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Boost Mobile Cashback (Expired: $16.50 on $12 50GB, $21.50 on $17 65GB SIM) + $2 Bonus (Expired) @ ShopBack


$6.50 profit on one SIM after you activate the $2 bonus ( Zero redemptions remaining**.


  • Multiple SIM purchases need to be made as separate Transactions
  • Cashback is qualified only for New Boost customers.
  • Cashback is not qualified on recharges & prepaid phones.
  • SIM must be activated within 30 days of ordering.
  • Purchases of SIM plans not listed on ShopBack will result in the lowest cashback tier ($0.60)

Update 16 Nov: Cashback amounts increased - see latest deal

Referral Links

Referral: random (4106)

$40 for referrer, $20 for referee after referee qualifies.

Qualifying requirements for referee: 1. Made a minimum $20 online purchase (below exclusions apply), 2. Received a minimum $10 confirmed cashback online, 3. Added banking details to account.

Users will need to fulfil the referral criteria within 180 days from referee's sign-up date to unlock cashback.

Exclusions: Any other ShopBack new customer bonus offers; Purchases from Uber, Kayo Sports, DoorDash, Hayu, Accor Hotels, Intercontinental Hotels Group, ShopBack Vouchers (Gift Cards), Woolworths Gift Cards, Circles.Life (list subject to change)

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  • So $4.50 profit?

    • $6.50

    • +1

      $4.50 per SIM and $2 once per account for Boost Mobile store

  • +2

    Hey OP
    ,"Cashback is qualified only for New Boost customers."
    I thought they got rid of the new customers bullshit last ShopBack offer.
    GYB checked and stated the offer was for everyone
    Would you like to check that.

    • You are a new customer if not currently with Boost. You can port out and port back on the same day to be a new customer UNLESS they have changed their definition of ‘new’.

      • Or activate with a new number

  • +8

    Where does it say $2 bonus?

    • +6

      Under earn more, online affiliates section.

      • +1

        It wasn't there for me around mid-night…

        • Took a bit of finding by moving to right of screen, but it's there.
          Spend $2 on Boost Mobile
          $2 Bonus
          500 rewards, 464 Participants
          Activated & bought while the offer lasts.

          • @Rather be Travelling:

            Took a bit of finding by moving to right of screen, but it's there.

            yes i hate that about the new update :(

            • @tonester: Good to know its not just me😉
              With so many offers, it needs a different layout to find them.

        • i didnt see it either but updated the app and see it under the online section

  • +2

    By new customer, do you mean new name-address combo or just new email address?

    • +3

      they refer to "new customer only" as new number or porting over, boost even use this term on their $2 sim pack which you can buy qty of 5

      (reminder never order more than 1 sim pack at a time if wanting cashback)

    • You are a new customer if not currently with Boost. You can port out and port back on the same day to be a new customer UNLESS they have changed their definition of ‘new’.

      • +1

        When are Boost going to stop using this "new customer" BS, here on OZB, every thread has a question about "what is meant by new customers?"
        It has nothing to do with being a "new" customer, you can be an existing, previous or any sort of customer. Just buy the Sim and activate then you are a "new" customer. This applies to all customers, somehow according to Boost you become a new customer everytime you activate a boost Sim. I have emailed this to Boost and explained this turns customers away because of the confusion created. Got a reply back" yeah maybe we should discuss this with Marketing? " Even some of Boost support tried to tell me I would have to have different personal details to be a new customer. Rubbish - got lots of Boost Sims on same Boost ID and get the "new"customer promotion every time.

        • Is that just with new numbers? Can you port a number from one boost sim to another new boost sim?

  • +3

    Mandatory mention of Something went wrong error, can’t seem to get rid of this error whatsoever

    • Do you have more than 35 past/present sim activations on a single account
      If so, may be a chat rep to cull unwanted sims

      • +1

        Isn't this only for activations? Would it affect purchases?

        • Yeah both seem to be blocked if account is flagged possible fraud. Probably related to too many purchases recently with $5+ profit but no idea what the cool off period would be

          • @Paul B:

            no idea what the cool-off period would be

            That's how you get away from being "unachievable"

    • Yep having that issue….
      Currently in Malaysia so I thought might be an IP issue. Used NordVPN and connected to an AU server. Still the same thing. Annoying..

