Ryobi 18V ONE+ 3-Piece Garden Care Kit with 2x 4.0Ah Batteries $399 + More + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store/ OnePass) @ Bunnings


Ryobi Black Friday Sale started today.


1.Ryobi 18V ONE+ 3-PIECE GARDEN CARE KIT $399 (Valued at $894)

This Kit includes an 18V ONE+ 33cm Lawn Mower, 18V ONE+ 25cm Line Trimmer, 18V ONE+ 200CFM Jet Blower, 2 x 18V ONE+ 4.0Ah Batteries and an 18V ONE+ 2A Fast Charger.

2.Ryobi 36V 4.0AH LITHIUM BATTERY TWIN PACK $249 (Valued at $498)

3.Ryobi 18V ONE+ 125MM ANGLE GRINDER KIT $199 Could not find link from Bunnings.

RYOBI 18V ONE+ 125mm Angle Grinder for a wide variety of cutting, grinding, shaping, and polishing jobs. This Kit includes an 18V ONE+ 4.0Ah Battery and 18V ONE+ 2A Fast Charger.

4.Ryobi 18V ONE+ Workshop Blower 4.0Ah Kit R18TB14P $149

Kit includes: 18V ONE+ Workshop Blower, 18V ONE+ 4.0Ah Battery and 18V ONE+ Charger

Spotted on Ryobi Facebook & on Ryobi.com.au website

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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  • +1

    Hi, moving out of home very soon and i would like to know:
    Is this a whopping deal for ryobi or is it not?
    Asking as i need to either pick between Ozito or Ryobi :')
    Got a medium sized backyard, its not just a simple lane of grass but a good like 15m X 15m lawn

    • +1

      Depending which kit you are after. This deals are part of Black Friday. And may not be available during the year. Sometimes this deals are available on Father's Day. I have the Garden Kit, no complaints.

    • +2

      The 6ah batteries would have been nice to add instead of the 4ah. But I think its an OK deal if your in the Ryobi ecosystem and want to get these tools.
      I think only Bunnings has the Ryobi contract to sell in-store, so there isnt much competition.

      The 4ah batteries themselves retail at $199 - so the deal looks ok.

      I'm a fan of Ryobi tools - started with a leaf blower and went from there :-)
      If I had a yard and none of these tools, I'd probably buy it and try to sell the two batteries (I got the 6ah ones).

      • +6

        I agree 6ah would have been better. I took one of my batteries of this kit to Bunnings as it was going flat after 3 years. They didn't have any replacement in stock to give me. So I got an upgrade of 9ah as replacement without paying anything on top. 😉🙂

      • Problem with ryobi is the batteries are over priced you can get 2 ozito 4ah batteries for $69 which is far better value.

        • Agree. At least they last a long time. At least mine have. Got one about 10 years or so old, still works. Doesn't last as long as it used to in a gardening device, still perfect for the drill etc

        • a good thing about ryobi is, you can easily get adapters (ebay/ali etc) to convert between ryobi/dewalt etc etc.. I use my dewalt batteries to run much of my ryobi stuff.

          last time i checked.. these adapters weren't readily available for ozito.

    • +5

      I think this is a great deal if you have no tools

      You’re not going to be doing any cheeky cash jobs for lawn maintenance but this will do for home use

      • +49

        Been trying to get paid for lawn work for years. It's tough, usually it's the same response- "You live here too!?"

        • +1

          Hahaha 🤣

        • +2

          ill accept part payment in half hearted no eye contact handy j's ?

        • +3

          I have the same problem when it comes to weeding. I tried striking and then she started striking in other ways :-D

    • Yes its a good deal when you compare the items individually. Basically seems you are getting a free blower, trimmer and battery. I had an 18v Victa and it was pretty gutless when i let the grass grow a bit so have just upgraded to a 36v mower but for something of that size would say this is a steal if you already use Ryobi.

    • I have a lot of the 18v kit, including chainsaw and they are great, all perform better than I expected. But I don't have the mower.
      The bundles are usually good value, this is the standard price for this bundle has been cheaper, but in many stores they typically don't stock the Garden Car Kit.

      Only caution for someone getting in now, is perhaps the 18v systems are dated, so perhaps not over invest in the ecosystem, but $399 is decent value.

