be advised any bonus gifts, personalisation or giftwrapping currently offered on our website with the Airwraps will not be included as we will be price matching David Jones to an exact.

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      Nah, i just tried it and the rep said they only match like for like and dont give you the gift. If you got it you were lucky.

    • we don’t price match Dyson themselves unfortunately (idk why tho)

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    What is this? It looks like a pen?

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      Hair curler

      • gosh still so exy for a hair curler though lol

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          Yes the true hair curler is the price

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    Thanks for posting

    So in summary
    - $540 via JBHIFI/Good Guys price match + more if using discounted gift cards
    - or $599 + bag, engraving, and gift wrapping

    Is this right?

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      $540 for jb Hi-Fi or good guys is if you have 10% discounted gift cards

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      No engraving or gift wrapping if price matching

      Free hair brush

      • Good to know, don’t think misso needs a hairbrush

        • I was able to swap that for a travel pouch which is $99 and very handy

          • @abs898: Chat would'nt give me the pouch

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              @tikz: Yup call them

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              @tikz: Definitely call them. Dyson chat CS team is not friendly. Phone team seems to be much friendlier and customer oriented.

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        I just price matched and was told you can take the product to a demo store to get it engraved once you receive it. I also had mine gift wrapped.

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          Looks like it really depends on who answers your call/chat. Everyone got a different deal.

          I have got a demo store right next door to me, will pop by

          • @abs898: I just picked one up from Moore Park and they gave me the travel pouch and hairbrush. It was the Rich Copper / Bright Nickel.

            They checked DJs and didn't mention that the colour isn't part of the deal. Didn't ask about engraving/embossing.

            • @Sirfranko: I didn't know you could buy from demo store

  • Pretty sure free hair brush is only the blue blush colour option, not the bright nickel/copper or fuschia.

  • I wish they offered a trial/demo that we can send back we don't like it

    • +1

      45 days money back guarantee

      • So the wife can use it for a few days and if she hates it I can return it?

        • +2

          The Airwrap or the wife?

        • Yup. Wife can't be returned d

  • +1

    This is a good price. It is the "newer" version with the smoothing attachment. Some shops are still selling the old set which has the mini blower attachment.

    • How do you know that this is the newer version?

      • +1

        It is the "newer" version with the smoothing attachment

        This has smoothing attaching listed

  • 949 before? Now on sale for 600?

    Its always good be bald, calm & understanding.

  • Just got back from Japan and Dyson products are surprisingly a lot cheaper over there. Here's the airwrap I saw at "Donkey" for ¥37,800 (approx. AUD $392)…

    • Thanks for the info

    • +1

      That's the old one isn't it? Worry not booking my flights now

    • Thanks for info, yes looks like the old one as it has the 4 barrels. It is also the complete, not complete long.

      • ah didn't realise there's a newer 'long' version out. Still a good price! I was expecting the price to be static worldwide similar to apple products.

    • +1

      I believe if you get from Japan its 110V, so you need a voltage adapter to use in Australia (240V)

      • +1

        This is correct. Just got back from Japan and almost bought one but friends told me that you would need a Voltage adapter. Was wondering why it was so much cheaper!

        • +1

          I'm surprised. I thought nowadays they just make everything compatible with 110v-240v.

  • -2

    Jeez… and I baulked at a $300-$400 GHD hair straightener (eventually caved as a combined birthday/Christmas gift).

    $1,000 for this thing?!?! No chance.

    I wish I lived in a world where these things were realistic purchase options.

    • +1

      Supposedly this is multiple hair tools in one? I have no idea and struggle to see how it’s worth the money. But the wife has been wanting one for ages and I spend money on plenty of crap for myself lol.

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    Has anything had any luck with any retailer being able to price match the item with a different colour configuration ?

    • From my experience they only price match the exact colour configuration if they have it in stock and competitor have in stock

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    Looks like a good deal, but surely there is a black Friday deal coming up?

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    Rubbish product and doesnt work. Curls fall out straight away and especially horrible for fine hair. Sold my wife's one after a few months. Watched all the tutorials and still couldn't get it working.

    • Suppose that's why so many women want it?

      • They don't really - if you watch YT like a true fan boy though, you will get confirmation bias when watching a review from someone who received one as a gift from Dyson.

        • +1

          Or you know, people maybe have different experiences with products.

    • +1

      I thought the same at first. I finally worked out how to use it so the curls held and then my teen decided she liked it more.

  • So can I order from the dyron website and pickup from their experience stores or is it postage only?

    • If you order from the Dyson website it will be postage, otherwise you can go to their experience stores and they should price it at the Dyson website usually

  • +2

    Nice Dancing Arab

    • +1

      My wife wants one but is it a cultural thing or a product? Haha.

  • +1

    Dancing Arab?

  • In which case would you choose long vs normal version? My wife has medium-length hair (about 10-15cm pass shoulders). Thanks

    • I just got the long one, wife could grow out her hair and from reviews, it doesn't matter too much

  • Managed to get Dyson to price match this from NZ, in NZD. :D

    Plus Amex NZ has a 5% Dyson rebate at the moment also. :D :D

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    I just price matched with Dyson's sale customer service. I called them, and they happily matched it for $599, plus they included a complimentary travel bag for the Airwrap, which is currently selling for $99 on their website.
    Great customer service and a fantastic deal! Just give them a call. Best of luck!

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    I just got it from JB. My paid amount was $519 using gift card.

    • Can you please share how did you got it $519. Can't figure out the maths.

  • Any idea when this ends?!

    • 27th November.

  • The blue/blush option stills lists as full price $949 - am I looking at the wrong one?…

    • I ended up going to Good Guys as I had a couple of their $20 vouchers, and asked two questions.

      "Do you price match David Jones?" while showing them their webpage with a price of $599 for the nickel

      "Do you have any of the blue in stock?"

      All done, and paid $559 plus my vouchers

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    Hi all, I actually wanted to get the Blue/Blush colour. So I rang all the DJ stores, and did the online chat yesterday (Nov 20). DJ has sold out the Blue/Blush colour online & in-store. So I rang TGG this morning (Nov 21) and asked what if they would price match. The TGG rep checked the DJ promotion but there was only the Fushia colour left. Fortunately, she was so nice and asked what colour I wanted so she could ask the manager if they could price match. In the end I got the deal for $599 (price matched the current DJ promotion on Airwraps), and paid using the gift card with the CR 3% cashback so I actually paid $581.03, which I am happy about. My nearest TGG only had five Blue/Blush left (before I paid). Picked it up from the store 20 mins after. The Dyson live chat was terrible in my opinion. The Dyson rep refused to price match the DJ promotion for the Blue/Blush colour, and insisted that it needed to be 'product for product', aka the current Blue/Blush shown on DJ website for price matching their Blue/Blush, whereas TGG was willing to price match AND allowed you to choose colour. I guess I can live without the gift since I got the colour I wanted.

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