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Dewalt DWS780-XE 1675W 305mm Dual Bevel Slide Compound Mitre Saw $999 + Delivery @ Sydney Tools


RRP $1299. Not sure why mods removed it from title (my understanding is that’s meant to be there)

RIP Bunnings price beat. Grats to those that got it :)

You can also get a free corded circular saw and mitre saw stand via redemption (the stand alone is worth $289).

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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  • Damn bought the AEG 10" a couple of weeks ago, would have preferred this one!

    • This is a good deal if you need the larger blade but I have the 254 aeg mitre and it’s on par with dewalt imo. Think of it as saving $300 :D

      • I have an older AEG compound mitre saw and I was very disappointed in the build quality. There is looseness in the articulation such that you can influence how it cuts with just light sideways force when cutting, and the angle guide was not adjustable and is less than useless as it was incorrect by a degree from factory. The rotation adjustment has snapping points which meant that fine adjustment was extremely tough too as it kept wanting to snap back to the groove. The blade guard retractor broke very early on too, which was not reassuring. Lastly, the sawdust extraction basically doesn't work and I would have very little collected in the bag after a day's work, even when hooked up to a shop vac instead of the inbuilt vacuum. I did an entire parquet floor with it and the amount of recutting required was in my opinion unacceptable. It's suitable for roofing and rough work but my model was unsuitable for furniture and fine work.

        I hope yours suits your use-cases!

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    Perfect for the Christmas ham

  • Have a battery powered little ryobi, not compounded. Should I also grab this one …. :(

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      Search your feelings. You know the answer.

      • Luke, is that you?

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      Buy now think later! - as is the ozbargain way

    • checked in one of my local Bunnings a couple of hours ago. i knew it's huge and it is huge and heavy ! As a diyer, this is a bit overkilled for me. i may wait for something of a size 250mm. and i am also waiting for a deal for dewalt's tablesaw and/ore makita's plunge saw…. they are expensive :(

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        Yep 10 inch blades better for home (12 inch blades r pricey!!!). Have u checked out hikoki table saw? I got 1st table saw recently and was tossing up dewalt or hikoki. Got the corded hikoki for 700 and a battery on redemption I sold for 70 bucks so 630 all up and am super happy 👍

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          that hikoki one is on my candidate list and does have a great value. i am still not sure if i should get a table saw or a plunge saw which is more convenient for my needs/wants.I recently bought the kreg guide rail to go with my makita circular saw.

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    That's a bargain

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    I bought this saw from bunnings last friday as wanted it for the weekend… but then regreted it straight away since to me it is useless without the stand (its a big bit of kit… pretty heavy).i filled out redemption paperwork but it says up to 45 days and google has some interesting redemption horror stories for dewalt …. so i purposely kept it sealed…. noticed it drop to 999 at sydney tools yesterday afternoon and ordered straight away since they give you the stand with it without having to redeem. Just picked mine up and will return the bunnings one this weekend….

    Good deal if you want to mess about with redemption etc (i still have to redeem the circular saw but thats not something i care much about) but id defo recomend just paying the extra 100 and getting the stand up front at sydney tools if you plan on using it anytime soon

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      Good thing you kept it sealed as bunnings would of most likely not returned it.

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      Got a saw similar size - adding to the "big bit of kit" comment - if you ain't got the need for this size, it is overkill.
      Especially if you can't leave it out and are planning on getting it in/out when needed - there's been quite a few times now when I just go to a hand held circular

    • Picked this up a few weeks back and put in the redemption for both this and a table saw. Didn’t hear anything, but then they showed up 2 weeks later.

      Worth noting that the circular saw the mitre redemption is meant to come with was replaced with a chisel set, quoting replacement in line with T&C. Though their T&C state replacement of equal value or performance…

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        The circular saw they’ve been offering for the last 12 months is utter, utter trash. I’d be happy with the chisels!

    • Sounds like my usual Bunnings price matching ordeals.

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          it cant be Bunnings Seven Hills or Blacktown? I had a real story with a btch in Bunnings Seven hills a couple of weeks ago. that btch was full of bs! I may post it in the forum later.

        • At this point you're better off bringing up their price match policy on your phone and making her read it. I had one time where the team member swore black and blue they "did not match prices from retailers in other states". Despite them offering free, next day delivery. Despite their price match policy mentioning nothing of the sort.

    • Which store?

        • you werent rude, you just were 'on the verge of being escorted out'.

    • Bunnings price match is more of a scam than a policy. Tried one time, wont bother trying again with them I just purchase the item elsewhere.

      Edit* also on another note regarding dewalt products, I had one fail on me within about a month so took it back for a refund and the guy tried telling me dewalts return policy is I must send it off to them for testing and dewalt decide from there if they want to fix or replace it. I wasn't rude at the guy but had to remind him a few times we live in Australia I dont care what dewalts return policy is but ill take a refund on an item that is a complete failure within a few weeks. Took 10mins of standing my ground with them but they ended up refunding it only after they realised I wasn't going anywhere until it was.

      Have never had a problem returning any items with Bunnings prior to that however. might be a dewalt thing.

    • I've emailed them before for a price match and they did it without any questions.

  • Great saw. It is big but not as heavy as its competitors.

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    Picked one up earlier with zero issues, FYI side note, I wouldn't buy a tool from Sydney Tools again, there return/repair process is a joke.

  • Thanks for sharing, bit of a fight with Bunnings to honor the price beat, but got there eventually, seems they really dont like doing it despite always advertising they do!

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      I don’t know why they even care. It’s not their money and they still get their $35.82 p/h

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    Great price for the best dropsaw on the market

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    OP presses Submit Deal button, Bunnings gets the panic across states.

  • the flexi volt is nicer used it.

  • Note bunnings have amended there price online, PB is over.

    • Edited deal. Thanks

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    Managed to grab this late last night as well as the DeWalt thicknesser which after price beat came down from $1319 to $944.10. I had to walk the staff through it but we got there in the end. Saved nearly $800 on a couple of things I've had my eye on! Thanks OP!

    • Most welcome :)

  • That's a serious bargain. My Mrs will kill me

  • I'm planning on this. Should I go Bunnings or Sydney tools ?

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      For same price, go to Bunnings anytime, IMO.
      Sydney tools are good only, till Sales. Post which its pain to deal with.

  • Can anyone recommend a good mitre saw for a DIYer to keep my eye out for?
    (The dewalt might be overkill for me)

    Uses for me:
    Skirting boards for house (will need to do some coping)
    And Other woodworking projects down the track
    (Thinking of doing a kitchen table for home, but haven’t really done any real research or know if a mitre saw would even be needed)

    Preferably for a mitre saw would be connecting to an outlet - But would just sit in my shed most of the time.

    I’ve saw hikoki, but again might be overkill.

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      grab something second hand or buy the ryobi 254mm, imo

      • Cheers, exactly what I needed to know

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    Back to $1320 at Sydney Tools

    • thanks, marked as expired

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