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Boost Mobile Cashback: $17 on $12 50GB SIM, $22 on $17 65GB SIM @ ShopBack


$5 profit + $2 bonus = total $7 profit. What are the chances that it'll be $10 by Xmas?


  • Multiple SIM purchases need to be made as separate Transactions
  • Cashback is qualified only for New Boost customers.
  • Cashback is not qualified on recharges & prepaid phones.
  • SIM must be activated within 30 days of ordering.
  • Purchases of SIM plans not listed on ShopBack will result in the lowest cashback tier ($0.60)

Referral Links

Referral: random (4099)

$40 for referrer, $20 for referee after referee qualifies.

Qualifying requirements for referee: 1. Made a minimum $20 online purchase (below exclusions apply), 2. Received a minimum $10 confirmed cashback online, 3. Added banking details to account.

Users will need to fulfil the referral criteria within 180 days from referee's sign-up date to unlock cashback.

Exclusions: Any other ShopBack new customer bonus offers; Purchases from Uber, Kayo Sports, DoorDash, Hayu, Accor Hotels, Intercontinental Hotels Group, ShopBack Vouchers (Gift Cards), Woolworths Gift Cards, Circles.Life (list subject to change)

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  • +12

    I'm getting so frustruated at the SORRY SOMETHING WENT WRONG message

    • +1

      same been like that for ages for me

    • +1

      i get same message now when i try to order a boost sim :(

    • +1

      F#!% me too

      • Clearly if we're all hitting it maybe we're hitting some kind of artificial limit

        • +2

          And I have no idea what limit I'd be hitting because I haven't ordered a Boost SIM in probably over 6 months

  • +3

    After yesterday there's still the $2 challenge? Maybe but more likely Nah.
    Or is there a new $2 challenge again? Most likely Nah.

    • I am a glass is half full person.

    • +1

      Same challenge, total rewards increased too.

  • How long does shopback take to track usually?

    • As long as the worlds biggest ball of twine unravelled.
      Took mine about 5hrs, usually much quicker.

      • +3

        8 hours still untracked….

        • +1

          Same here.

    • Tracked in a couple of hours for me.

  • +1

    Have been trying to activate sim from previous deals and keep getting "something went wrong" at the last step. Anyone know hot to fix it? (Tried all passport and DL, both failed)

    • +2

      Contact support and have them activate them for you, thats what I have to do, you can have them activate several at a time.

      Edit. Online web support.

      • Thanks mate, will have a try when they open the chat.

        • You won't try, you will succeed.

        • +2

          Go via Telstra live chat - 24/7 and they can help with boost Sims.

    • I've had this and my Medicare card works every time to verify identity, where license and passport failed.

      • Interesting, I'll have to give Medicare card a try.

    • Did you get this to work? I've tried everything, even used someone else's ID (with permission of course) and still get the error.

      • You can actually create any ID as there's no signature required. I have a few alias that are written on an e-notepad to help always use the same info.

  • +1

    Thx OP, guess getting 1 more from each mine and mrs acc.

    • What if $7.5 profit tomorrow? I skipped the deal yesterday. 493 rewards left. It looks like to be unfulfilled by the end of today.

  • How long do these take to arrive to Syd/Melb metro?

  • Does anyone know if you ask boost to delete expired sims if it impacts your cashback?

    • +1

      It won't, you've activated, thats all is needed.

      • Awesome thanks

  • +1

    I have problem activating boost sim every time. But it can be fixed after spending 15 -30 min chatting with online support. So I will consider the cashbask profit is the cost of my time :( but I still get the sim free. So I am ordering again :)

    • +2

      If you’re lonely it can be great to have a free chat now and then. Can really give you a boost

    • +1

      @nonoannie As of yesterday, I was no longer able to activate SIM cards via the Boost website using my Boost ID - apparently I would need to do so via online chat every time from now on. Here's a snippet of my conversation with the online chat guy:

      You: if I wish to activate more SIMs in the future, will I be able to do so by myself on the boost website, or will I have to jump onto online chat again?
      16:47, Nov 16
      E___ J___: You will have to contact us again since we're the only one who can activate it as you already have an account with us. SIM activation online is for our customers who doesn't have an account with us yet

      • no wonder i have to do it through chat except the first time. this is ridiculous

    • An Aussie drivers license is a blessing to have, works like a charm everywhere.

      • My licence doesn't work for activations anymore, it's as if there is some sort of hard limit that has been exceeded.

        • Damn, how many did you do mate? Let's see if we can induct you into the OzB Hall of Fame 😂

  • Doesn’t seem to be listed in the cashback info or on the app. Is the deal still active?

    • Still active

      • Oh yeah I was reading it wrong not taking the discount into account. Getting the something went wrong error anyway now.

    • I still see it

  • So i thought id be clever an register one of these to put in my Telstra Gen 2 modem. Worked for about 5 minutes. Seems to work fine when hotspotting from another phone though. Any ideas? Is it a setting i need to change in admin settings of modem?

    Oddly enough, it seemed to work fine with a belong sim

    • Try changing the APN from telstra.hybrid to telstra.internet.

      • Cheers mate, I'll give that a go

        • Did it work?

  • Cashback is qualified only for New Boost customers. I have bought this previously. Do i qualify?

    • New number is a new service and new customer, so yes you qualify.

  • $5.5+$2 Cashback today.

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