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NetGear Nighthawk M6 Pro 5G Mobile Modem $690 Delivered @ Telstra


$150 off, $690 outright, until 27 November, need at least 10 words.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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  • Is this locked to Telstra SIM cards?

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      I dont think so as the 4G model wasn't

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      No it's not

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    This or starlink

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      5G over Starlink.

      The only reason you hear people claim Starlink is so good is because the people who use it live out in the sticks and are comparing it to terrible FTTN or 4G.

      They always share their “amazing” download speeds (which most of the time aren’t amazing at all) but always neglect to mention (or don’t even relies) their upload and ping are terrible.

    • Really depends on where you are and what your use case is.

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    This or complain your business can't make money in the event of an outage

    • Since it is outright and supposedly unlocked, you could still put an Optus sim in.

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    I’d just get starlink for that price. Not that hard to lug around

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      If 5g is an option, its better than starlink

      • What about compared to the mainly 4G in regional/country areas ?

        • It depends, but it is easy enough to test out 4g/5g with a speed test on your phone at peak times.

  • Is this product https://amzn.asia/d/009aex5 better than the netgear or worse?

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      does it look portable to you? if you want stationary, just buy nokia fastmile. $240, works great as i have one.

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        Hmmm. Intrigued… but RRP seems to be around $350.

        The ebay prices seem better, but always a bit hesitant with grey import mobile tech.

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    why not just get a cheap $200 Motorola phone and just use it as your 5g modem ?

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      not reliable, slow speed, battery drain yada yada

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        Don't expect this one to be perfect though. From a review:

        We did notice on the odd occasion it took a couple of attempts to connect to the hotspot from our MacBook Air and smartphone.

        But the old “turn it off and on again” method seemed to correct the situation.

    • i was thinking the same thing

    • This has an ethernet port and can take external antennas for better performance .

    • Honestly this is the way to go nowadays. You can easily get a basic USB-C hub and a USB NIC, and connect it to an OpenWrt-based router for less than half the price. With MacroDroid Macros to automate things it's not really a reliability issue either

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    Why are 5g modems.so expensive?

    4g portable modems are like $39 from coles

    • Expensive but much much better, I would never go back to slow ass 4g. And I only receive medium strength 5g signal

      • Is 5 g that much faster?

        I get like 120mbit on 4g and 140mbit on 5g

        I wouldn't call 120mbit slow

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          Depends on where you live

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          Why do people always only compare download speed and never upload or ping??

          Random silly pet peeve of mine.

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            @PainToad: Upload speed was same about 35-40mbit

            Ping also same 18ms

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      Cheap ones have fewer antennas/frequencies.

      A 5g phone hotspot is probably better buy and a better performer than this

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      $39 modem probably supports 150Mbps, this modem supports 2000Mbps.

  • Interesting. I am on FFTN in Canberra but in a no 5G home internet plan spot. if i get a 5G sim plan can i expect my home internet to be quicker using a 5G mobile modem over my FTTN (currently 50mb max down, 13mb up, 18sec latency)?

    • 18seconds of latency is your FTTN actually smoke signals?

      • Yep, although used my s21 ultra as a 5g hotspot and it was worse across the board so maybe this wont improve the speeds.

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    lol this is so dumb, better off buying a 5g mid-tier phone

  • I have a spare of these
    400m away from tower ~110mb 4G, ~450mb 5G

    Also great for travelling in car

  • Purchased one! thanks for sharing :)

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