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Ozito PXC 18V 2 x 4.0Ah Battery Twin Pack $69 + Post ($0 C&C/in-Store/OnePass) @ Bunnings


$34.50 each for these batteries, seems like a great deal :)

  • Compatible with Ozito PXC Range
  • Built in Charge Check
  • 2 x 4.0AH Batteries

These high capacity Ozito PXC 18V 4.0Ah Batteries provide reliable power and extended runtimes, so you’ll spend less time waiting and more time doing. Whether it’s a drill, sander,
jigsaw, mower, blower or hedge trimmer, pair these with any tool from the Ozito PXC home and garden range for your next DIY project.


This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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    tsk noice

  • Bought one thanks OP

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      But it’s a 2 pack.


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    Great price but I already have too many of these!

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      Just for clarification purposes - please confirm you have too many batteries?

    • Is it really possible to have too many?

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        2013 eneloops was the hotness

        2023 bunnings ozitos - allow us to introduce ourselves

        i literally have a desk full of these due to me and my dad having a heap of ozitos tools

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        I have 6 and one of them is still unopened, can I say I have too many?

        • I have about 20 (in total) of these and the 2Ah ones, with probably a third of them unboxed/sealed. But given this is a great deal, should I buy 2 more…?

          • @Lasher: should start cycling through the unopened ones as the battery warranty will run-out.

        • Those are amateur numbers! ;)

    • How can a gadget guy have too many batteries?

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    Would be nice to have a device where you can slot in 13 of these an get 4000mAH @ 230 volts

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      Get yourself one of the 3D printers that appear here quite often and roll your own. Come the apocalypse, you'll be totally sorted! For an hour or two.

    • I got their usb dock and soldered the pin of the board together to get 36v. Works great in my kids power wheel, you can put 13 in series and get 234v.

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      You do realise one's alternating current and one's direct current? Not quite the same.

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        Just alternate the connections for every second battery

    • There is a 4 battery charger with a handle it would be awesome if somebody converted it to a power station for camping.

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    Anyone got any recommendations for someone who's trying to get into the ozito ecosystem?

    I've got no charger for these batteries yet. Not sure what is considered the best bang for buck when it comes to ozito products but I'm planning to get onto it because I heard the electric lawn mowers are hectic.

    Would appreciate advice on what deals to look out for

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      get this:


      you may not need another charger

      buy skins you want but i would wait for a half price sale then go nuts

      some tools work better on a 4 amp battery like this above

      wait for brushless stuff, i prefer them

      that's it really

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        Should I just find a 4amp charger first then? I feel like I've seen these batteries go on sale quite frequently if I'm not mistaken? Or is this a true ozb deal happening here?

        Thank you, I appreciate your help

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          There is no such thing as a "4amp charger". All chargers charge all batteries.

          I would get the kit with the double charger instead of buying them separately if I were you.

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            @bio: yeah the protip i heard is just use the crappiest slow charger you can find

            i have a few really low end ones

            then slow charge the batteries… there's no need to fast charge since you have plenty of batteries anyway!

        • Heads up that the higher power the item is, I.e. Angle Grinder to Circ Saw, etc, the closer it gets to needing the 5.2ah 'ultra' battery or bigger (not t be confused with 4ah) - Ultra is $120 https://www.bunnings.com.au/ozito-pxc-18v-5-2ah-ultra-batter… , I took back a circ saw coz it was piss weak to the point of me thinking it was faulty, when getting new one they'd added something re it working best with 5.2a 'ultra' batts on the box, coz it obvs didn't without it.

          Side note: new saw was chronically misaligned, took that back too and went through box after box with staff, them then taking a bunch off shelves when I could show ALL the saws were badly off plumb to guide/metal around (just hold a rule on side of saw blade). Found one that wasn't, which was from prior batch. Word to the wise.

          Never had any issue with whatever size batts w' drills, impact, etc.

      • Thanks for this I been trying to find this deal again, just bought one.

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      I'd go the double charger, for fast charging:

      The lawn mower actually comes with one of these:

      Alternatively, I have the old model and absolutely love it, some stock scattered around:

      • hope Bunnings can reduce the mower price again

        • Currently shows as $149.98 on Bunnings site. Are you expecting it to go cheaper than that?

  • Thanks op got 3

  • My order was cancelled from 2 stores. Disappointing…

  • Thanks op, got 1.

  • Great deal! Bought 1 to top up with some more larger batteries. Some are getting a bit tired, not lasting as long. Got 11 in total now (mixture of small and large)…….

  • Where's the best place for an adapter for Aldi tools and these ozito,have a mixture of both at the moment?

    • At your friend’s place, the one who owns a decent 3D printer.

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        My friends aren't that sophisticated!

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          Maybe try posting in one of the forums to see if someone can help for a nominal fee to cover the cost of filament and postage (if you're not close to them). I'd suggest Classifieds or Electrical & Electronics. Alternatively, do a trawl of eBay/Gumtree/FB Marketplace/etc to see if anyone is selling something, although I'd be willing to bet they're also 3D-printing and putting a markup on it.

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        AliExpress and eBay have Aldi/Ozito adapters, search:

        "ozito x-change battery adapter" or "ozito einhell adapter"

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          Anyone know of an adapter to use these batteries with a Dyson stick vacuum?

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    fantastic deal, i think these are usually on sale for $99.

    unfortunately i think i made my threshold for having too many batteries because i always buy these deals.

    • unfortunately i think i made my threshold for having too many batteries because i always buy these deals.