      • The same thing happens to me now. Never had this problem before and I'm not overseas.

    • -1

      Need to use email associated with your Telstra/Boost ID

    • +2

      Seems random, as happened when tried to buy my first Boost SIM!

      Tried changing name, address, email, payment etc - nothing helped.
      Continued for a while, haven't seen it since.

      Frustrating! But trying to guess why a system does what it does seems pointless. Doubt Boost knows or can tell us.

      Bought 10 SIMs in last 2 weeks with no problem.

      • So did it eventually work?

        I bought some sims a few days ago from the cashrewards bonus and it got the message and haven't been able to purchase any since then
        Is it a Permaban?

        • "Bought 10 SIMs in last 2 weeks with no problem.".
          Took quite a few tries before could buy. Haven't had that problem since last year.

  • +6

    What bonus $2?

  • Boost mobile website states the following for the 65GB.

    65GB on first 3 recharges for new customers. 35GB on 4th recharge. Activate by 27 Nov 23 and 3rd recharge by 29 Jan 24.

    I want to get one for a Christmas road trip but want to activate it mid December (30 days from today). What does the "activate by 27 Nov 23" condition apply to? To get 65GB? Otherwise 35GB if activating after 27th?

    • +1

      I've read all the information on the website and it's still not clear.. but I think so. Not sure how long their postage takes but makes it a bit tight. Might be a boost question when they open later.

    • +1

      yes - it is to get the extra bonus data total 65 GB instead of standard 35 GB when you activate 1st recharge after 27 Nov 23.

    • +2

      Yes to get 65GB
      If you activate after that date, you'll get whatever data allowance (promotional/ standard) that's on offer at the time of activation.

  • +2

    Sorry, Something went Wrong

  • +3

    Cashrewards tracking is instant for Boost. Still not tracked with Shopback. What a difference!

    • -1

      Bought under an hour ago, already tracked in app.
      $2 reward shows as earnt.

      Tracked in 18min & $2 earnt! - seems pretty instant!

      • +1

        Cashrewards is instant instant.

        • -2

          18 minutes is an eternity to you?😜

          Why are you in so much of a hurry?
          That's just tracking - still have to wait a long time for cashback!

          • -1

            @Rather be Travelling: Why are you so defensive? I’m simple stating a fact that I have observed. Cashrewards tracking is faster than ShopBack. Period. Do you work for ShopBack?

            • -2

              @nosrad: Why are you so focussed on "instant instant" tracking? It doesn't speed the LONG WAIT for cashback!

              Tracking never guarantees cashback! Only that your order shows on their system.

              It's getting the promised cash that matters!! That's far from "instant instant"!!!

              And so defensive?? People can have other opinions & experiences! Like you do. Without getting nasty about it!

              I buy Boost from CR & SB. 10 in last 2 weeks. Buy based only on profit offered. All tracked.

              No need to panic about tracking… I don't - just move on with my life instead of worrying!

              I'm relaxed & check it's tracked an hour or more after purchase. So don't even notice "instant" tracking!

              In my experience, there has never been a problem tracking & cashback with CR or SB in Boost Deals. So nothing to get concerned about!

              Do you work for ShopBack?

              🚨🚨False insinuations of association are not viewed well by Mods! Can have consequences😜🚨🚨

  • Anyone had it track yet? Showing 500 redemptions left for the $2 challenge and I ordered around 5hrs ago and no tracking yet.

    • Tracked in app within an hour this morning.
      $2 reward shows as earnt.

      Now 515 participants for 500 rewards.

      • App showed 327 rewards left 508 participants about 15 minutes ago.
        Now 530 participants but not showing rewards left since I earned $2

  • I type my address, click the correct one and it turns it into some random address in Auburn NSW lol. Have to get it delivered to gf's house instead!

    • It took me awhile to realise but for Telstra I have to write Mt instead of Mount in my street name. Maybe you have a similar issue…

      • +1

        Telstra can never get my address right either. If I select my address from the drop down manual, their system will apply a different address (on a completely different street).

        According to their system, we can't just use the normal unit number/ street number combo, but have to add level and building number to it in some weird way. I just give up.

        When ordering, you can just enter your address manually. When activating, it doesn't matter if the address is incorrect.

    • Same here. Live close to auburn too. Just enter the address manually, worked for me

  • Say you buy two and use one over 28 days and another 28 days with dual sim phone. Would shopback have any way of knowing when you activated the sim?

