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Google Pixel 6a 128GB $399 Delivered @ Telstra


Google Pixel 6a, 128gb in two different colours - charcoal or chalk.

EDIT: Chalk only available as at Thurs 16 Nov.

Phone is supposedly locked to Telstra, but even factoring in the unlock fee for those on other networks it still looks to be a good deal. Cracker for those on Telstra. Can't find the specific unlock costs on Telstra website but I've been quoted $100 if it is unlocked within 6 months of purchase.

Free delivery, and for those who care it includes unlimited calls and text to standard national numbers and 10GB to use in Australia within 14 days if you activate on Telstra Pre-Paid Mobile.

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  • +20

    I can't bring myself to look at a pixel without remembering that i missed that harvey normal pixel 8 pro plan cancellation one

    • +12

      That's an insane way of analysing your future conquest of buying a phone. It won't wipe your arse , get over it ! Besides , I've heard from this forum that they're not all that crash hot …

      • +25

        Actually they are rather crashy and hot

      • +5

        Pixel 8 pro is awesome. Crazy cameras

      • +4

        mine is pretty fckin good thanks for asking

    • How much did it ended up costing after all discounts?

      • +8

        Why are you seeking pain?

      • +1

        $1188 Pixel 8 pro + Pixel watch 2

      • +13

        Honest question from non-native speaker - Is 'Did it ended up' grammatically correct, or should it be 'Did it end up'?

        • +20

          Did it end up…

        • -5

          You know which one 😉

      • +6

        It was $828 for the 128GB, $928 for the 256GB and $1128 for the 512GB. The Pro and watch was another deal.

        Pretty good deal. Apparently Harvey had to pay Optus $500 for every deal cancelled. (profanity) the dawgs.


        • +1

          so at least we know now that's where they gambled some of the tax payers "job keeper" $ funds ey!

          • @id: They refunded long ago.

            • +2

              @JeremRrss: Oh really? Did they refund the rest from $22m or just $6m?

    • +4

      Yeah but you got to avoid gerry

    • What's this ? O.o

    • Not the same but if all stars align: you have an old phone to trade, latitude card, and some use for the $100 gift card

      $1398 Pixel 8 pro 256gb
      -$300 (JB $300 trade in bonus)
      -$100 ( JB gift card when paying with latitude 24 months “interest free”)
      +9.95 ( one month fee for the latitude card)

      $1007.95 ( or $1098 and a $100 JB card )

  • The price reminds me the Nexus S, RRP was 349 ish?

    • Until Nexus 6 they were similarly priced. I remember getting the Nexus 4 for US$300 at launch.

  • +12

    These were 339 unlocked at G store. Worth seeing what 7a offers they release for black friday

    • I cant even find them on Googles store ???

      • It's sold out now, no new stock of run out

    • +1

      Yes writing from a $339 pixel 6a, though it was only that with the Student Beans discount code. For $399 it's still a good phone - only thing I don't like is no wireless charging.

  • +1

    This phone if locked to Telstra should also work on Boost Mobile correct ?

    Already have my Boost Mobile 12 month sim ready to rock and roll for early nest year, so commited to that now.

    • +1

      It should

    • +2


      • A person of many words I see.

        Unlocked to Boost Mobile or totally unlocked?

      • are you 100% sure before i purchase?

  • Not sure if the unlock thing is new but about a year ago I bought an A53 and it was not locked. Don't see why this would be. Would be good to get confirmation though.

    EDIT: I had bought an outright, not a pre-paid so may be different.

  • +1

    I thought all these latest phones weren't locked to any provider?

  • +1

    I would assume telcos would not be bothered to lock to their network for non-prepaid phone as this is usually sold as postpaid or outright phone.

    Usually only the made-to-prepaid phones are network locked?

  • If only these had wireless charging…I guess I need a Pixel 7 or above

    • Even Pixel 3 has wireless charging. Only this model doesn't support it (Pixel 6 without the "a" suffix does).

  • So u can buy this and trade in for a pixel 8 at officeworks for 150+400 giftcard

    Although it's a Gc for future use =(

    • +3

      Or you can just buy a second hand phone that qualifies for 100-150 instead of spending 399.

      You spend $399 on phone and on return you get $550 worth from Officeworks. You can easily cover than $150 profile by just buying a phone or gift cards. Not really a good process imho

  • Can it be flashed despite being locked to Telstra?

    • +1

      If it's locked flashing won't help. Locking happens on the modem chip

      • +2

        I assume they were talking about flashing a ROM instead of using the stock one.

    • Probably isn't locked so you could try your luck.

  • +3

    Highly doubt that its actually locked

  • -1

    For those who think Telstra wouldn't bother lock these, might I remind you that even this tiny $9 phone was locked. I had to pay $25 for it to be unlocked.

    • +4

      That's a Telstra branded phone though, not a Pixel.

      • Good point. This might be different then.

    • Also those feature phones only support Telstra bands, so they are pretty much useless (except a few common bands) with another provider even after unlocking.

  • +2

    great handset for the price, esim + physical sim works and can confirm.

    prob be the nest smallish handset with decent specs going around for the price.

  • Assuming this phone is locked to Telstra would that mean it would work with a third party Telstra service such as ALDI mobile without need to unlock?

