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Up to 30% off PlayStation Plus 12 Month Subscriptions @ PlayStation


Black Friday 2023 PlayStation Plus

PlayStation Plus
During PlayStation’s Black Friday promotion from November 17 – 27, players who join PlayStation Plus can save up to 30% on 12-month membership plans. Current PlayStation Plus members can save 25% when upgrading a current plan to PlayStation Plus Extra, or save 30% when upgrading to PlayStation Plus Premium/Deluxe.

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This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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  • +54

    So, taking the price back to what it was before Jack arrived?

    • +3

      Exactly, ebay jack style

    • +17

      FYI Discount is for new customer or upgrade only.

      So for most people it's not even taking the price back to rrp of last year

  • +11

    It used to be 50% off not so long ago. I am fortunate to be Turkish 😁

    • +3

      RIP Turkiye prices

    • I'm Turkish until January 2028

      • I’m Turkish too haha

  • +5

    Where’s 50%??? I thought it would be a no brainer after price jacking

    • Micro$oft and $ony have starting price jacking on subscriptions this year.

      With Micro$oft stopped offering free monthly games, I am worried $ony will follow.

      • +4

        Microsoft has also been actively nerfing its rewards program. I guess too many people were able to maintain their GamePass subs for free.

        • -1

          So I tend to exchange for other gift cards (Amazon, JB etc…).

          Turkey GamePass Ultimate deal before Micro$oft price jack was good. It's a pity virtual cards are now blocked coz Red Dead Redemption 1 for 77 Lira (with 20% VAT added) is only ~$4.25.

  • +29

    Cancelled when the price increased, not renewing for this crap deal.

    • +33

      Ok. Hopefully everyone that’s not renewing lets us know.

      • +6

        I'm also not renewing. Gonna scab the service for free gamesharing off a mate.

      • +5

        I'm also not renewing. Just because you wanted to know

      • +6

        My sub runs out on the 26th and i ain't renewing at those prices

      • +7

        there are dozens of us!

      • +4

        Expires end of month for me - not renewing either!

      • +4

        Hey mate, just wanting to let you know that I also will not be renewing.

      • Can I get a Flaming Moe?

    • -6

      It's alright I'm sure Sony learned their lesson. They are better off increasing their prices a bit every year, than increasing their prices at all until for a few years and then bump up the price.

      Even though the difference to the gamer's hip pocket is nil.

  • +13

    Even with the discount, still far too expensive imo

  • +29

    So unlike pretty much every previous Black Friday PS Plus deal, there is now zero discount for anyone already on the top tier that wishes to renew. Discounts are for new subscribers or upgrades only. Sony's message to their best customers: "go fk yourselves".

    • +12

      They've lost their minds if they ever had them to begin with. Imagine grinningly slapping the face of your best customers. I hope everyone who sees this cynical garbage falls back to Basic (obviously necessary if you're going to keep the PS5) or leaves them.

      People should also know too going into this that quite a lot of decent games have quietly been snuck off Extra (Ghost Recon Wildlands for instance), while new titles being added are mostly hot garbage.

      They basically suckered us all in mid-year with Ratchet and Clank and they haven't added a single worthwhile game since.

      • I still have a few years of basic paid for, otherwise I would leave them.

      • Imagine grinningly slapping the face of your best customers.

        Pretty sure that's big corporation 101 lol

  • +15

    Of all the customers Sony should be concerned about, it's those of us who are already at top tier, whose subscription renewals stand to cost the most after the wild price hike.

    But, instead of noticing this and offering us anything at all for being their top paying customers, they decide to only offer discounts to new customers, and upgrading customers - offering those of us already at Deluxe tier, who might have been dumb enough to reup for another year of Deluxe at even 20% off (because we were dumb enough to upgrade to it already), LITERALLY NOTHING AT ALL!

    Sony's stupidity knows no boundaries.

    • +2

      Yeah more of us should speak with our pocket.
      I hope they lose more money because of cancelled subscriptions than they would have made with new subscriptions

    • Totally agree, they probably think Deluxe subscribers can afford whatever price and won't be bothered and it seems they are after users like me who did not renew after the price hike. I have been waiting for a discount and will probably renew. I might also look into Turkey a bit further.

    • +1

      Its not just Sony but most business.
      They want to cater to new customers cause to their knowledge if you're already top tier sub you already paid, they dont care about that, they want new revenue?

      Eg, i've been with Telstra for many years, i wanted to upgrade plans and if you're a new customer you get a new modem but as a already customer i get nothing? However i canceled and then resign up i got the modem..

  • +28

    The deal is sh!t, as per article:

    During PlayStation’s Black Friday promotion from November 17 – 27, players who join PlayStation Plus can save up to 30% on 12-month membership plans. Current PlayStation Plus members can save 25% when upgrading a current plan to PlayStation Plus Extra, or save 30% when upgrading to PlayStation Plus Premium/Deluxe.

    So no discount for renewal, only for new sign up and upgrade.