    • Asking as i need to either pick between Ozito or Ryobi :')

      Ryobi ;)

      (PS I do have some Ozito Tools, only becuase the Ryobi equiv was not available, or too expensive)

    • +1

      This is a great bundle, the mower is garbage though - i'd sell it

      The rest is still worth it for 399

      Ryobi stuff is awesome, wouldn't hesitate entering the ecosystem

      • This is a great bundle, the mower is garbage though - i'd sell it

        Reviews indicate the trimmer is also relatively suspect. Then again, you get what you pay for.

        • Reviews indicate the trimmer is also relatively suspect.

          I have the trimmer and find it fine for light duties. Nowhere near the power of a petrol engine, but if you have a small yard that is regularly maintained it'll do the job. I framed my lawn with timber sleepers so the edging is piece of cake with this.

      • +1

        mower works great for me/my space.
        it cuts clean and mulches well..

        only slight issue was the safety switch mechanism.. so I taped it that into the ON position.

        but yeh it won't handle crazy long/thick grass like a two stroke can.
        and at 33cm it would be a pain on very large yards.

    • +2

      Decent deal for ryobi , i have the same blower and line trimmer
      Keep in mind you will be itching for an upgrade in few months as these are entry level tools.
      Blower is good for cement driveways,porch etc but not enough grunt for moving leaves from the lawn ,replaced with this , difference is night and day.
      Line trimmer is good to start with and fine for kikuyu, couch etc but will struggle with buffalo , edging requires lots of time and patience.
      I have both ozito and ryobi, ryobi tools feel better ( soft grip handles, plastic etc), ozito ones dont feel as good and a bit flimsier , but are cheaper .

    • Not Ozito.

    • I started with ozito, and slowly moved over to Ryobi. (I still use both though) Ryobi have a much bigger range, and some of their power tools like drills are noticeably better than the Ozito equivalent. If you signup online you can register your Ryobi 18v tools and get an extended warranty on them (6 years)
      Ozito batteries are just as good quality as Ryobi, for much cheaper though. You can buy Ryobi batteries unbranded online relatively cheap. There's just no guarantee on them and there obviously not going to be as good as genuine batteries. I think some people make Ozito - Ryobi adapters (Maybe try gumtree)

  • +4

    Ryobi labelling RRP as a sale..
    Garden care kit has always been $399 and that blower kit was $125 last month

    • The Garden care kit it's not always available. Ryobi puts the value as buying each tool individually on RRP. And blower kit, that's why it's last on the list.

    • Agree, when it's on sale the Garden Pack it's even lower $349.
      Only thing that changes here is stock levels.
      Not saying this isn't good value, but it's not a black Friday deal.

  • Hmmm…. Have been contemplating the transition from petrol garden equipment to battery for a while.

    For those that have used both, what's the performance like on this 18V kit vs the 36V kit? (particularly the lawnmower).

    • imo petrol blowers are still superior looking at same price bracket. i did end up upgrading to an ego blower though .

      line trimmers im happy with the 18v ryobi one for just quick clean up around the fence

      • Define superior, I still have a petrol mower, and hate it. I watch the Neighbours with their electric mowers with envy.
        - Fuel evaporates, seem to need to top-it-up every week
        - Smells
        - Noisy
        From observation only the 18v, seems fine for a maintained lawn, but don't mow the Zoysia too short.

        • just to clarify - i said 'blower' - and yeah they can be finicky if you dont maintain them I have a beat up old stihl which i believe was rrp-ing at $250 back in the day (and maybe even now?) - vs 18v ryobi blower. The ryobi blower just has no grunt (and i think that kit was 250 at the time i got it?)

          as for mower i have an old ryobi petrol mower, probably better part of 7 years old when it was using the 'subaru' engine - starts 1st time every time, never maintained, top up once every 2 months (if that) - yeah bit smelly but nothing crazy.

          18v mower should be fine really for a maintained lawn.

          • +1

            @Jimothy Wongingtons: Sorry yes, I moved to a battery blower years ago and yes they have no where near the power of a petrol blower.

