Lenovo Legion Go: Z1 Extreme 512GB SSD $1349, Z1 256GB SSD $1169.10 Delivered + $1 Legion M300 Mouse @ Lenovo AU


Lenovo has a 10% off your first order promo running if you sign up to their newsletter.

Need to use livechat to get the mouse for $1 and the 10% discount at once, I also managed to snag a screen protector for the legion go for $6.

Also you get $69 in rewards or double that if you make the order through the education store.

Mine shipped yesterday (Z1 Extreme model) to be delivered today.

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    wait for steam deck oled

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      Legion go has a bigger screen and better performance, and FPS mode

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        …..and windows

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          which makes it a lot to easier to if you mod games (Skyrim, fallout, mass effect etc)

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            @malfunction: I heard that Vortex Mod Manager is coming to Linux next year which should hopefully solve this.

            • @scotty: Ok now that’s what I call good news

            • @scotty: And you buy things based on promised feature (not even first party)?

              • @dotJaz: And you assume someone's purchase behaviour from just one comment trying to be informative? However to answer your question, I am not planning to buy a Steam Deck nor Legion Go.

          • @malfunction: Yep, but isnt the same console like experience of the Deck.

            It really depends on the persons use case, i wont be getting one though I might upgrade to the OLED Deck.

        • So good! So many of my games I can't play on the Deck.

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        there's pros and cons for both. best way I can describe them is: Steam deck is a portable console that plays PC games. Legion GO (or ROG Ally) is a portable PC that has a controller attached.

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          After doing loads of research and being a console gamer myself that wants to play PC games that are not available on consoles and emulating N64, PlayStation etc I’ve decided the Steam Deck is the best way as it’s designed for this compared to the windows based ones.

          Even tho the LLGo and Ally both have loads more power, there is no point having that power if I can’t just turn it on and play a game straight away in my opinion

          I was very keen on the LLGO but have now decided on the OLED SD but I bet someone will reply to this and change my mind again hahaha who knows. It’s a confusing world for this PC gaming Handheld stuff

          • @Twisty: Your steam deck is also cheaper isn’t it?

          • +3

            @Twisty: If it assists, I too have gone the OG Steam Deck and now (pre-ordered) OLED Steam Deck path. I used to run windows on the OG Steam Deck and while windows does indeed offer more than Steam OS, Windows itself is not easy to use without a mouse and keyboard. Yes, there's on-screen/touchscreen but on such a small form factor, it just requires 'that' much more effort (first world problem) which took away from gaming.

            Having kids and being constantly interrupted, I like being able to play on Steam Deck and then put down/sleep and then power back up to continue where I left off without too much loss of power or needing to reload things.

            I also resolved that the handheld PCs will NEVER be as powerful as my dedicated gaming PC such that if/when I do play PC handheld, I basically game-stream to Steam Deck (or other similar). No handheld (yet or likely ever) can match the dedicated PC's performance.

            With OLED Steam Deck having the best screen of the lot (hopefully, so far), in theory that PC handheld aspect is covered by that unit too without wanting another device for better visuals.

            • @Porker: Where'd you pre-order?

              • @Tacooo: There's a bit of discussion within https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/810826

                Myself and a few others have pre-ordered through Kogan, but it appears pre-orders are out of stock.

                CORRECTION: Pre-order is back however there has been a price hike. I preordered at $1199 but now it's up to $1299 for the same spec (512gb) unit.

                • +1

                  @Porker: Holy (profanity) they're kidding with those bullshit prices and delivery dates. I was planning on just buying it at release time direct from Steam US and using a freight forwarder.

                  • @Tacooo: How much do you anticipate the direct purchase and forwarding would cost?

                    • @Porker: 1TB is going for $649 USD - translates to about $1020 AUD. Plus freight forwarding of $50 USD for a 4 business day shipment via FedEx, all up $1100 AUD for the 1TB (add on $50 for the limited edition if you can snag one).

                      • @Tacooo: Which forwarder is farily good to use these days? Used to use Shipito with average results…

                        I'd heavily consider drop shipping it, but you're forgetting GST so an extra 10% on top most likely unless you get somewhat lucky? (Forwarder dependent)

                        • @Thiefsie: I was planning on using Shipito as well.

                          • @Tacooo: Excellent. I'll see if i can get the ltd edition and go from there.

                            • @Thiefsie: Been trying to get a US Steam account set up and having no luck. Need a US based payment method which I don't have annoyingly. Got any tips?

                              • @Tacooo: Can't vouch for it personally in regards to Shipito/Steam, but Revolut and Wise are options for overseas debit cards. As far as ordering a Steamdeck - I assume a VPN would be all that's necessary - but I could be mistaken. Valve are pretty sharp on regional dodginess.

