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Xbox Series X 1TB Console $649 + Delivery ($0 C&C/In-Store) @ EB Games


From EB Games Twitter/X Page -

Start 12:01am AEST Thursday 16 November (Note: AEST, so possibly 1:01am AEDT. An unanswered query was posted on X, so keep checking for an answer from EB Games and avoid disappointment.)

Introducing Xbox Series X, the fastest, most powerful Xbox ever. Play thousands of titles from four generations of consoles - all games look and play best on Xbox Series X. At the heart of Series X is the Xbox Velocity Architecture, which pairs a custom SSD with integrated software for faster, streamlined gameplay with significantly reduced load times. Seamlessly move between multiple games in a flash with Quick Resume. Explore rich new worlds and enjoy the action like never before with the unmatched 12 teraflops of raw graphic processing power. Enjoy 4K gaming at up to 120 frames per second, advanced 3D spatial sound, and more. Get started with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which includes a library of 100+ high-quality games, an EA Play membership, online multiplayer, and all-new Xbox Game Studios titles the day they launch like Halo Infinite (membership sold separately).*

Can potentially price-match at JB Hi-Fi and use Ultimate Gift Cards or TCN Gift Cards for additional discounts.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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  • +4

    You’re quick Richard haha, just seen the FB post

    Also you can get the Xbox Series X for $449 if you trade in the Xbox Series S

    • I think I might just do that… Except I don't even use my Xbox series s any more

    • You’re quick Richard haha, just seen the FB post

      Received a push notification from EB Games' Twitter/X Page.

    • so the trade in value for Series S is $200, can we expect extra trade in value if you are level 3 or level 4?

      • Aren't we better selling it online than trading it in? Genuine question.
        I have a One X and not sure what to do.

        • sell private if you wanna deal with low balling (profanity)

      • Yeah, that $200 is the base trade + add your EB World on top.

        • Any idea what the trade-in value of an Xbox One X would be? I assume not much?

  • +12

    Ok with JB price match & gift cards that's around ~$584 - pretty amazing deal no? Expect lower?

    Actually ends 27th November, so could get the Coles 15% off so even lower to about $550. Not bad.

    • Genuinely curious… 15% off Coles?

      • The gift card deal.

    • -1

      The gift card deals is ages away yet ain’t it not 15% deal

      • 6 days 15% off

    • will it stay in-stock long enough to do the price match ?

  • +1

    PS5 price cut soon clearing out gen 1 stock.

  • which is better for 10 yr old. Xbox X or Ps5 disc? Is the Xbox Game pass also worth it?

      • +3

        awesome insight! appreciate your reply. I think I'll go for the Xbox

        sorry meant to convey, its for my 10yrs old son.

        • damn, if only my parents bought me a console when I was 10. I only got a handheld tetris during that time.

          • +6

            @lightfoot: When I was ten, we had Game and Watch. Cutting edge portable gaming technology

          • @lightfoot: I think there's a movie about the origins of Tetris/Nintendo

            I always wanted a Gameboy, never got one

            • @TEER3X: Yep and it’s a surprisingly good movie.

          • -1

            @lightfoot: The world is different. My 9 year old has had his Series X since the day they launched. In addition to his Switch and iPad. Maybe spoilt.

        • +5

          He hasn’t given insight, he’s given you bias fanboy dribble. I’d suggest doing some research instead of relying on this kind of nonsense response for making a $650 purchase.

          • +6

            @aja12: He's not wrong.

            I'm 100% in favour of Xbox for many reasons applicable to me, but one should always suss both sides of the fence before commiting over half a grand to a game box.

        • +1

          For a ten year old I’d go with the one that he thinks is cooler, or that his friends have, and I think in most cases that’s a PS5, especially with Spider-Man on it. I find the PS has a slightly wider variety of games too, as he’s not going to be playing HALO or Starfield at that age. I’m sure you can’t go wrong but I’d go with a PS.

        • +3

          Ask your 10yo if they're a fan of Spider-Man.

        • +9

          I’ve played both Xbox and PlayStation and I would recommend Xbox. Game Pass Ultimate is an excellent deal, you’ll be able to play online while simultaneously having access to hundreds of games. You also get cool perks every month but some are better than others so not the biggest selling point but it’s still there.

          Regardless, I think it would be best to ask your son what console his friends play and use that to determine what you get. Although there are some games that offer cross-play functionality, most of them require you to have the same console as your friends if you want to play with them. That can be a big factor as I can assure you your son will feel very lonely knowing his friends are playing together while he’s stuck on another console, take it from my own personal experience hahaha.