    • +1

      I'm still a bit confused. I had playstation plus on ps4 gen. Then briefly and foolishly jumped to xbox series. Now purchased a PS5 (same account as PS4, though update my email address). Since purchasing the PS5 I haven't had PS subscription.

      Now I want to go with the Extra tier - does this mean I would get 25% off?


      • +4

        Yes. You get rewarded with a discount for upgrading. Once you've upgraded as high as you can go, you're forgotten about.

    • They should have given the 30% discount to everyone.
      I am going to cancel when my sub ends.

  • -6

    At least it is better than no discount

  • +19

    This is a crap deal, they crap on the faces of their existing customers and haven't recently added a worthwhile game, total rubbish.

  • +1

    This isn't a great deal.

    But surprised people didn't just buy a few years worth earlier to make best use of prices before it went up.

  • Does it stack with turkey?

    • +16

      No. Reading the fine print it says subscriptions are not edible and should not be consumed, either between bread or otherwise.

      • Haha gold. Maybe I should start reading fine prints because that was not immediately obvious to me.

  • +3

    Sony have done half price PS+ in early December following the Black Friday deal. It was either last year or the year before. With the jacked prices, I'd say there's a good chance it will happen again this year. I'm going to hold out.

  • +3

    My subscription ends in December, I won't be renewing. The monthly games are generally rubbish. I'll probably play one or two of them a year. I won't miss the "service".

  • +2

    This makes it easy to cancel. Wasn’t using it much anyway.

    I guess I’ll get some kind of offer soon if I end up missing it.

  • -3


  • +3

    So my subscription on deluxe ends in 3 weeks, can i cancel and go for this to get the discount. Does it only work for newbies or returning customers?

    • +3

      Also agree what a crud way to reward people who are already subscribers

  • Haha, shove it Sony. What a terrible deal for loyal customers (like me) who've been subscribed ever since PS+ started almost 15 years ago.

  • I think this might be a decent time to try Forza

  • I had a browse through Sony Pictures Core (Sony's streaming service that is included with Extra and Deluxe) and it is very lackluster. Movies are old and can be found on other streaming services.

  • +1

    My girlfriend just upgraded to the highest tier just the other day so won't be eligible for this…

    Also what are these prices? I'm unsure of how some people can say console gaming is cheaper then PC gaming with all costs considered in a consoles lifespan. I haven't gotten a console since PS3 once Sony started charging subscription is when they lost me and with the hike of subscription prices I hope plenty of people do the same.

  • Imagine paying to play online

  • +1

    Sweet as, just upgraded to Deluxe last night… -_-

  • My current subscription ends 19th Dec. If I purchase again on the 20th Dec would I be considered new and 30% off. Does anyone have the current or similar scenario.

    • This deal won't run that long. Unclear whether Sony will run some other promotions during holiday season.

  • +3

    Subscription expired in September, and I'm not planning to renew. Now, I'm only playing offline games or free-to-play multiplayer. One day, I checked all the games I received over the years and asked myself if I really wanted to play them again. The answer was NO, so I didn't renew my subscription.

    Tip: Talk to a friend and split the subscription cost. One account can be used on two consoles, with one as primary and the other as secondary. Users on the primary console can play games installed by the main account and play online. Only the main account on the secondary console can use the subscription benefits.

    If your friend has a PS+ subscription, log in to his account on your console, set it as primary, and enjoy playing all the games installed from his account, along with online access. He can also play games from his account on his own console.

    • so first paragraph means I can play NMS without PS Plus?

      • It is not free to play. PS Store says PS Plus required for online features but should be fine for offline

  • This is really bloody expensive. I let my sub expire - just buying what games I'd like off marketplace (for the PS5) and mostly playing on the PC/Steamdeck.

  • Hey, when it says 30% applies to upgrade members, does it mean for people that’s still on the old ps plus? My old ps plus runs out in 2025. If i upgrade to the new ps plus, I get the ps plus till 2026?

    • It is for upgrading to a more expensive subscription and it doesn't work like what you want.

      Basically, if you upgrade from PS Plus Essential (the "old" PS Plus if you like) to PS Plus Premium / Deluxe with your "current" subscription, you get 30% off.

      Basically, it's like, if you upgrade your current economy class tickets (2024, 2025) to business class, you get 25% discount. Upgrade to first class gets you 30% discount. What you actually want is more like buy another economy class ticket for 2026.

  • Such shit value lol. I got a year left of being Turkish and then PS Plus can (profanity) itself forever.

  • Pretty poor, hopefully there are some instore deals with EB and JB at least so those currently signed up can benefit.

  • I’m in the pretty fortunate position where my essential subscription ran out earlier this month, so this might be worth it for me buying another 12 months. I’d rather hold off for another few months but are these discounts offered at any time of year?

  • If I wasn't stacked till december next year I'd be cancelling. Since moving primarily to PC, I barely play any of my PS console but been paying Sony for Essentials since the PS3 days but just not much point anymore - and I've only just heard that there was a price rise in the first place so even more reason!

