Ozito PXC 18V Cordless Drill & Blower 2.5Ah Kit $99 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store/ OnePass) @ Bunnings


More Bunnings Black Friday.

A good deal, considering the blower on its own is $74.

Not their top tier blower or drill but both work well. Blower is better suited to hard surfaces like driveways, decks, garages, but will move clippings & from small lawn areas like courtyards etc..

Plenty of stock with only a few stores nil stock. https://nrby.in/bunnings/0503333

I/N: 0503333 for when Bunnings website has a dummy spit.
Or try this link. https://www.bunnings.com.au/search/products?page=1&q=ozito+b…

Here is a link to everthing else I could find at Bunnings for Black Friday. Just have to do some scrolling.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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    Is this the time I get to say price in headline???

    • Was just finishing the listing off after posting. Didnt see your comment, so technically beat you to it, lol.

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        Alas - I am defeated again - but we will meat again and I shall have my…. nah cool man just trying to help.

        I have this blower and use it all the time, I'd say this is a reasonable deal if you're after a blower and basic drill.

        • +3

          I know, was taken in fun!

          Yes the blower is quite good, will change my wording. See…you did help, lol.

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          the blower is honestly great for the price and weighs sweet fk all with the 2ah battery on it.

          • @doobey1231: Any idea how long the battery lasts with single full charge with the blower?

            • @bluespider: About 20 minutes

            • @bluespider: I get about 30 mins on and off - I don't hold the trigger down constantly which I think helps a fair bit. Its enough for a courtyard or nature strip/driveway. The 2ah batteries are so light I just keep a second one in my pocket and hotswap.

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    Team lime is seething

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      Buy the kit and return the blower.

  • Waiting patiently for a circular and jigsaw combo - fingers tightly crossed. Have decided I am going to kit out with dewalt on all the heavy duty tools I use, all the basic stuff going to stick with ozito.. can't beat that warranty for the price.

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    Blower? Dont even know her

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    Drill and blower kit? What a weird combo. It's not even a workshop blower.

    • Yes, these are a bit long for my liking around the garage, but I guess you could just cut the nozzle to suit.

    • Can confirm it works well as a workshop blower.

    • +1

      Apart from blowing grass clippings / leaves, I use the blower to:

      • clear out the roof gutters
      • blow the dust/clippings from the lawn mower
      • the residual water in the side mirrors after a car wash

      It's a good starter kit to get into the Ozito Ecosystem.

      • better than ryobi one+?

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    I've been waiting for a blower deal but this is not what I expected…

  • Is this an entry level drill, for a beginner? I don't know much about drills

    • I haven't personally used this drill but it should be perfectly adequate for most tasks. It has about the same power as my Makita 12v brushless drills and they do just about everything I need from them.

  • I want the blower only. Anyone Brisbane northside want the drill, battery and charger for $70 if I purchase this kit? I have other Ozito batteries and charger already.

  • Could anyone that bought this tell me if the drill and blower come in separate boxes?

    Want to give the drill/charger as an Xmas present and keep the blower (they already have one)

    • +1

      Yes, separate white boxes for each item. Battery, Charger and Drill have a label on the box.

      • Thanks!

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