          Concerning controllers, I do believe the PS5 may have the better controller as of now but Xbox is releasing a new controller to combat it so not an issue there. Additionally, Xbox’s ability to customise your own controller is completely unmatched, PlayStation doesn’t even come close and I don’t care how bias that sounds, it’s true. If you want to be a little extra for your son or even yourself, check out Xbox Design Lab, you can customise a controller to your preference. It is quite expensive hence why I’m calling it a little extra but could be suitable as a birthday gift or reward for good behaviour.

          Hope this helps! Have a good one.

        • +2

          What do his friends have? That's the main driver for most people.

        • Mate, the guy is drunk.. don't listen to him. They are both fine consoles. I'd say personally I'd go for a PS5 but I'm 40. For a 10 year old I'd go the xbox gamepass route. Not having a go at xbox btw

      • +3

        dozen Halo games, a good half dozen Gears of Wars, bunch of Forzas

        lol. Imagine getting the latest gen console to play these old ass games. Are you going to recommend Redfall as well?

        Your bias is not even subtle.

        • +2

          Being biased toward xbox is kind of the point of his post.

        • +4

          To be fair, on the PS5 the only games we've bought this entire gen that weren't also on PS4/Xbox One is Ratchet and Spider-Man. Ratchet is now on PC and Spider-Man 2, while still really (profanity) good, is nowhere near the first one.

          Frankly, outside of Dev Mode, there's no real need to get a Series or PS5 yet. There's improvements to the UI with things like quick resume and faster load times on Xbox, but that's not enough to buy a console, and on PS5 side, the menu is clunkier, there's less functionality than the PS4 (there isn't even a (profanity) web browser last time I checked, and if there is, it's so hidden I gave up looking), the WiFi is significantly slower, and so on.

          I don't think either is worth buying, but if you're gonna buy one, yeah, the X is the call. It also doesn't take up half your living room and look like the Sydney 2000 Olympic Torch while doing it.

          • @TheDukeOfNukem: Genuinely curious what WiFi speeds do you get on your PS5?

          • +1

            @TheDukeOfNukem: Who genuinely listens to CD's and uses a web browser on a gaming console these days?

            • -1

              @Xianese: CDs are great for the car, I've bought probably a dozen albums this year, including the new Blink182 and Taylor Swift records in the last month.

              Web browsers are great to have on a console. Not to use as a replacement, but for things like jumping onto the internet when there's a sign in page, Googling how to beat the boss you're stuck on, basic shit like the weather or something when you can't be bothered yelling at Alexa. Like I don't use the Xbox broswer for long, but it's used at least a couple times a week.

              Regardless of if you don't use them. The thing has a disc drive and an internet connection, may as well let me play CDs and surf the web. There's no benefit in removing features.

              • +1

                @TheDukeOfNukem: Yes, there's cost and space savings, and reduced complexity.

                • -1

                  @mickeyjuiceman: lmao what? How? How are they saving money but locking away the browser and removing a CD playback function? There's definitely no space saved since the browser is software and the disc drive is still there.

        • Redfall

          You've just convinced me to get Xbox! I forgot about that game.

      • Or u could just get a Pc since. Xbox has no original titles anymore

    • +5

      I have GamePass, I like indie titles and some Day One games and playing co-op with my husband online, so I think GamePass is fantastic. I'd never buy as many games as I play on there and it lets me try things without splashing cash.

    • +1

      Both would make any 10 year old happy tbh.

      An Xbox with game pass though gives them a pretty big library to start with for a decent price. Especially when MS finally adds the Activision range to game pass.

      Crash. Spyro. Tony Hawk etc. all age appropriate.

    • +1

      PS5 with Spider-Man 2 for $679.

    • I have a series S and PS5,

      PS5 has a way better controller adaptive triggers and some excellent exclusives Spider man, Horizon etc.

      The Xbox really strives for it's gamepass and games catalogue so really depends on the games they want to play

    • Game pass is absolutely worth it - check previous deals on here for workarounds to get it cheaper.

      You'll find you don't need to spend a fortune on games if you go with Xbox.

    • +1

      Go Nintendo..

      If you want to just sit in the hallway and play games, accept no substitute.

  • +10

    Good price for the most powerful gaming console ever made.

      • +11

        excuse me? the xsx is objectively the most powerful. Ps5 maybe number 2

      • +6

        The PS4 was more powerful (hardware wise) Vs the Xbox One

        The Xbox Series X is more powerful (hardware wise) Vs the PS5

        The PS5 is the better console because it has better exclusive games ..

        I own an The Xbox Series X that i paid $726 on release day 2 years ago :) After cash rewards cashback

    • +4

      Pretty sure the KFC gaming console was more powerful….

      • Soulja Boy Console is where it's at….

  • +2

    Great price for a Series X! As someone that owns both consoles, I reckon the PS5+Spiderman 2 for $679 is a better deal but this would make a pretty sweet consolation prize for anybody that misses out on that.

