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TP-Link Tapo C200 Pan/Tilt Wi-Fi Camera, 1080P $40 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $59 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Limited-time deal: TP-Link Tapo Pan/Tilt Wi-Fi Camera, 1080P, Motion Detection, Night Vision, SD Card Slot, Voice Control, No hub required (Tapo C200) | AU Version | https://amzn.asia/d/fhCJTEo

Great camera. Great price.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • already expired dude ?

    • Shows up at the OP's price here

      • na it was 30 before i thought it was some coupon or something that expired

  • it's 40 now…

  • +1

    Same price as 2021 lol

    • It's a good price with the useless inflation

      • Even with inflation. Its a 3 to 4 year old model and should be EOL replaced with newer models

  • I bought a pair ($70) month ago for monitoring baby's sleep and cry. They are brilliant.

    • Can you see the footage live without paying for any subscription?

      • +2

        Yea of course

      • +2

        You can see live footage and can talk to the people in the room. you also can record footage to local micro SD card

  • Really impressed with my C200s. Great in low light too

    • How does the c200 compare to the c210? The resolution appears to be marginally increased, is that it?

      • +1

        C200 defaults to a lower resolution when viewing and you have to manually toggle the LQ/HQ button to switch to 1080p. C210 is 2K but I have it set to 1080p and it never streams at a lower resolution when viewing.

        C210 is also much quieter than C200 when panning the camera, which is much better when you've set the camera to auto-follow motion.

        Not sure if I've missed any other differences, but they're basically the same apart from that.

  • +1

    Nice. I brought one last time they were at $39, and wanted to get another.

    • Where did you bring it?

      • +3

        Man, I just got off night shift. Grammar can stuff it.

    • +1

      Get the c210 from Amazon uk for $39

      • +1

        I successfully got Officeworks to price match these from Amazon UK

        • Good for you! I was at the office yesterday and couldn't call them to pricematch, and amazon already shipped the item this morning

  • Never owned a wifi camera before …so how do these compare to the cheap Kmart cameras etc? Are these Tapo ones super user friendly or something? Thanks!

  • anyone know the viewing angle on these? I need to replace an Arlo Q which has a 130 degree FOV.

    I know this one can pan and tilt, but I want something that I don't have to manually pan and tilt every time because the viewing angle is so tight

    • +1

      no idea what the specs are but they are wide and quite zoomed out, great coverage

  • I have the Kasa one and it couldn't be set up on Tuya. Failed at the step where the camera had to scan a QR code.

    • what is the difference between C200 and C210.
      Just 2MP vs 3MP?

      • only have the c210

        these cameras have no right to be so good at this price

        2k resolution is fantastic, maintains surprising detail when zooming in - low light and night vision are top notch

        the software is shared among all the tapo cameras and it's superb, everything works very well - combination of human detection and auto tracking means one camera can cover the entire front of the house while keeping false positives to a minimum

    • Also available through Amazon uk for $39 https://amzn.asia/d/fuBzzWD

  • +3

    Got Good guys to price match this for $40 as I have $40 Store cash to use. They said it's below cost but still matched it. They actually price matched TPLINKTapo 3MP Pan/Tilt Wi-Fi Camera C210 for $40 instead of the C200.

    • score, i picked up a couple from the $41 amazon UK deal a week or so back

      regardless on the model the image quality is excellent, the 2k model resolution is really nice though - worth it imho

      such good quality

      • Does it have the AU power plug?
        C210 is $39.31 and looks to be UK Amazon.

        • +3

          You can pricematch with bunnings for the AU plug

        • does anyone know if the versions matter? is it just the wall plug adapter that is different?
          I assume this runs on usb like other similar brands

          edit: nvm just watched a youtube video and it isn't usb, so you would need an adapter at the power outlet.

          • @cami087: yep, you'll need an adapter

            or an aussie 9v 0.6a dc power supply to substitute

            fortunately i have both in abundance so pulled the trigger twice - $39 is ridiculous

  • Got few different model of the xiaomi camera (now paper weight) Is there any firmware that can get rid of mi home and switch to other firmware?

    • thats the issue when you buy tech from companies that don't support their products

      if you're lucky you'll get a semi functioning firmware at best

      great hardware is useless without great software, tech specs become irreverent

  • I ordered a C225 yesterday for $77. https://amzn.asia/d/bUZ2Ibi

    Any of the other models a better buy compared to C225? Can still return and get one of the others.

    • They are come with the respective pricing point so not really a “better” version tbh

  • cp210 is a like $1 cheaper on amazon, anybody know what the difference is?

    • That one is from Amazon uk, will come with uk plug, so nothing wrong with it. I bought it

  • +2

    Just price beat Tapo C210 at Officeworks ~$37 using Amazon AU

    • link in amazon?

    • I tried this at office works but they refuse to price beat Amazon UK.

  • Anyone that owns one have any advice on what SD card it can take? Found a page saying this model only can take 128gb, but then the support chat said it can take anything?

    • +1

      you likely wont have an issue with larger sizes, when it was designed it was tested with what was available so that's what is listed

      that being said you don't need 256gb let alone 128gb - unless you intend on recording 24/7?

      the software on these are good, human detected + motion tracking and you'll have hardly any false positives, maybe 2 a week

      if you enable motion detection as well then you'll also get cars and bushes on windy days triggering the record - for me i just want to know if people are about so i disable motion detection and just like human detection

      btw get an endurance sd card, if you intend to use it with the settings i've listed above then something like a sandisk 64gb high endurance should give you at least a couple of years service, maybe triple that - they'll set you back 10 to 14 bucks

      • Thank you appreciate the detailed response.

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