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40% off Peru|Colombia|Kenya SO, 500g from $14.99, 1kg $26.39 + Delivery ($0 w/ $69 Order, Delay Dispatch Opt) @ Lime Blue Coffee


Hey Oz Bargain Community,

Keeping this one short and sweet for you :)

We're offering you a 40% discount off our much loved Peru Chanchamayo Grade 1 Single Origin, wonderfully sweet Colombia Santa Elena and remarkably unique Kenya Maguta Singe Origin Coffees:

1) Peru Chanchamayo Grade 1 Single Origin, only $14.99 per 500g (usually $24.99 per 500g), and $26.39 per 1kg (usually $43.98 per 1kg)

2) Colombia Santa Elena Single Origin, only $15.59 per 500g (usually $25.99 per 500g), only relatively limited stock remaining

3) Kenya Maguta Single Origin, only $16.30 per 500g (usually $27.17 per 500g), only relatively limited stock remaining

Deal valid for orders placed until 21/11/2023, unless sold out before. Dispatch can happen for you as near as Monday and as far as the last Tuesday in January (30/01/24). Once a given dispatch date is at full capacity the green circle will be removed and date will turn red, first in best dressed :)

Some helpful info:

  • You're welcome to place multiple orders scheduled for dispatch at various dates (delayed dispatch) to make the most of this deal, we strive to dispatch our fresh coffee within 48 business hours of roasting
  • One dispatch per order
  • If you select 500g as a quantity please ensure you also select 500g as the packaging option. If 500g is selected as a quantity with 1kg as the packaging selection the product will show as "unavailable"
  • 500g bag packaging (it's resealable) is also available for orders larger than 500g this is an extra $3.60 per kg including the discount (normally $6 extra per kg) to cover the extra bag/s, label/s and time it takes to pack
  • Complimentary gift notes can be submitted via a reply message to your order confirmation email
  • The largest bag size we use is 1kg and it has a zip (it's resealable), for example if you order 4kg with 1kg packaging you will receive 4 x 1kg bags, you will not receive a single huge 4kg bag.

Following the success of our recent trials of new shipping rates, we've decided to extend these for this deal too :)
FREE SHIPPING for orders over $69. We recommend freezing any excess bags purchased to quality for free shipping, without compromising on enjoying fresh coffee.

  • $6.99 No Delivery Company Preference Flat Rate Shipping (No Parcel Locker/PO Box/Collect)
  • $7.99 Courier's Please Flat Rate Shipping(No Parcel Locker/PO Box/Collect)
  • $7.99 Australia Post Flat Rate Shipping-reduced from $8.99 (Parcel Locker/PO Box/Collect available)
  • $9.99 Express Post Flat Rate Shipping-reduced from $12.99 (Parcel Locker/PO Box/Collect available)
This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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  • Going to give the Columbia a go.

    • Fantastic @Br0d0 fingers crossed you absolutely love it!

      Thank you so much for your order :)

  • +1

    When your recipe says "Ratio =20 in: 20 out:18 seconds", does the 18 seconds refer to the time from when you pull the lever to start the extraction, or the time when you first start to see coffee pouring from the portafilter?

    • +2

      From the start. It's a really strange recipe that I've not seen recommended anywhere else

      • +1

        Hey @iMagoo terrific to hear we've been able to surprise you with a brew recipe you haven't seen before!

        Essentially a 1:1 is a double ristretto and the beauty of it is generally speaking you'll need the same grind setting for a 1:1=20 in:20 out:18 seconds as 1:2=20 in: 40 out: 27 seconds. One household is covered for both black and white/milk based coffees without needing to change the grind setting. The only extraction setting difference between the double ristretto 1:1 and double espresso 1:2 is with the double ristretto (restricted) you're just stopping the shot early at 18 seconds, this increases the flavour concentration per gram, this cutting through milk incredibly well :)

        • It's often said that you get more bitterness the longer a shot goes, that an espresso is more bitter and less sweet than a ristretto. Milk is also sweet, thus I believe most cafes will tend towards an espresso shot for milk drinks to maintain balance.

          To me a ristretto is bright (acidic) and sweet, not something I feel pairs well with milk. As with anything in life, it all comes down to personal preference.

      • I'm thinking the same. Usually double that for output & duration, isn't it? And like 10-12 seconds on top, from button pressed, until output starts

    • Morning @Grandslam appreciate you reaching out to check, always better to ask than wonder!

      First, I assume autocorrect is doing its think of creating typos haha and that "start the extraction" was actually meant to say "stop the extraction?"