            • +1

              @SpamMeNotInOz: Try the Ozito 2v18v blower on turbo it will match most petrol blowers. Or the ego 56v on turbo i have both and and don't miss the petrol unless its a big driveway and have to change batteries several times then its a pain.

        • I watch the Neighbours with their electric mowers with envy.

          Depends on the job. Electric mowers are a lot weaker than petrol which is fine if you have a smaller, easy to maintain lawn, but don't expect to be doing a big job with it.

          Fuel evaporates, seem to need to top-it-up every week

          Er, you know that using the mower burns petrol? Filling up after use is quite normal and expected behaviour…

      • +2

        I also used the line trimmer for a while to clean up around the fence, then felt bad that in doing so I was spraying microplastics all through the soil as the line gradually breaks off. Seems hard to find a biodegradable line option in Australia.

    • +1

      I do my 250sqm lawn with a ryobi 18v and is great.

    • +2

      Ryobi 18v will not handle tall grass or very dense grass such as buffalo. Even my 5yr old 36v Ryobi struggles when the buffalo grass gets tall.
      If you mow every second weekend, expect to replace the battery approx every 2-3 years.

      The new 36v have enough power and efficiency to tackle almost all domestic lawns. I would only get the 18v if you have a small-medium size lawn and easy to mow grass.

      The new Ryobi's can fold down and be stored vertically on a wall hook, which saves a ton of space

      • +1

        I've had a similar complaint with my 18v trimmer, but I just started using square line (with edges, instead of the standard round stuff) and it now demolishes everything in its path

        • Is that with your 18v trimmer?
          I have a 36v mower and only one battery. Considering getting a battery trimmer, worried the 18v won't be powerful enough, but I have plenty of batteries compared to the 36v.

      • Thanks for the detailed reply.

        I've got about 400 sq m of Kikuyu to work through, so I think the 36V might be the better option.

  • Any idea why Bunnings doesn't do coupons to bring down prices massively ? Why not increase revenue in such hard times but cutting margins , they have no competition but their revenue growth is down the toilet

    • +2

      you said it yourself, no competition.
      way better to have high gp lower turn over than other way around.

    • +2

      Like Jimothy said, why cut your profits when you have no competition? Its a shame Masters closed down.

      • +4

        i am legit surprised mitre 10 still exists

        • +1

          I thought it had closed years ago until i saw one 3 years ago.

        • +1

          Aldi and Costco are theie only competitors these days

          • +1

            @BewareOfThe Dog: Costco I get

            But my three local aldi always run out of the good stuff anyway. Surprised Bunnings even give an eff especially when they both carrying exclusive lines - eg the vornado like fan deal from yesterday

        • For trade actual building materials, they are usually a lot cheaper then Bunnings. Timber, skirting, plaster all that. Anecdotal I also find Mitre 10 staff to have much more of a clue, amount of times I've asked a bunnings employee a question and get a stunned mullet look.

          • @rickdwp:

            Anecdotal I also find Mitre 10 staff to have much more of a clue, amount of times I've asked a bunnings employee a question and get a stunned mullet look.

            You've got to target the right employees. I've found that Bunnings has a mix of young useless people, and old semi-retired ex-tradies who know their shit. Always try and grab an old guy with workmen's hands, they know what they are doing.

    • As long as other places sell the same brands (tools, outdoor stuff, plants or whatever, yea there is completion. Some of the orange tickets in store are due to price matches or set by the manufacturer.

      However Bunnings does sadly have exclusive rights to some stuff like Ryobi.

  • I'm only after the line trimmer. Anyone in Canberra keen to do a split, feel free to PM me.

    • +1

      Don't bother with that line trimmer. Have a look at some of the reviews.

      • +1

        Works fine for my small area - mainly on the side of the driveway.

      • Works fine for me too. It depends on the size of your lawn.

        • Medium sized lawn with thick buffalo grass (especially during the summer season).

          Will Bunnings let you return an opened box product for full refund that isn't faulty, just doesn't do the job?

  • +1

    Any thoughts on the mower ? Was going to get the ozito pxc 36v (2x18). But this deal came through

    • It depends on what eco-system you are on. Also do you have a really big area of lawn?

      • Half the size of a tennis court.

