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[Refurb] Sennheiser MOMENTUM True Wireless 3 Earbuds $209 @ Sennheiser AU


MTW3, RRP $399. Arguably best sounding buds.
This guy tried them all :)

Three colours available. 2 year warranty, additional 10% Off with newsletter subscription (bottom of front page).

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    What makes a refurbished earbud? Having the ear wax scraped off them?

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      Gawd, it's easy to get upvotes on OzB 'innit - no matter how inane the comment.

  • Disagree with him on the buds2 pro. They sound amazing.

    Anc is meh when compared to the top tier, and battery life is also below average. But they sound very good.

    Agree with the app2 tho, its sound is meh. Nice functions, but it was just a passable sound; slightly muddy.

    Be careful with the sennies, lots of build quality issues…

    • Apparently there are two types of boxes they come in, one where the top flips off, and one with totally separate top (older). Mine came in newer box, app says hardware Version: 93. We'll see.

      • Hmmm i read elsewhere that didnt matter…

        The poster had the new one and still had issues. (Something to do with dirt/moisture in the metal mesh, which causes issues).

        Edit: also these are refurbished, I wonder if they'll come in just generic box? (Or they're….returns from….the original versions lol

        • I wonder if they'll come in just generic box?

          Normal retail box, with huge Refurbished sticker covering all barcodes :)
          I disabled ANC, not needed, and I suspect its the ANC that caused problems from what I read.

  • Currently have a Soundcore Liberty 4 that I just bought. Interested to give it a try and return one of it.

    Anyone had experience with Sennheiser's return policy? It says 30-Day Free Return, does it cover change of mind?

    • They sound Amazing! Worth trying your luck with returns.

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    Officeworks had them for $199 brand new. Though I did end up getting it with free earwax so I returned.

  • There is a tendency to have one of these earbuds die, usually the left one

    • So far so good. Lots of people said they have no issues whatsoever. I’m feeling like a lucky punk :)

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