40% off Selected Styles + 30% ShopBack Cashback (Expired) @ adidas


Adidas is holding a 40% off sale for Black Friday, with early access for Adiclub members (free signup)

Some decent deals, and it works on most items which is a welcome change from the Outlet deals.
Free shipping for all orders with Adiclub too

Stack with Shopback 30%

Eg. Duramo 9 $36 before cashback

Terms & Conditions

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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    lol it feels non-stop

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    Don't forget extra 10% cashback on Shopback under Westpac Lounge (i.e. pay with linked Westpac card) – ends tonight.

    • how do you stack them though?

      • It automatically stacks if you add your Westpac card to Shopback, then pay with it

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    Damn it. I calculated with the Westpac deal. Went through the Westpac bonus cashback link, and then I damn forgot to charge it to my Westpac card and instead to my default amex…..bah… I wouldn't have made the purchase if it wasn't for the Westpac bonus…. Damn how could I not remember to use the right card.

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      Same happened to me few days ago from the PIZZAHUT 50% deal xD

    • I would have made the purchase again with my Westpac card then returned the purchase under my amex order once received. Anything to save a buck

      • Would only work if the 30$ cap was per purchase and not per account. Otherwise I wouldn't get the 30$ cashback….which was why I was asking but there was no info on if it was or not.

    • how much was the difference if you paid by Westpac

      • +1

        Would have saved another $17 approx

    • I've done the same thing with westpac deals :/

  • Last time I checked, the only thing I could find to buy was pair of socks lol

  • Anyone know if the 30% off upsized cashback is per purchase or per account?

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      Good question and I've checked the Shopback T&Cs but can't find anything

      • Yeah I have been scouring it as well and can't find any mention of it.

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    good deal…. but most on this site would have a significant backlog of unopened Adidas gear at this point in time

    • Might need to order now to get in time for Xmas … if even

    • I got mine relatively quickly last time.
      Sending most of it back. Ordered 2 of same tee, same size, however when I tried them on they were different… also ordered a large which seemed to fit like an xxl. One t-shirt even was cut somehow on the folds.
      Don't think quality control very good.

  • Need a recommendation for men's running shoes. Which should I go with? I probably do like 5kms per week (I'm just starting out)

    • If Adidas, probably the Bostons

      • Adios is great too for the shorter runs…noticeably lighter and speedier, love my Bostons as well

        • Second the adios. I’m enjoying 8, it’s fast

    • +3

      Saucony Triumph 20

    • Yeh from the Adidas range lol

    • Adizero SL are their cushioned daily trainers and can be had <$100 in limited size/colours. They're on the firmer end of the spectrum overall though.

      Otherwise Boston 12 (NOT 11).

      With Adidas, anything branded "Adizero" is their proper running gear.

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    sorry guys sitting this one out
    need to do my bit to reduce money velocity

    • +3

      I'm so proud of you 🥹

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    It won't let me checkout. When it gets to the payment method, it glitches back to press checkout.

    • Same problem too

    • happened to me a few times as well - but only when I used my home address for delivery.

      When i used my parcel locker everything went through no problems.

      • Thanks for the tip, I deleted my saved address and re-added it and it worked fine after that.

  • Had been umming and aaahing over this for a few days but the 30 percent cashback pushed me over the edge. Of course I ordered before I thought to check for westpac bonus. Alas.

  • The Duramo linked above comes up as $60 for me down from $100?

    • Discount applies at checkout

      • Ah ok a further 40%

  • This deal is fully sick

  • im trying to force myself to buy something, but i just can't find anything worth buying :(

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    Does ultraboost just never go on sale anymore?

  • +1

    Its not really store wide? Its only the items on the black friday page

  • Annoying that the prices shown while browsing are pre-discount.

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    Nothing exciting on there this time.

  • Is there a 40% off code guys ? I see Duramo 9 as $60

    Logged into Adiclub

    • +1

      Added automatically when you see your Cart

    • +1

      Took me a while to work out but it's not sitewide. Have to click the link through the early blackfriday banner on the main page and it's limited items.

      If the item is elegible then it will show the discount when you add item to bag.

  • min 100ex / 110inc gst to get $30, total final spending is $80.
    Do i want to spend $80 on extra adidas? Nay….

  • Need recommendations for boots for ultimate frisbee

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    I hate how bad Adidas AU sales are compared to Adidas US. Anything somewhat newly released within the last year seems to be excluded from all of these sales.

    E.g. the X_PLRBOOST which released this year is $260AUD in AU, but only $48 USD on their US Store. I honestly wonder if it's cheaper to buy the shoes in the US and ship them over via a forwarder sometimes.

    • -1

      Stop wondering and Just Do It

      (see what I did there? hardy har)

      But seriously, just do it.

  • Thanks, I just saved $34 off a pair of $84 shoes I was looking at for my son yesterday!

  • An unexpected problem occurred. Please try again in a few seconds. Thank you for your patience.

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    Shop back down to 17% instead of 30?

    • And when you get into the Black Friday page it becomes 5.5%

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      30% Shopback only until Friday, became 17% at midnight

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      • Wowzers. I was browsing for ages. Luckily I put my order in at 11:51pm

    • there was a $30 cap at 30%, so if you spent more than $176 better off waiting for it to drop to 17%

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        Has to be after gst as the cashback is usually ex gst amount. Need to spend more than $194.

  • Doesn't work on Sambas….

  • Do they offer free returns (include shipping)?

    They don't seem to state it on there FAQ

    • Yes they do. confirmed with the customer support, via Australia Post

  • How do you find out which shoes are eligible for the discount

    • +1

      It's the items on the Black Friday page (linked from the deal)

  • price had gone up in the last hour inside my cart, have screenshots :)

  • Why am I seeing the Duramo 9 $60?

  • Anyone else getting "Sorry, sizes couldn't load. Try reloading them below."?

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