      Ooohhhh…them's dangerous words 'round 'ere!. ;-)

    • i think these are usually on sale for $99

      That's the one with the charger: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/806179

  • Great price, these 4AH ones did go briefly on offer at $99 for 3 earlier in the year (making them $33 each) -
    so having the extra charger at $69 really is a great deal for two.

    I've got now 6 batteries here, admittedly, that's probably two too many :-P
    However, they're great for camping with the USB adaptor!

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      There is no charger with this twin kit

  • Bought these a couple of weeks ago for $99, any way to get back the difference?

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      But these and return with old receipt?

      • Return and earn? 🙃

  • Would the Ozito 'brains trust' please check the German Lidl Parkside battery. (Aldi's competitor) to determine Australian equivalent.


    • They're different.
      but as always, you can hack up one to fit on the other,
      either by cutting stuff / dremelling / gouging
      or buying an adaptor
      or making your own adaptor

  • Anyone have any experience with using those adapter plates to use these in say, DeWalt mowers?

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    ryobi also have an xmas promo 2x 36v 4ah for $250 which is the normal price for 1. Didnt think it was worth a post on its own

  • Thanks OP, bought a set for the Ozito 36v Brushless Mower 👍

  • Maybe 2024 stock will all be in 5 or 6AH packaging.

    Same cells of course….

  • Page not found!. Did Bunnings just took this down?

  • Will these be long enough for drying my car with Ozito blower ?

    • Will these be long enough


    • +2

      Depends on the length of your car. If you have a limousine buy 5 pairs of these.

  • Does it have brand new quality 18650 batts inside?

    To re-use them individually.


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      I asked my son the same this morning - he has one of these 4ah won't charge which he just cracked open - 1 dead cell which he'll try and revive. He rated the 18650's as 'OK , but not great'. He has a bit of experience shucking cells from multiple sources (ebikes, escooters etc) so I value his assessment and passed on buying these to shuck the 18650s

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        FYI they have a 3 year warranty

      • +1

        Thanks, yes saw one YouTube from 2018?? and shows the open pack and they seem to be 2000mAmps.

        Some real bright torches require 8000mAmps (like one I have)

        The writing is on the proverbial wall.
        Will pass too

        Thank you again.

        • +2

          8000mAh in an 18650?
          Not followed the 18650 space for a couple of years, but I think the beefiest reputable were around 3500 mAh (Samsung 35E the latest I bought). There is only so much power you can squeeze into a physical format.
          Edit: maybe you are referring to the discharge rating? Still, 2A is very low and 8A is quite low too in terms of discharge rate. Just rechecked the 35E specs and it does 8A discharge with 3.5A capacity.

          • @stampella: you wont get it from a single 18650, maybe once and the battery will be toast

            There have only been a few baby steps since the 35E, more like revisions then breakthroughs

            • @WT: As bellow …

          • @stampella: Yes, I should have been far more specific: require a discharge rate of 8000 mAmps
            Mea Culpa

            This is the toy in question: Nitecore HC65 V2 - Read all about it https://flashlight.nitecore.com/Uploads/FLASHLIGHTS/download…

            • @LFO: oh I misread, thats only 8amps which has been fine to do on a single 18650 for a decade

              people have been vaping at over 20 amps for a long time

              I run mine at around 10amps to keep battery life reasonable. So far I have degraded about 8 18650 batteries, they are roughly 50% capacity

    • They are ok - I have shucked an used one

    • Are the even using 18650s anymore? Aldi's Xfinity transitioned to 21700s about a year ago, much more compact battery. My expectations would be for the competition to follow suit.

  • wow. Great deal. Too cheap to pass. Bought a pair. thanks Op!

  • Did a click and collect at my local bunnings today and just got this email-

    There appears to be an issue processing your order, we apologise for any inconvenience.
    A pending transaction may appear on your bank statement and these funds should be released by your financial institution within 7-10 days. Please contact your financial institution to discuss the release of these funds."

  • Thanks. Bought two for $48.00 each at Bunning Marsden Park.

  • Not sure. Receipts says original price $69.00.

  • Bought. Thank you.

  • I already have 4 of these but 1 of them stopped charging, I did pull it apart and charge it manually but it seems the ozito charger wont charge it lol 1 cell seems down bugger

    • +2

      They have 3 year warranty I think. Is yours older?

  • -1

    So these are just large powerbanks for phones laptop s and tablets or power generators for fridge and tv and stuff?

    • +1

      These are batteries for the Ozito PXC tool range

    • large powerbanks for phones

      You can get the USB Hub Station Adaptor.

      But otherwise they are for the Ozito Battery Tool Range available from Bunnings. It is your DIY Home Brand Tool over a Dewalt or Bosch etc.

      • Charge up to 2 USB compatible electronic devices on the go! Use the 1.0Amp outlet for a phone or MP3 player and the 2.1Amp outlet for a tablet computer 🙄

  • Would it be a cheap way to make a powerbank?


  • +1

    Buy these and an adapter for a cheap Dyson battery replacement.

    • Adapter from where?

      • ebay, amazon, aliexpress…

  • +1

    Tried to order this https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/809478

    and they cancelled that order saying link was accidently released early before black Friday,

    so got offered this nice pack for $50 instead, how could I resufe?


  • Went to Melton today couldn't find it on the shelf. Check with the staff and showed her the website and she told me it's a Black Friday sale which I was told to come back on Friday 😆

    Another staff overheard then told her it has already started then she went to a pallet take out 1 for me.

    Amazing price…

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