  • +1

    Queue everyone racing out to get discounted JB hifi gift cards…

  • +1

    Wow, is this the first time the Series X has been on sale?

    • Officially maybe. But I paid about this over a year ago (before the price increase in combination with 10% cash back of MS gift cards).

  • is this actually a good price? is there a revised model or slim version soon like sony?

    dont really care for microsoft, but kinda keen on new forza…

    • Yes Microsoft have a new refreshed one coming out… BUT the new xbox no longer has a 4k Disk drive… unlike Sony that has retained the disk drive for their refreshed model.
      Microsoft doesn't want you buying disks anymore.. They want you subscribed to Xbox like Netflix

      I think they will be forced to sell an ADD on USB 4k Disk drive for people who own the games on disk and need to buy a replacement console to replace a broken one.

      • Honestly with how games now install off the disc and end up downloading a giant patch anyway the need for 4K disc drives seems silly now. For all that installs and loads from the disc nowadays you could probably just stick a floppy disc drive to use as license validation and have room to spare on the media. Physical media is dying and it's not the digital sales killing it, it's just turned in to a way to hold your software license and little extra.

        • +10

          I just purchased 20 used xbox one games at around $1 to $5 each .. from CeX and Ebgames. I use them on my Xbox Series X console.
          If they were only available digitally it would of cost me a fortune to buy them from the Microsoft store
          Don't kid yourself… this is the reason why they want to kill off disks and the used market for games.. They are losing millions of dollars because you can buy cheap used games.

          Everyone knows the disk is just the license check for games to start.. Its been like this for years and updates can be 50Gb's+ to download even on the old xbox one and PS4

          There are options to install from disk without needing to download an update. you can skip it. Saves time.

          • +1

            @vid_ghost: I'm not suggesting physical goes away entirely, just that for what the disc actually does now it doesn't need the capacity of 4K blu ray, they could literally put the cheapest cd rom drive in and it would have the capacity needed for validating a license key which is all it's doing and save themselves the money.

            You can skip the download but the bugs most prerelease software have can be horrific and day one patches fix all manner of mess that gets shipped on discs. The real time saver is pre downloading the game then using the disc to show you own it.

      • +1

        I still use the Xbox one from I think maybe 2017 maybe still works great and have a very huge library.

        So are you saying Microsoft are going to phase out being able to buy physical games?
        Like the Xbox one I like to own them, yes I had game pass for last 3 years which expired recently.
        I let my kids use the game pass and very rarely I would be on the Xbox and still a ton of games sealed.
        I did use it more back in the day.

        I do fancy this Xbox x as I said I get it when it gets cheaper as I did this with Xbox one I waited a few years and got it.

        I believe I can use my Xbox games on the Xbox x?
        I like the idea it’s got 4K as I have a few 4K movies, even though I have a good dedicated 4K player and tv in another room.

        The room I plan on using the if I got the Xbox x has only a 3d tv yet and yes I still enjoy watching the 3d movies again which I have a ton to watch still.
        So an Xbox x would not benefit from 4K currently with the 3d being there.
        As they 3d tv are so rare these days it will sit here till it dies.

        I could give my son the my current Xbox one and stick it in our bedroom, he has his switch set up on the 4K tv in main lounge.

        I just like to have the 3d tv in the cinema room so to speak so less used and abused, but one day it will die and a 4K tv will go there.

        • Or I should just jump on the quest 3 bandwagon and pass on Xbox x

        • I believe I can use my Xbox games on the Xbox x? YES . they work fine on Xbox Series X and some are also running smoother and with better resolution.

          Xbox one S that are on ebay for $130 have 4k Bluray players on them
          Same with Xbox one X on ebay for $220

          If that's all you want its cheaper to get one of those revised updated consoles VS this next gen one.

          • +1

            @vid_ghost: I have one of the first Xbox one console I think a few came out after that.i maybe wrong but don’t believe it has 4K I think was on newer models.
            I don’t need to get a dedicated 4K player I have two in the house I just not got 4K tv in the cinema room it’s a 3d tv.
            This has got me thinking I forgot I have a 4K tv in bedroom 65 inch maybe I can put this in cinema room and 3d tv in bedroom so it lasts even longer.
            That way I can use and watch 4K in main lounge and cinema room and if I need to watch 3d go into the bedroom.
            If I did get xbox x in this deal this can be hooked up to 4K tv as well.

            • @bwatt72: Xbox one S = is a new White/slim model that comes with 4k UHD Bluray player and 4k HDR Up scaling along with HDR 4k UHD playback and HDR gaming support - Cost around $120 used on ebay

              Xbox one X = is a new slim high end (faster graphics card) model that comes with 4k UHD Bluray player and 4k HDR Up scaling at 60FPS along with HDR 4k UHD playback and HDR gaming support - Cost around $220 used on ebay

              I have the first xbox one with Kinect camera.. it only has a bluray player and doesnt upscale games to 4k HDR (high contract/high colour) but i use it for Kinect and i use my Xbox Series X for general gaming that does all the eye candy at high frame rate anyways

    • +1

      A new Xbox Series X without a disc drive was leaked, not comparable if you want the disc drive.

