Extra 50% on The Buy-Back Value for Pre-Loved IKEA Furniture @ IKEA (Free Family Membership Required)


Sell us your pre-loved IKEA furniture
We're all feeling the pinch of living at the moment, so there's no better time to get cleverer with our resources. Let's clean up and refresh your home ready for the new year. Sell your pre-loved furniture back to us and we’ll make sure it gets a second chance at life. In exchange, you get an IKEA refund card, ready to use on something you need now.

Better yet, IKEA Family members earn 50% on the Buy-back value from 13 November – 22 December.


Comments from the previous promo in August 2023

How IKEA Buy-back works

  1. Determine what you want to resell. Only unmodified, completely assembled second hand IKEA furniture is accepted for buyback. Refer to the lists of eligible/ineligible products below. For ineligible items, consider reuse, donation, selling via online marketplaces or recycling.
  2. Use the buy-back estimator tool. Find what IKEA furniture you’re interested in selling and tell us its condition. You’ll get an estimate of what IKEA will pay to buy back your furniture.
  3. Make sure your furniture is clean and assembled, ready for its new home. Bring it and your estimate to the Exchange and Returns section of your nearest IKEA store.
  4. Pat yourself on the back. You’re helping us prolong product life, promote second hand furniture and waste less. Thanks for contributing to making IKEA more circular and to becoming people and planet positive!
  5. Your IKEA Refund card can be used in any Australian IKEA store, or on IKEA.com.au. Your refund card is valid for 3 years from the date of issue.

We are looking for…

  • Unmodified, completely assembled, clean IKEA products
  • Chest of drawers
  • Office chairs and desks
  • Bedside tables
  • Display cabinets
  • Sideboards
  • Bookcases and shelf units
  • Sofas and armchairs
  • Office storage
  • TV benches
  • Cabinets
  • Dining tables and chairs

And more

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  • Nice

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      • +5


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          Alright stop. Collaborate and listen.

          • +2

            @runamuck: Nice is back with my brand new pre-loved invention

  • +16

    So you're telling me I can buy preassembled Ikea furniture? That to me is more the deal than trading in existing stuff. haha

    • All you have to accept are the scratches and the stripped screws.

      • +3

        I mean you can look over it before you buy. Most of it seems fine condition when I've looked, just low odds of having what you need.

  • +1

    It’s a mixed bag, sometimes you’ll get someone happy to pay close to the top level condition, sometimes you’ll get someone that lowballs it as in worse condition even if it’s fine. You just have to take it or leave it, but lugging around partly or fully assembled furniture isn’t the easiest unless you have the right vehicle, so having taken it there you might well just want to accept it. So I dunno - just don’t count on getting the full quoted value even if it’s in good condition

    • +1

      My experience was the low balling guy. If that is what they are going to do it’s a scam in my opinion because they give you the price estimate online then you lug in your furniture and they just low ball knowing you won’t take it back most likely. But they sell the program as their giving back or less waste but they lowball and all you get is IKEA credit.

      Two other tips

      Make sure it’s fully intact, like if a cabinet is missing a back plate or something they won’t take it.

      Give the items a thorough clean, it’s in the fine print of the program, one of my items had a little bit of dust that I missed and it was a big issue for the lowball guy.

      Good luck.

      • +2

        Which store does the low ball guy work?

  • +6

    So you have to transport and carry the pre-assembled furniture back to and into an Ikea store? Sounds like it would be easier to sell gumtree/ebay and get someone to come and pick it

    • It's quite a situational deal, but with the increased trade-in value you don't have to deal with tirekickers on FB/Gumtree.

      • +1

        tyre tire

        • -1

          Tire is American spelling so nothing wrong with being a tirekicker.

    • In my case I’d spend more money trying to bring it in.

    • +1

      You only get IKEA credit though.

    • You only get back Ikea credit if you sell back to Ikea.

      Not cash.

  • How can the buy back be more than rrp lol

  • -1

    Why don't people just sell the furniture on classifieds and avoid the middleman

    • +10

      Because dealing with dumbasses and time wasters on Gumtree etc sucks.

