Craftright 1950mm Mitre Saw Stand $19.95 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ Bunnings


Another of Bunnings Black Friday deals.

Cheapest mitre saw stand I have ever seen. Obviously not going to be as as good as the pro brands but its $20!

Have ordered one, and will post my thoughts if I receive it while this listing is still fresh.

Plenty of stock around.

I/N: 0456285 to search when Bunnings website chucks its normal wobbly.

Here is a link to everthing else I could find at Bunnings for Black Friday. Just have to do some scrolling.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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  • $110 nzd on nz bunnings 1 review saying it works alright for the price. for $20 cant go wrong i guess

    • +6

      Which is about AUD$20 isn't it? 😉

    • but it is a different stand from the NZ one, the build is different. i expect this one is lower quality. who knows

  • Looks identical to the stand included from this deal, just different colour.
    Great deal at this price.

  • Padstow had a whole stake of it on a pallet last night when i was there.

  • +2

    Surprising, this is slightly cheaper with a PowerPass @ $18.95, the Ozito PXC 18V 2 x 4.0Ah Battery Twin Pack wasn't.

    • +2

      no PP discount on Ozito and Ryobi since they aren't stocked by competitors

      • And doesn't everyone get different discounts, depending on how they setup their account?

        • I believe it based on "Classification". Like builders get better discount on Wood over a Handyman. My PP gives me generally 5% off almost everything.

  • Thanks OP!

  • Thanks OP, got one!

  • +6

    Nabbed 2 to use as a saw horse

    • +1

      That's how it's done.

    • Barely passable as saw horses but i'd never put an electric saw on it. The legs are skinnier than chooks legs.

  • +1

    Had to do click and collect as no free One Pass delivery for me.

    • Same
      They want $50 to deliver

  • +1

    Actually need one - moving house and want to redo my workshop. I don’t use it all that often so didn’t make sense having a dedicated mitre saw section.

  • Cheers. Got one for the free ryobi saw i picked up on marketplace

    • Nice. Circular or mitre saw?

  • Cheapest mitre saw stand I have ever seen. Obviously not going to be as as good as the pro brands but its $20!

    No one grabbed the Aldi Workzone $20 one a few years back? ;) lol jk.

    This is a good price for what you can do with it.

    • I got 2 Aldi one this year for $29 each, down from $70, $50. This is a great price

  • Nice catch. Thanks.

  • Great deal bought one thanks

  • +1

    i already have 2 saw horses so grabbed one for my makita drop saw, but if you don't have a saw horse grab two of these! they make awesome saw horses (with much wider support).

    • I snagged one, and I've got a cordless Makita circular saw, but I'm kinda clueless about how to hook it up.
      Do I need some extra stuff to make the saw work with this stand?

      • Circular saw, or mitre saw?

          • @ky1975: That's a circular saw. It doesn't hook up to anything other than your arm (or a track if you're being fancy)

            This stand is for mitre saws

            • @Gonltruck: Alright, appreciate the info. I'm thinking of canceling the order now.

              • +1

                @ky1975: you could still keep it as eventually you'll want a dropsaw.

                • @toughgamer: Top comment.

                  Yes you'll eventually have a drop saw. Got the AEG one that Bunnings had a flash sale on last year and…why did I wait so long.

    • Have you inspected the stand in person? Is it robust and do the rollers work?
      I'm hesitant due to how cheap it is!
      If it's flimsy, I don't want it taking up space in the shed
      I have ToughBuilt folding saw horses but they're tedious to set-up for the mitre saw, and don't have rollers

  • Got one. Thanks OP!

  • +1

    Good Price. Thanks.

    My question is which Saw can sit on it? Any recommend?

    • These are universal and will work with most mitre .saws. As for recommendations, whats your intended use, your budget? Do you want mains powered or cordless? Do you already have any cordless tools and if so what brand if you wanted to go cordless?

    • The limitations are usually only if the distance between the front and back feet of your mitre saw is too large to bolt down into the slots of the saw stand.

      • It says 380mm width.
        Curious whether that's talking front to back (because the arms are obviously only so long)… or the arms won't slide (width wise) more than 380mm apart?

        • The mounting brackets on these stands can usually slide a fair distance apart but are only so deep. I was looking at an Aldi saw stand years ago but the brackets weren't deep enough front-to-back for my mitre saw.

          • @Luckypenguin: This, wide is the wrong description, it's max 380mm from front to back foot.

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    If you're cutting long timbers, it makes it a lot easier if you get one of these roller support stands

    • +1

      indeed! I've got one of those. works great.

    • +2

      A second one of these mitre saw stands can also be used as a roller support stand.

      • Of course, but these stands are quite big/ heavy and would take up more room in the truck.

        • +1

          Good point. My tools all stay at home.

  • Assuming it can be used with this Ozito Mitre Saw?

  • Would one of these be cheap horse for a circular saw? I need to cut some wood for shelving.

    • +1

      The small piece on each tube where the locking nut screws into means that these don't have a flat top which would affect the use of them as a sawhorse, however you could always attach a top to the stand.

  • I wonder if I can mount this… on one of these.

  • Oops! Wrong link for Table Saw. This is what I have -…

    • Although these are designed as mitre saw stands, you may be able to depending on the mounting bolt spacing. Someone above mentioned the mounting depth for the feet on this stand was 380mm deep (from front to back). Width can be whatever up 900mm or so.

      Might not be the safest or most stable though.I know they can be expensive but you would be better off looking for a dedicated table saw stand,

      • Spacing is too short so I am making an adapter using a couple of pieces of 25mm SHS.

  • Awww I'm on holiday in Brunei right now and Bunnings won't let me access their site. Otherwise I'd be all over this!

    • Trial a VPN and set it to Australia. But someone needs to accept delivery here.

  • Cheers OP, bought 2 for saw horses.

    • You will probably need to put some timber across the top (but you have to do this for most anyway) and also will need to cut rebates for the x2 welded on bolts.

  • For $20 bucks… not bad.

  • Cant see on the deal what capacity the stand can cope with. Can anyone help?

  • What's the normal price for this .?

  • $18.95 with PowerPass.. would be crazy to pass it up! Thanks for the tip-off op.

  • Going by the code on the box of the one I got, there may be an excess of these around hence why so cheap. Looks like mine was made in 2018.

  • I bought the ozito one a few months ago unfortunately.

    I'm reflooring my place at the moment (just those waterproof vinyl planks with spc core) and having one of these makes life so much easier.

    This is the 4th time I've refloored a house and I've always done my cuts with a dropsaw on the floor, never going back.

  • Saying $50 delivery even with onepass?

  • Got my Dewalt Table Saw mounted. Just two pieces of 25mm SHS, drill a few holes, paint them and a few nuts and bolts to attach everything. Had to shorten the legs on the stand by 170mm. Worked out well.

  • Bought it… it’s still in its box. But can say it’s heavy

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