            • @Porker: The trackpad on the LLGO makes things pretty easy in that respect.

      • No freesync though

    • +1

      Why ? This is different

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      With Legion Go, you can claim on tax as this can be used as a portable PC

      • +1

        Sd has desktop mode too I guess?

      • +6

        As long as you don't get audited you can claim anything you want !

        Good luck passing an audit while depreciating $1000 of gaming handheld.
        The tax office doesn't let you get away with shit like that because you could theoretically use it for work, it's a gaming handheld not a business laptop.

        • -7

          if it has a screen on it and running a work-capable operating system then it can be used as a work laptop…

          in the past i was even able to salary sacrifice a windows tablet that didn't have a keyboard.

          • +5

            @4iedemon: You said previously you can "claim it on tax" which generally means "use it as a tax deduction".

            That's different than salary sacrificing something which is done through your employer, "in the past" could mean anything 10 years ago we(as a company) were allowed to sacrifice graphics cards and do other dodgy shit.

            Now, to salary sacrifice anything with "gaming" in the title with the exception of laptops your organization is going to incur FBT, which is varied from org to org on if they're willing to pay FBT to offer things to employees.

            You can salary sacrifice anything if the company is willing to pay FBT for it.

            If your org would salary sacrifice a legion go for you I can't imagine why they wouldn't sacrifice a steam deck for you.
            The tax office doesn't care what operating system is installed on a piece of tech, what they care about is how it's categorized, that category then informs the likely hood that you are partly or wholly using the product for work.

      • +3

        Unless you're an actual business or individual with non-PSI income you'd only be able to claim the percentage of it for work use, not including the rules around the "over $300" where you have to depreciate it instead of a flat immediate cost.

        Outside of the game development industry, I'm guessing your usage would be zero.

    • Not available in au

  • +2

    Lenovo shafting us with Z1 non-extreme model with 256GB storage. Other markets get Z1 extreme 512GB and 1TB SKUs.

    • true but https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/best-microsd-cards-for-stea… shows SD cards are perfectly acceptable for many games. Don't even need Sandisk Extreme models which have high write speed as only read speed is important for gaming.

      • +2

        My point wasn't about the storage being too low. It's that we are getting a version with gimped CPU for the lower storage model whereas other markets aren't.

        • Agreed. Don’t understand why. I would’ve bought the SD years ago if it was available here. Now Lenovo have my money, albeit for 512 when I would’ve preferred the 1tb

    • Honestly cannot believe this. You saved me from purchasing the Legion Go.

  • If you don't mind second hand you could probably get it for under 1k in a few months

    • if the Steam Deck is anything to go by, there won't be many genuine used models available on Gumtree or Facebook

      • +7

        The Steam Deck is a bit different there as it isn't officially sold in this country, so any stock is grey imported. Being able to actually buy the Lenovo at retail here means there might be more in the second-hand market.

        • +1

          And that’s why I’m never buying a Steam Deck until Valve decides to get over its loss to the ACCC and release it in Australia at an official capacity.

          • @FujinShu: Yep. Something dodgey about a company who doesn’t want to abide by a reputable and fair system.

      • +3

        i sold my Deck and switched to ROG Ally simply I'm just a windows person. I hate the battery life about Ally but overall, it's better in general to me.

        • +1

          yep games pass is the big deal breaker for me with the deck

          • @OJ: It was indeed in my top 3. Ive got cramps after 1 hour using the deck so device size is another important factor.

            • @JC1986: I reckon you’ll love the LLGO then! I’m a big guy with big hands and it’s perfect. My hand cramps on the switch and ps5 controller.

              • +1

                @WaddaDouche: yeh. i thought about it but didn’t pull the trigger when i had the chance with that 16% off. i think ally’s weight and size is perfect for my hands (small).

  • any of these portable got removable battery ?

    • +2

      removable yes, portable no.

    • +4

      there's an universal one, called power bank

      • I'm curious on charge, I purchased a 10,000 mAh power bank so I can take the legion go on a long motorbike cruise but I'm worried it won't even do a 50% charge.

        • +1

          Legion Go has a 49.2 Whr battery. Decent 10000mAh power bank is approx. 36 Whr. So it should be good for approx 60-70% charge from 0.

          • @ozjaki: With efficiency loss, it's less.

            A 10k battery won't get you half the charge because they're not truly 10k 90% of the time and because of efficiency losses.

    • +4

      How many people have you seen gaming on a laptop on transport? :p If none, then one handheld is still more.

      Yes, bigger screen is always better but each to their own. If this isn't for you, then presumably you won't buy one. I'm sure there are things you own that others would think are a waste of money too.