        And starting a new set of tools because I lost my old set of ego tools. I know either ozito/ryobi won’t be as good as ego but time is tough. Hence I am going on budget

        • +1

          I think 18V would be sufficient for that. But also it depends on what eco-system you want to start on. I personally prefer Ryobi over Ozito.

  • I don’t see an option to use a discounted bunnings gift card. Can I redeem the gift card in store?

    • +1

      There isn't an option at Payment when you try to purchase online? I have never used gift cards on Bunnings online. But I am sure you can use them in-store .

  • i got some Sir Grange, think they are thick grass, is 18v enough to cut through?

    • +2

      I think Sir Grange is a thinner grass. I've got what I think is Kikuyu, well at least that's what took over. It's thick and as long as I mow at least every other weekend the 18v Ryobi does just fine. If I leave it longer than that, I need to mow just doing half a mower width of uncut grass each pass (rest passing over previously cut grass). My little Ryobi 18v has been going fine for last 6 years so I'm pretty happy with it.

      • awesome, just bought it

  • If you care about lawn, the mover only goes down to 25mm.

    • I think most mowers including the ego and many other big brands only go down upto 25mm.

      • Battery ones yes, petrol can go to dirt. 25mm is a high lawn height. I cut mine at 10-15mm.

        • Ya, i see quite a few on the AusLawnFanatics group. But even the latest Honda's I see that they are 27mm to 100mm. So not that great.

        • depends on the type of grass, couch its high, buffalo its low. I cut mine at max height which is about 100mm, it scalps when its at 2nd highest

  • +1

    These kits are good for small lawns. Good value.

  • +2

    if you are looking at mowers, I still feel the 149 for the Ozito is a better value since its brushless.

  • Are these good for a big lawn? (~450 sqm)
    Just bought a new place , so starting fresh with tools

    • The lawnmower is very underpowered for a lawn that size, aim for 36V minimum or 56V preferably.

    • No dont buy you will get super frustrated.

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    • Just like covid store density limits i guess.
      Keep away the computer virus'

  • I just want the line trimmer. Maybe I should have bought this instead of two drills. But, I'll never use any of them anyway..

    • let me know if you're interested in the line trimmer. I'm in Melbourne, not sure where you are.

      I bought the kit yesterday. Used the line trimmer on my front lawn last night only. DM me

  • +1

    Suddenly I can't find Bunnings discounted gift cards on NRMA benefits

  • Grabbed one from Taylors Lakes

  • -1

    36v or nothing

  • C'mon I just want a blower vac

  • can you use the blower to dry a car after wash?
    Genuine question

    • Yes I don't see why not

    • the only reason I would not recommend is you might accidentally hit the car lol.

    • if its ceramic or waxed, yes

      well you can if it isnt but its not satisfying at all

    • yes, I do. works a treat

  • +4

    Based on marketplace prices in Mel,
    4ah batteries brand new, $60 each, 2 for $120.
    33cm lawn mower, used, ~$100
    200CFM blower, used, ~$50
    25cm line trimmer, used, ~$50
    totalling ~$320 if you buy on marketplace.
    So, $399 from Bunnings brand new with warranty is not a bad deal at all.

    • Nice research - plus who knows what percentage the used batteries are at

  • Guys, anyone know if the angle grinder is brushless?

  • Bought the kit yesterday, Mower worked fine on a 2mx10m patch of nature strip.

    If anyone in Melbourne only wants the line trimmer DM me. I won't be needing it. I did use it to test out last night on said nature strip. Worked fine edging, line did break often, but I think my line is brittle.

  • +3

    We have a small garden with two lawn patches about ¼ tennis court size each. I bought this set a couple of days ago and used it for the first time.
    The mower worked well on the long grass of the median strip. To be conservative, I cut the grass progressively shorter and it was all cut to a decent length.
    The whipper snipper managed to cut through some very thick edging and the blower worked well on the concrete to blow edge cuts into a pile.
    All in all about 50 minutes run time before the battery ran out. Good thing I didn’t need to use the second one 🙂

  • I have a front+back+side yard about 160m-170m. Would the mower be good enough for this size?

  • Will the ryobi 18v lawn mower be able to handle this grass?


    Or should I get a 36v?

    • it will handle that fine, i use mine on similiar nature strip

  • Seems out of stock everywhere…

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