    • +3

      Do so at own risk, I have an amaysim sim unactivated from 6mtnhs ago and it was approved and payed out, currenty have 3 boost sims unactivated via cashrewards that are 2-3 old and approved and payed out.
      But again do so at your own risk.

  • +2

    Bought one $12 SIM 25 minutes ago.
    Tracked after 18 minutes and $2 bonus earned a minute later.

    500 rewards left of $2 bonus at the time of purchase and 327 rewards left after purchase (508 participants)

  • Anyone know the best way to swap out of a boost sim and back in every month? I used an Aldi one for $5 is there a cheaper option?

    • +1

      $4 Lebara but only 8GB

    • +1

      With a dual SIM phone, receive calls on my main number on Boost SIM even after credit expires & reply on other free Boost number.

      Not for everyone. Luckily I don't receive that many calls. Have been doing this for years with different Telcos.

      Occasionally confuses callers - ringing GP yesterday, was asked if I've changed my number. My name didn't show as caller. (Rang as couldn't SMS to confirm appointment.)
      My friends are used to it.

      Long term number was with another Telco for many months.
      Plan to Port my number to another Boost SIM about every other month.
      Or do pay to Port to another Telco every other month…

      Will see if a month away from Boost allows Port back to Boost.

      • Thanks for the replies 👍It was awesome when boost would just activate the new sims for you. Good times.🥲

        • +1

          Don't forget the advantages of a new number each month - signing up for free offers😉
          Have a free Ramen waiting for me for lunch 🍜

          • @Rather be Travelling: Cool, what deal is that? I think I need to get on this. 🤣

            • +1

              @Bargaphile: Motto Motto - Brisbane & Sydney only
              Set up ages ago - now they say they miss me😂

              • @Rather be Travelling: That's generous. Haven't seen any free ramen in Perth

                • @trixieb: Different places, different offers.
                  Had free Ramen at another Brisbane store over a week ago.

                  Signed up for their regular free offers. Free Ramen is rare, but have had a few of their $1 Ramen offers🍜 About all I've spent there💰

                  • @Rather be Travelling: Lucky. Looks like a good size too on their website

                    • @trixieb: Big isn't always best! Its taste that matters.

                      Its "Aussie" ramen - a bit bland for me. Not the stronger taste of slow cooked bone broth.

                      Japanese chain Hakataya Ramen here has a better taste in their free ramen🍜

                      Japanese chains (Hakataya, Mos Burger) seem to test the Australian market in Brisbane.

  • I have never purchased a Boost Mobile sim in my life and yet it still won't allow me to buy, I still get the error message ffs

  • Do these work in an iPad?

  • Silly question here, "SIM must be activated within 30 days of ordering."

    Does it mean as long as activate the SIM card before 14th Dec, we will get the cashrebates if placed the order today.


  • Nooo im getting the dredded error too now

  • shopback track so slow, 40 mins already

  • It looks like I reached the max of 35 SIMs activation. I cant get around it now. Is anyone have any suggestion? Thanks

    • go to live chat to ask for those sims to be deleted from your account.

    • Try a completely new account and device and still get an error. Telstra's fraudulent system is real ;)

  • +1

    I currently have 2 boost SIM cards. If I get a new number, would that be counted as a new customer?

    • Yes, but why one and not 5 or 10? (Seperate orders of course)

      • I heard that there is a 5 SIM card cap per ID. Am i mistaken? Have you purchased any today and have they tracked? Cheers

        • Definitely mistaken, I deleted over 20 off my accnt about 2wks ago, had 4 left on it, now have 8 on it.

          • @HopSkipJumpFallSplat: How did you delete? Via chat on website?

            • @jussie2000: Live chat online to delete, I cannot active myself I need CS to activate for me, I also have to shuffle my order details when buying, I've been flagged.
              But every time I contact CS they never say anything about why so many… Except once activating a bunch at once CS said I don't understand why you need so many so I closed the chat and opened a new CS chat 5mins later and got it done.

  • Does they support eSIM?

    We’re sorry but we’re experiencing technical issues. Please try again later.

  • After the current 28 days plan has expired, which SIM do you use to park your number?

  • I get only 2 bars of reception in my area with boost. Is it usually so poor?

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