    • There was that leak suggesting a digital version next year that's a cylinder instead but who knows if that's real. Their slim version is the reduced power series s that came out alongside the X. That thing is small for a current console, it feels like a densely packed in unit.

    • +1

      If the FTC leak plans don't change, the revised model of the Series X next year will be a Cylinder shaped console without a disc drive.

      • The leaks said it'll be the same chipset though, so no performance uplift. So very much not work waiting for if you're in the market

  • +1

    Is this the new xbox release?

    • Its the latest release.. :) no longer new but there's nothing better from Microsoft

      • Yea thanks. I thought I missed something.

  • -5

    The X stands for the amount of good games on it.

    Bring on those downvotes!

    • +11


      • +3

        Thats his age lol.

  • What's the current trade in price for basic switch consoles? Got two spare thinking of trading them in with my level 4 benefits for this.

  • -2

    There is nothing to play on Xbox. What a shame! Microsoft needs to lift up their game and make games like Sony's first party

    • +1

      The new Forza is good. But yeah not much 'big' games at the moment

  • Is there any upcoming or recent releases (other than Spiderman 2) for Playstation 5 I'd be missing out on? I previously had one and played GoW, Spiderman, Bloodborne etc;

    Just wanna get an idea of these first party games everyone's talking about

    • +1

      2024 will be extremely dry year for Sony first party release

  • +4

    Might wanna keep your eyes peeled to see if anyone prices matches but includes D4 or MW3 which are current deals with a few suppliers.

    Amazon might be the go, their 'Standard' Xbox Series X has a promotion for MW3

    "Free MW3 - Xbox Series X Physical Copy
    Buy a Select Series X Console during the event period and receive a free copy of Modern Warfare 3 Xbox Series X Standard Edition (Physical Copy). Add both products to cart with discount applied at checkout. Offered by Amazon AU. Here's how (terms and conditions apply)"

    "Offer commences on 10 November 2023 at 00:00 AEST and ends when all 1000 units of the Promotional Item, that form part of the Offer have been claimed or, alternatively, ends at 23:59 AEST on 16 November 2023, whichever is earlier.""

    So you might be able to sneak in a copy of MW3 as well. Or sell it off, as it's a physical copy (if they include it).

    • Oh interesting - is this a case of possibly amazon just updating tomorrow when this goes live (if they decide to price match)?
      This would be pretty great.

      • You could maybe risk buying now, as the consoles have a few days for delivery ("Usually dispatched within 2 to 3 days"), then ask them to price match tomorrow when ebgames goes live or before with link. But it's a risk, you could always cancel before they send.

        Technically the game is free, so they may match it.

        Ebgames has the same deal, however they have made sure to make separate ad for the sale xbox, which doesn't have MW3, unless they add it.

        • This is the way to do it. Even if they post, just don't accept delivery and it's a full refund. If they don't match , cancel immediately and buy wherever else

    • So if Amazon price matched eb games what is the difference in your Amazon line as one says mw3 and other standard yet I’m sure both say it’s included I’m confused

      • Well here's my take.

        One is a dedicated bundle. The the other is the 'Standard' Xbox with a promotion. So they wouldn't match the bundle in my opinion, but they may match Xbox for Xbox, it's just Amazon has the promotion attached to the Xbox, where ebgames doesn't. So it may slip in under the radar and get the game included, as they just match the price.

        • So which of the two Xbox’s on Amazon comes with the physical game as might see how it goes.

          • @bwatt72: If you look at the 'Standard' option, it has the promotion details. The +MW3 Bundle doesn't have the promotion text, it's just a bundle with both items discounted (Xbox $727.11 and MW3 $71.89).

            • @Testeagle: Sorry I’m confused one shows game other does not?

              • @bwatt72: If you click on the 'Standard' option not the +MW3 option, the "Promotion Message" is just under the price. Without taking a screenshot and uploading, I'm not sure how I can be clearer unfortunately.

                • @Testeagle: Yes I think I get it so the standard one the mw3 game is hidden and you think this might slip through? But is it better deal than trying to get some gift cards and get say jb to match?
                  What is the game worth?

                  • @bwatt72: Game is around $79.99 currently. If you can save more or close to that with gift cards, might be worth just doing that.

                    One thing I like about MW3 on Xbox Series X, is it is Mouse and Keyboard compatible.

      • Amazon won't price match, they will wait till their black friday sale. I'd rather buy it from Amazon than EB Games though, they're a nightmare to deal with if something goes wrong.

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