      Second, whether the milk based (1:1=20 in:20 out:18 seconds) or the black brew guide (1:2=20 in:40 out:27 seconds) both contacts times include any pre-infusion AKA stop the extraction at 18 seconds :)

      • +1

        Thanks, appreciate your help! I was just second-guessing myself as I have never extracted at a 1:1 ratio before.

        • +1

          You're most welcome @Grandslam glad my response was helpful!

          It's up to you, but I generally find it easier to dial in based on the espresso 1:2 ratio once you've nailed that, to get the 1:1 ratio all you should need to do is keep the grind and dose settings the same, just stop the shot earlier, roughly around the 18 second mark :)

  • What are the best beans for a Moka pot? None of the beans mention stovetop as a brew method. I am eondering if that means I am out of luck?

    • +1

      Hey @Susiederkins appreciate you reaching out to check, never hurts to ask!

      In terms of the brew methods listed on the product pages if it says "espresso or filter style- Omni Roasted" that means this coffee suits every brew method e.g. espresso style brewing which includes Stovetop. If the brew method listed on one of our product pages says "Light omni roasted to suit Pour Over/Drip Filter and Espresso" then it means from a flavour perspective it's best to make these type of coffee using the pour over or espresso methods specifically, of course extraction will work well with any method, these are just the ones we highly recommend specific to those lighter roasted coffees.

      At the end of the day it really comes down to your personal flavour preference. Our Colombia Santa Elena and Kenya Maguta speak more towards fruity coffees and are both best enjoyed as black coffees. Whereas our Peru is more chocolate, suited to both black and milk based coffees. Personally if it was my choice and I was making Stovetop I'd go for the Peru even if I only drank coffee black (I drink black and white coffee), simply because Stovetop espresso (although they can make a tasty coffee) doesn't have as much clarity of flavour in the extraction say as a short black from an espresso machine. Usually Stovetop is best for more chocolate type coffees. Fruity coffees without extraction clarity can sometimes taste too fermented, whereas fruity coffee extracted with clarity e.g. an espresso machine or pour over, can be absolutely marvelous!!!

  • Woo hoo!

    Just bought a kilo of the Peru and 500g of the Columbia. Looking forward to giving the light roast a try :)

    • WOOHOO back at you @MyOtherOtter !!!

      Thank you so much for another wonderful order. Terrific to see you taking a walk on the wild side with our lighter roast Santa Elena, as well as getting our medium roast crowd pleasing Peru :)

    • +2

      You must be a very unhappy little man. I hope things improve.

    • Who hurt you? :’(

    • +1

      R U OK?

      • -1

        Going to guess you are a coffee drinker ?

        How many hours a week do you waste walking down to the coffee shop, lining up, drinking and then repeating this ?

        Is your great suggestion of the day to go to the cafe again and again and next time again ?

        • +1

          0, because I make my own coffee

          • -2

            @Diji: You might make your own coffee, but that also costs time.

            Cleaning your equipment
            Buying more supplies
            Money to pay for this stuff

            etc etc

            You dont even realise the amount of time you are wasting on "coffee"

            • +2

              @CowFrogHorse: I'm sure you spend no time on unproductive things in your life, like posting comments on OzBargain

              • +2

                @Diji: Exactly. Take a look at this guy's comment history, hypocritical doesn't do this situation justice.

                • -1

                  @R00D: no there a big difference..

                  i post here when im waiting for stuff to run in the background which i cant avoid.

                  i also dont waste hours at the cafe before work, weekends, lunch time etc.. you dont know how to count.

  • Just ordered some Peru, Colombia and El Salvador - gotta say though, I have also been enjoying the decaf, don't judge me, but sometimes I blend the decaf with the other 'fancy' beans just to minimise my caffeine intake (affects my medication if too much).

    I need to better educate myself on these ratios, weights and timings - could be a waste of time as I only have a lowly Breville machine and can't go past a flat white..

    • +1

      No judgement here! I find the LimeBlue Swiss Water Process decaf lends itself well to mixing with other beans. I’ve been doing a half & half with the most excellent Brazil Sao Paolo and it’s really tasty, with the added benefit of less caffeine as well.

  • Great timing, just coming to the end of a kilo of the Colombia Santa Elena, which was really tasty… ordered another bag plus one of the Kenya!

  • Lots of fruit flavours this time, right up my alley. Went for the El Salvador and 500g each of the Colombian and Kenyan, then chucked in 500g of the Peruvian to get the free postage. Freezer's gonna be packed for a while :)

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