    • Yep just played GOW 2 and spiderman 2 and I’ll only be using ps5 for blu rays after that. Their games come to pc eventually now anyway

  • Agree with others, the price increase is ridiculous, the only reason I even have PS Plus was I forgot to cancel my yearly and it renewed a couple months ago.

    Big shock to see the $100+ chunk come out. Probably should've canceled and disputed but thought it might be better.

    My most played games are all PS4 games I've bought…

  • Does anyone know if it possible to use the 10% off Ultimate gift cards to pay for this discounted annual subscription?

    • +2

      In theory, you can buy a PSN gift card from JB with the ultimate gift cards (provided they act like an eftpos transaction). Then use that PSN credit to pay for the subscription, but not sure if Sony still allows credit or wants you to use a credit card. Try at your own risk.

      • Im just gping through my options now:
        - being offered 25% discount to renew my essentials subscription (Black Friday deal until 27th Nov).
        - proceeded until payment page and can confirm it will use your wallet and/or card payment.

  • +3

    Ok guys , a bit of help here please. New to PlayStation set up. What's the best way or what's needed in the way of an account. Have 2 boys who will use it heaps and a teenage daughter who may use it if friends come over.
    Do I set up an account in my name and add them to it or do they need separate accounts, cheers

  • +1

    Monthly games are rapidly becoming Xbox Games with Gold tier. So this isn't really worth it anymore (never was tbh). Especially with the price hike negating this "deal." Hopefully Xbox makes online console gaming free one day and Nintendo/Playstation does the same.

  • Does anyone know how this discount gets applied? I've added to the cart but can't see a drop.

  • Can't see the discount yet?

    Also, can we buy a PS gift card and load it to our account to pay for subscriptions?

  • Doesn’t seem to be working. Added to the cart but no discount in sight.

  • +1

    Doesn't look like Playstation Plus is offering 30% discount? Not sure if this post is legit.

  • Wait until the countries that Sony cares about is Friday

  • 20% only

  • +1

    30% for deluxe
    25% extra
    20% essential
    Showing for me

    • Showing where? Through browser, PS App, or PS5?

      EDIT: Now showing on all, wasn't 30mins ago

    • not sure i am going to bite this time with just 20%

    • for new subscribers or existing?

  • Seems to be only for the first year - can’t stack with this offer.

  • -1

    Looks like I renewed lol.
    I cancelled a few days ago. Then today they gave me 30% off

  • Hey guys, what will happen to those games I installed from the extra service if I no longer renew my subscription? Do they show unavailable by turning "grey" or do they just disappear without my notice?

    • +1

      might be similar to this - they took borderlands 3 off the collection and i couldnt play it anymore - it was showing a locked symbol so i deleted it

      • Thanks mate! I was thinking cancelling the subscription first and then resubscribe to get the discount, but I was afraid all those games I collected would just disappear. If they only got locked, I guess there's no need to worry then.

  • +2

    Anyone else finding the value isn't there?
    This launched with heaps of games and barely any have been added. Price is like 40% higher than just last year. The black friday deal isn't 50% off and only available to new members. Totally crap

  • +1

    Existing subscriptions receive discount

    Rather than creating a duplicate post, thought I'd let people know that existing subscriptions are receiving discount. Confirmed working on my account today.

    • +2

      It still says $95.95 for me?

      • Perhaps it's tier dependent. It's working for me on PSplus Dexlue.

          • +1

            @kevinMario: This is how it looks for me under Account > Subscription Management > Buy Another Subscription when I click on “Buy Again”.

            It starts with the full price, then the payment confirmation shows the discount — see screenshot below.


            • @kizzaaa: I only see the ability to upgrade with discount for 44 days which is the remaining time on the subscription. No opportunity to renew for another 12 months with the discount on upgrades.

  • -1

    new to psn here, just wondering, can we buy something like this https://www.g2a.com/playstation-plus-card-psn-central-europe… (activate using VPN to czech) and then once activated, can I play without a vpn?

  • Strangely the wording on the PSN store via my PS5 says "Save up to 30%, Extend your current plan to save 25% or upgrade to save more" but offers no saving for extending.

    • +1

      Have you tried logging into your account via their desktop website?

      It should be discounted under Account > Subscription Management > Buy Another Subscription then click on “Buy Again”. It should look like this: https://imgur.com/WL03kku

      I renewed my sub for a further 12 months (expiry in 2024) on Dexlue and received 30% off.

      • Yeah I've tried. Even cancelled the auto renewal etc. thinking that might do the trick with no luck.

  • +1

    Just went to cancel my Essentials. Laughed at one of their attempts to stop me - "Enjoy the Discounts"

    Like phone companies started doing years ago, nothing for the existing customer.

  • My subscription expired yesterday. I purchased gift cards via the amazon deal expecting to have 30% off available, but I only have full price available; it doesn't matter if I go through my PS5, laptop, phone, or the app. What a waste!

    • I managed to get it via this method:

      • Purchased 1 month PS essential, then immediately refunded. This brought a discount to deluxe but only for one month.

      • Purchased 1 year PS essential, immediately refunded again. PS Deluxe 1yr 30% off was then made available to me!

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