Apple iPhone 15 Plus 128GB $1599.99 Shipped @ Costco Online (Membership Required)


I am travelling overseas and was able to pricebeat iPhone 15 Plus @ officeworks in blacktown based on Costco Price
Officeworks price was $1647
Costco Price: $1599
Cost after pricebeat: $1519.99

Plus I will be able to claim 10% GST at the Airport since I am buying it for a friend. ( additional discount of $138.18)

Final cost: $1381.81…

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    Thanks for sharing I’ll try today. I thought OW won’t price match with Costco as it’s require membership to buy there.

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      I've been knocked back as well for price matching Costco too and it's mentioned in their terms.…

      But seems like it could be dependent on whoever you speak to. So OP got lucky!

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        Retailers requiring memberships are not mentioned in the OW's price matching policy.

        OW does price match Costco. They did it for my iPhone 15 no questions asked, other than showing them the phone on the Costco website.

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    Why don't you go to TCN route, and buy from either TGG or JBs for $1,649 * 0.85 = $1,401.65. Then GST refund (based on $1,649) ==> $1,401.65 - $149.90 = $1,251.75?!

    • This is the way

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      Don't know whether the deal will be available still in 7 days

    • He might have paid using UGC from previous deal with 15% off, so even better!!

      • True, but if you don't have that or have spent it already, TCN is the current best bet.

        • Is $100 card is the highest available you can buy? if so you need 15x$100.

        • Can't even use these GC in O/W and good luck to find 15 at $100

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      How do you GST refund?

      • If you go overseas in the next 60 days. otherwise no bueno.

        • How hard is this to do? Just bought a phone yesterday and going to NZ in December

          • @KRiSX: There's a desk at the airport that you line up at and show the item and the receipt.
            you're not supposed to bring it back either, lest you pay the refunded GST back.

          • @KRiSX: Not hard, but be aware when you return you should inform that you are bringing back you need to declare and they might ask you to pay back if above allowance (if coming back with family allowance is $900 per person and $450 per child):

            “returning to Australia, you must declare the goods at Question 3 on your Incoming Passenger Card (IPC)
            Penalties may apply if you fail to declare these items
            If you bring goods back into Australia for which a GST refund via the TRS has been claimed, the goods must be declared, and if the value of those goods (combined with any other overseas/duty free purchases) exceeds the passenger concession allowance, any applicable GST and/or duty may need to be paid unless another concession (example, all personal clothing – except furs) is available. “


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          Wait, so it has to be a Spanish-speaking country?

          Ay caramba.

    • wouldn't it be better to go TCN $1500 worth at $1262.25 -> exchange to apple gift card at JB, added it to your account -> ring apple to get 10% off from $1650 -> claim 10% via TRS

      so, $1262 (voucher paid for) - $135 (TRS) = effectively paid $1127.

      Having said all that, I need to get one soon and with so much hassle, not sure if I will do this way..

      • and why apple would give him 10% off RRP?

          • @superbass: from amaysim ?
            One comment (Tried a few times to get Apple to price match this but they say they are not an authorised reseller.)

            • @huntabargain: dude, downvote cuz cbb to read?
              keep reading the post. few reports that they got 10% via apple call centre. one of them are below;

              Apostle0748: Here is what I did to be safe on such a big purchase:

              Bought the gift cards from Woolworths and asked the cashier to open and add to my account immediately due to the scam going around.
              Called the Apple sales number and spoke with (what seems like) the offshore team.
              Was overly polite and didn't mention the retailer until asked.
              They will come back saying they can't do that's price, only 10%
              Asked how I wanted to pay, said Apple account balance.
              Had to do several verifications but all paid for over the phone.

      • Would Apple price match Costco since they require a membership to purchase the phone?

    • i recently flew back from US, and claimed an ipad on TRS. On the way out, they said my passport will be flagged to check i didn't bring it back on re-entry, and when i landed back here at immigration, they wrote something different on the card compared to the rest of my family. They searched my bag even though i wasn't declaring anything. They DID see the ipad, but didn't say anything about it

      • Wow, that is interesting to know.. how much the Ipad value on the receipt?
        Another theory is that since you arrived back with family members, then every person has $900 allowance, hence was ok to bring it back without duty??

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        I find airport security & TRS officers lately are rude and seem to be on power display.

        I also had same warning recently. I told them that I have the rights to bring it back as long as I am under the threshold of $900 per person. He looked at his colleague, who nodded in agreement, then shut up straight after that. And it was only a $300 action cam too! Seriously does he have not anything better to worry about…

        Just know your rights and don't let them bully you

    • Could you get away with claiming this on future tax returns as a phone for work? In addition to the TRS refund? Or would this be flagged at the ATO?

      • i wondered the same as i will be traveling soon.
        I don't see any issue if your phone is worth less than $900 ($900 per person limit), as you can bring it back legally and put it on tax if used for work.

        • Btw if you come back with family it’s $950 per person and children $450.

          Bringing it back would be worth slightly less.

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        On whirlpool the answer is yes, as long as you claim without the gst (done automatically for me via salary sacrifice) I was researching on the internet and can’t find more information. I imagine that a lot of people do as otherwise nobody would do the trs for electronics such as mobile and laptops that can be usually claimed on tax return.

    • Asked jbhifi online chat for a deal. They can't match with kogan or Costco but they gave me an offer for $1609. Not bad for paying with gift cards.

  • No pink colour stock in Vic for delivery from officeworks 😔

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      buy any color and get a pink case, instead?

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        My wife will trade me in for a barbie any given day.

    • Sad 😔, also sucks that there's no pink pro or pro max… imagine if they did this 😍

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    What are peoples thoughts about 15 plus black friday deals? Is this about as good as it will get?

    • They should do a small discount even for just cyber monday on the least popular colour, I'd love to swoop in and get $50, I'm about to trade in my Pixel Pro 8 for $150 profit from Mobile Monster, then use my $350 jb gift card I have from upgrading from the pixel 7 to the pixel 8 pro back in early Oct.

      For my work/lifestyle, the iphone is just all round superior, only thing that pisses me off is that airpods seem horrible for phone calls.

  • Does anyone know if Costco sell the iPhone 15 Plus in-store? If they do it's likely to be a little cheaper in-store as the online price includes delivery.

    • They have the 15 pro max in stock now

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    I'll buy a new laptop for that price!

  • Just bought an iPhone 15 plus 256GB from OW - Thanks OP

    Actual Cost - 1847
    Costo Discount Price - 1799
    Price Match Discount - 90$
    Total after price beat - 1709
    15% Ultimate Gift Card Discount - 239$
    Total After GC Discount - 1470
    GST Refund - 170.9
    Total After GST Refund ~ 1300$

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