    • +1

      Generally no on the wholesale network. Boost (like Telstra) is on the retail network and Boost SIMs are Telstra branded, and my experience is they work in Telstra locked phones.

      However this phone is most likely unlocked anyway.

      • At the bottom of the website, you'll find that it's written that unlocking fees may apply.

  • +2

    I thought locked phones were long a thing of the past, wtf?

    • Locked phones are only a thing of the past for flagship phones. This is from Google's budget/midrange line, plenty of which still come locked. Though I don't think it's certain that this is locked, it's possibly not.

  • +3

    This is a 2 year old phone now. I would expect to pay that price a year ago.

    • +2

      Announced May 11 2022

      • +6

        And released in August 2022.

        • Stretching it a bit. Doubtful Google will see it that way.
          The way I see it at best there's only one more major FW, A15 to go. Which is only one more than my good 4a 5G.

          • +4

            @craving: 6a has security updates til mid 2027. Plenty of life

        • -2

          Yes surely it is 3 years from the release date. So 1 or maybe 2 android OS updates to go, as Android versions do not come out at the same time each year.

    • +2

      My bad, I was thinking P6 and P6 Pro.

  • +1

    I don't know if my phone was a dodgy batch but the fingerprint sensors on these are not great. You need to position at just the right angle/centre for the scan to read properly. Doesn't capture near the sides of your thumb.

    • Might need to re-scan your thumb? Mine isn't as good as the power button finger print sensor on my old poco F3 (which I think is the ideal fingerprint location), but it works well with my thumb or fingers at pretty much any angle. I just tested it with all four that I have registered at all sorts of weird angles and it accepted it every time.

      • I did try rescanning but it didn't allow me to complete it at the angle I'm used to when holding my phone with one hand.
        Starting to feel I did get a dodgy one :(

        • I figured out (maybe) the issue with mine. I used to have fingerprint hit rate of 30%. Now it's at over 90%.
          When setting up, I used both thumbs. I am a righty, so when initially scanning the phone, I either press the side button or double tap the screen using my right thumb before scanning. This mean my right thumb/skin gets out of shape and does not match what has been registered. So now I use my left thumb to scan which has decent hit rate.
          Also, post washing the hand or with dirty hands (like when gardening), it simply doesn't work. This may or may not work for you.

  • -1

    It is a myth that Google Pixel's are locked to a particular carrier.

    • +5

      Google Pixel phones can be carrier locked in the US market so the confusion is understandable.

      • +1

        Lol your name reminds me of KFC

  • -6

    It should be less than $250.

  • +1

    officeworks have pricematced it..

    Up on their site now


    • +1

      No stock anywhere (says not available online). Better get it from Telstra.

  • +5

    Very happy with mine. fantastic camera

  • Stock only available in tamworth and taree , is there alternatives that would pricematch ?

  • Man that is such a good price. Can't go wrong.

  • I get this error at the end, after filling out all info including paying… (and there is no 'chat button!')
    We are unable to proceed with your request at this time. Please try again later, or chat with us using the chat button below.
    We apologise for any inconvenience.

    • Worked for me, successfully ordered

  • Samsung A34 is an alternative to this, which is newer with longer software support?

  • +1

    Excellent bang for buck, highly recommend.

  • +1

    $397 at officeworks

    • -2


      • Yeah but there's like no stock

  • My battery on my s21+ is starting to show it's age. Would this phone be a good replacement? Only issue is the 60hz screen 🥲

    • +1

      No, as this is 2 years old model and it has the same tier processor (if not slower than your current phone) as your current phone. It also has less RAM and smaller screen.

      Your best bet will be trading in your phone when Samsung has crazy trade-in bonus, and move up to a newer Samsung.

  • @Atkaltik I would love to get some clarity on why this phone is assumed to be unlocked. First, it is listed in the Pre-Paid mobile section, whereas the price for the same phone in the Outright devices section is listed at $599. Second, Telstra agent, via the chat, confirmed that it is locked and there will be an unlocking fee applied. Here are the relevant snippets of my brief chat:
    Regarding this device, this is actually locked. We can go ahead and process to unlock it but there would be a payment unless you had this device for 2 years or more.

    The reason why it is locked with us is because most device under prepaid are discounted.
    • $80 for devices never activated or only active for six months or less
    • $25 for devices activated for six months to 2 years.

    • +1

      Don't ask me, I wasn't the one who edited the post to remove the network lock disclaimer.

    • -1

      As someone that used to work at Telstra i can second what the rep is saying. You see it all the time with older model iPhones/Samsung's being sold as Pre-paid models in T-Shops and JB-HiFi. The general rule of thumb that a flagship phone or a phone from a premium brand is automatically unlocked is only true if yore paying retail prices. When the Telco subsidizes the cost of the phone, their plan is to make it difference back off you by forcing you to pay the unlocking fees, or using their network and still paying them. In this case, id be willing to bet money the phone is a subsidized pre-paid unit being sold to clear out stock, especially since it comes with a SIM. On the plus side, there wont be any bloatware as you'd expect of a Pixel, as these phones are repackaged with the SIM here in Australia, Google does nothing to them for Telstra.

  • It shouldn’t be marked as ‘out of stock’. Chalk is still in stock.

  • Has Telstra perhaps the last of the 6a stock?

    • seems so

  • +1

    Has someone received theirs? And can confirm they're not locked?

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