Ozito 1400W 210mm 8¼" Corded Compound Mitre Saw $79.98 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store/ OnePass) @ Bunnings


Part of Bunning's Black Friday Sale

I/N: 0480856


  • Powerful 1400W motor
  • Light weight aluminium base
  • Material clamp

Ideal for the home handyperson or renovator, the Ozito CMSB-1421 Compound Mitre Saw allows a variety of cuts to be made including straight, mitre, bevel and compound.

A 1400W motor provides smooth and linear cuts. Positive mitre table stops enables quick and simple adjustment whilst bevel adjustments up to 45° increases versatility and allows for a complete range of bevel and compound mitre cuts.
The material clamp increase accuracy & safety when working with longer workpieces whilst the D-handle design improves ergonomics & offers added comfort during operation. Robust alloy construction provides added strength & durability.

If you need a stand - Craftright 1950mm Mitre Saw Stand $19.95

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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  • Is this for only cutting timber?

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        yep - drop or chop saw that shit

        …. or find someone who knows that they are doing and can recommend the right blade for the rpm and material

        mother on speed dial and double strength safety squints too

      • ^^^^

        Mitre saws are intended to cut wood or wood-like products, they cannot be used with abrasive cut-off
        wheels for cutting ferrous materials such as bars, rods studs, etc. Abrasive dust causes moving parts such
        as the lower guard to jam. Sparks from abrasive cutting will burn the lower guard, the kerf insert and other plastic

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      I am guessing you haven't seen Dexter 😉

    • Ozito also make a metal cutting wheel, as i bought one to make my catio…theyre great for the money - $169. In general their tools are great for the money.


  • Is this a deal? What are the regular prices?

    Ozito 1600W 210mm 8¼" Corded Compound Mitre Saw is $109.

    • No price history on Price Hipster.

      Based on it only being a 200W power difference, its only $30 different. I think the 1400W would be suitable for most applications.

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      I'm assuming this SKU was made just for Black Friday, as there's no price history on Price Hipster

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      Thanks. I can now see in Price Hipster:

      Ozito 2100W 254mm 10" Corded Double Bevel Sliding Mitre Saw - SCMS-2125 $249 standard price
      Ozito 1800W 210mm 8-1/4" Double Bevel Sliding Mitre Saw SCMS-1621 $199 standard price

      So $79 for the one in this deal sounds good.

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        Be aware this saw does not slide. So you can't do longers cut for wide boards. Still a good deal though.

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          As in, looking from the top, a board placed horizontally (left to right or the other way round) you can do single cuts:

          / | \

          but not cut continuosly along the board (eg. moving left to right here)?:

          _ _

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            @pizzaguy: Sliding saws can slide forward and back after you lower the saw so your cut can be longer than a standard saw. On This saw you just lower the saw directly down and up again on the plank.

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              @sillyhead: I get it and I can see how it's possible by looking at the more expensive models I linked. Thanks!

      • Those ones in Price Hipster are different wattages?

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          Different wattages, different type, different prices. Was just for comparison to figure out if $79 is cheap.

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    What is the accuracy like on these things and similar Ozito mitre saws / sliding mitre saws? I'm mainly cutting pine and thin bits of hardwood, but I don't want my cuts to be a dog's breakfast when it comes to being square.

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      Cheaper mitre saws rarely stay square for long after truing them, and sometime it's difficult to ever get them true in the first place. As a generalisation, sliding saws compound the problem (see what I did there), as they have more margin/areas where the saw can wiggle or go out of alignment.
      If you don't need absolute perfection, and don't cut hardwood, this should be fine for handyman usage.

  • This almost got me…thought it was sliding.

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    I think this is what i got last year, think i paid $99 from memory. Main purpose was to cut up some leftover wood for firewood, so precision was not important, but it cut well and where i wanted it to.

  • Just saw at my local Bunnings the pxc sliding mitre saw/table combo for $249 clearance from $299

  • I am using this, bit it looked like easy to burn your blade if your are cuting laminate floor. That saw with Sliding is better.

  • I'm guessing this won't be sufficient if I were looking for a saw to cut some timber lining walls/VJ panels?

  • Is this any good for cutting laminate floorboards longways (along the length)?

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