    • +9

      It'll sit up for a week for some guy to go "30 cash today mate" on the item you've listed for $500

    • +1

      and Ikea is offering 90% of what I paid for the furniture 7 years ago.
      Dont think ill get that on gumtree….

  • +2

    Friend sold some old furniture to Ikea then saw it relisted at the same price Ikea paid for them. Funnily enough his son had a change of heart and bought one of the items back.

    Don't know how this would work. Ikea wouldn't make a loss surely…

    • +4

      No, because they don't pay cash, they pay in ikea gift cards, which probably costs them half of the face value (assuming 100% profit markup beyond cost price). So reselling the item to someone else for same price in cash means 100% ROI.

    • +8

      You can though.

      You can give them de seat, de bookcases, de bedside tables…

      • Overall de-ceased items… XD

  • It works better on things like office chairs.

  • Wait a second .. they are offering me $570 for my Ektorp 3 seater I bought on here 5 years ago for $399?

    • Go for it, make a cut before they find out…

    • They did this a few years back. Took back my perfect condition 5 + year old drawers and credited me full price. (didn't have the extra 50% on top back then). They gave be money back in form of giftcards.

    • How could you bring the sofa to the store? Please let me know your know-how.

      • I have a LWB Sprinter van.

  • +1

    May have to take this up. I have two grey billy bookcases that I have had on FB marketplace for 3 weeks now for $0 and still no takers.

  • Aside from IKEA, is there anywhere else I can get affordable, modern minimalist, white furniture?

    • Mocka and Fantastic Furniture is what I can think of. But Ikea has more variety and their 365 day return policy is hard to beat!!

      • IKEA probably has the best quality in its price bracket and the best assembly manuals too. Fantastic Furniture is okay, but worse than IKEA, IMO. Can’t comment on Mocka, but we’ve also bought from Temple & Webster, which was the worst of the lot.

  • Cool, so have a computer desk and chair that has been sitting somewhere collecting dust and can take that back and get something for them.

  • +2

    Just took my lounge there, paid $2049 a couple years ago, got like $1978 back, and no wasting time dealing with fb people.

    Also I picked “As new” as the condition and they didn’t question it (which I thought they would’ve).

    • Which Ikea did you take it to?

      • Rhodes NSW, I’ve since taken a dining table back there which I paid $200 for (from their buy-back section) and they gave me $224 credit, they don’t seem to check the stuff too much.

        • Are able to use the store credit instantly?

          • @Chimi: Yeah they give you a refund card, virtually a gift card, with whatever the amount is, has been super quick and easy both times for me.

  • Is there a way to convert the refund card to cash, even if it's a steep discount?

  • +1

    I did this with something i got from marketplace, so it doesn't need to be an original purchase

  • +1

    Went in yesterday and sold a dresser table that I got from AS-IS from 2017 for $65 back to them for $107. So great.

    • Lucky, As-Is stuff is excluded, likely they didn't realise or it wasn't obvious!

  • Got a very old sofa bed doesn't seem still on their list.

  • If I have a Besta Shelf unit with doors, but different doors to what they show, then it's no go?

  • Sounds interdasting, thanks op

    Question - can I sell back in "as new" quality when I literally have never received an item delivered from Ikea without blemishes (likely due to handling, not manufacture)

  • +2

    Wanted to share my experience with this program.

    Went to sell both of my excellent condition VEDBO armchairs. I went to the Springvale, VIC store.

    I had selected as-new condition on the website, but was prepared to accept “Very good” condition instead.

    When I arrived at the store, the girl behind the counter was very nice but then got her colleague in the back to do the assessment. The man said mine was in bad condition and had extremely worn arm rests and returned out the back. The girl told me he considered the item “well used”.

    I asked for another evaluation and it was rejected. I had no choice but to sell it as I already took a lot of time to lug it.

    Here is a photo of my product for reference. I feel it’s unfair but I’ll let the community be the judge:


    • +4

      The arm bits do look a bit yellow man, too much tea! Deffers not as new and very good condition would be pushing it!

  • Use your buy back gift vouchers this weekend for an extra 15% off ;)

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