      • -4

        and i saw people with handheld only once on transport. tbh it looks ugly heavy as hell. i saw numerous playing games on iphone though.

        • its a niche to be sure, but it has its pros over a laptop

        • What about a phone controller like the Razer Kishi or the backbone
          they seem to be foldable too

          • @nonsense announcer: I have the Razer Kishi for game streaming from PC or XBOX/PS5, however a mobile phone doesn't have enough power to handle a bonafide PC game.

            Plus screen size is quite small, plus not fully capitalised upon given (for example) XBOX/PS5 only have 16:9 visuals, where the phone may have greater.

        • i saw numerous playing games on iphone though.

          Yeah bullshit mobile games probably.

      • Tbh even x86 handhelds seem too big for playing on public transport. Switch is the max I 'd go for weight and battery wise

        • For me an Aya Neo Air 1s would be perfect, except they are expensive. Basically a slightly bigger Switch Lite in size, which from my experience is the sweet spot for everyday carry, unfortunately due to its size has weak battery life but I only need 30 mins a day.

          Hopefully Valve one day make a Steam-Deck Mini.

    • +3

      As someone who work on IT, I need to keep my phone on all the time, incase I need to remote access before I reach office. And those remote access drain batt fast.
      I play handheld on train and tram to spend my time during an hour commute. If you are in Melb, those you see playing handheld on the tram might be me.

      • why not bring charger, or powerbank? not against you. whoever plays handheld on public transport present themselves as nerdy gamers :) even for switch, only saw a few people playing on it. handheld only once, didn't realize it was that huge.

        • what's wrong with being a nerdy gamer?

    • I gave you a +1

  • +2

    This deal, although expired now, offered 16% off Lenovo - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/811423

    10% is still better than nothing.

    • +3

      10% off right now is better than 16% off in 3 months that might not even come through

      • Oooo BURN! (on Cashrewards)

        But valid point on discount nonetheless.

      • +1

        You can stack both

        • +1

          Nope, the cashback deals are always having T&Cs against negotiated deals / stacking codes from vendor

          • @landoleon: "Cashback is eligible on codes generated by Lenovo on its website, even though they may not be listed on Cashrewards, provided last click before purchase is from Cashrewards".

            That is what is written in the link from the cash rewards

            • @Dienk: Very interesting, never seen that before because at that point Lenovo is giving close to 20% off, and no matter how hard I tried on livechat I couldnt get beyond 10% off.

  • If only it came with a trial period to compare to others

    • under Australian Consumer Law it is not that hard to return. Can you imagine if every 'brand new' device was already tried on by 5 other potentially gross people?

      • Yeah, would be good if they had test devices which is meant for returning and reusing, sold cheaper and returned are 30 days or so.

        If keeping, their can be an option to return and buy a new one

        • an interesting idea, kind of like renting movies

  • +2

    Not enough RAM as it will be shared with the integrated graphic. HODL

    • +1

      HODL for what? Steam Deck OLED basically guarantees there won't be another Deck for at least 12-18 months. There's no guarantee there will even be another ROG Ally in the next 3 years.

      • Devices with 32-64GB RAM: Ayaneo has a dozen models, Aokzoe and OneXPlayer (same company), Ayn Loki Max, GPD has several options, and there are a few other contenders like TJD.

        • Sorry man but literally every one of those devices are prototypes from unreputable companies that are being marketed as finished / polished products. As far as I'm concerned in the PC market the only two realistic options are Steam Deck and Lenovo Legion Go.

      • Potentially next gen APU.

        • if last 5 years of CPU and GPU evolution is anything to go by, you'd be looking at ~10% annual increments in performance or less, unless some beefy product comes out like RTX 4090 for the 0.1% of gamers.

          In other words, if you are curious on getting into PC handheld gaming, it makes virtually zero difference if you join now or in 2 years. It ends up just being a question of budget vs how badly you want it.

          • @landoleon: Hmmm so I should expect no improvement from Zen 4 to Zen 5?

            • @solacens: Just your typical ~10%, it won't make the difference between making most games playable or not playable. It is not like going from PS3 to PS4 in terms of graphics capability between generations of handheld PC gaming

            • +1

              @solacens: A good analogy would be cars, how you can have Volkswagen's that look the same for 7+ years (i.e. mk7) but there are small incremental improvements under the hood. You ideally want the newest and 'best' but they're all very similar.

  • +6

    We should just avoid mentioning the cheaper 256GB model. It's a rip-off.

    • +2

      Agreed, I do think though that the Z1 Extreme model will eventually sell out and that'll be all that's left for months until restocking.

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